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    2011 Edge not starting. All 6 coil packs toast. PCM?

    I know this might sound stupid but have you checked to see if the bendix spring has not broken. If the starter is turning but engine is not most likely bendix has broken.
  2. dragster13

    BOTH keyfobs quit working!!??

    I had a similar problem with my key flob if you take the key flob apart you will note small metal disks on all the pressure points if the disks have moved then the control will not work. They will need to be glued down again in the centre. A little frustrating as not all glue works, I finally used medallion adhesive
  3. dragster13

    Tight power steering

    Sound like you have air still in the system. I would change out the fluid as well.
  4. dragster13

    2011 Edge - Odometer and backlight stays lit

    You are suffering from Windows Tech-knowledge I have things like that happen all the time. Ford has a better idea unfortunately you have to wait until they put Blackberry tech in which happen a couple of years later. All you can do is either live with it, take it to the dealer to have your system rebooted at about $125.00 per session or pull the main fuse and then reset everything. After taking it to my dealer twice on warranty and having the same things happen two months later I just live with it. It will go away for a while then return in its own time.
  5. dragster13

    Think my Edge is electronically possessed... lol

    I have had a similar problem over the last few months. Ford told me it was a shiftier relay. But was told to hold off as it might cure it self, as it is rather expensive to fix, around $600.00 Canadian. So I left it and have had no problem since. Having said that the windows operating system in your car can be a problem as it does what it wants at times. Sometimes my rear hatch will only open part way or it tells me I don`t have a key to start the car even if I am sitting in car with key in hand. Fords option is to reboot the computer at about $125.00 per shot. I found if you just leave it, it will go back to normal for a while.
  6. dragster13

    Replacing Intelligent Access Key

    I had no problem ordering new one through dealer and they programmed it for me took a couple of hours. They are not cheap but they do have them if they take the effort to look them up.
  7. dragster13

    Strange things happening

    Ya! know the problem, it is windows doing what it wants. I have had this happen plus many other things. But it always works perfect when it does to the dealership.
  8. dragster13

    Push Button Start Issues

    Basically you are suffering from the Windows problem that seems to come out every now and then. I have had that happen, but many other things as well. Like the other day I got out of the car and the tailgate opened. No reason just something in the computer system said open tailgate so it did. My tailgate makes up its mind when it wants to open sometimes it will open at the first push other times it takes 6 times to open, 6 inches at a time. Its not the battery, been replaced, I have also had it rebooted a number of times at $125.00 a kick still does it. Oh yea it only does it when I am not at a dealership. It will not work properly for days on end, but take it to dealership it works perfect. Also sometimes you start the car and the radio does not work, turn it off start it again and away you go. One time the GPS tried to send me in the complete opposite direction to where i was going. I use GPS only to look for shorter drives, but when it tells you to go East when you are going West and wants you to drive through a forest where there is no roads then you kind of want to not rely on it. I just live with it, it has had all the updates everything, it is just cursed. Other than that little problem I love the car.
  9. dragster13

    Rear hatch question

    The biggest problem I have with mine is it has a mind of its own it will either open if it wants to or not sometimes it takes 6 tries before it will either open or close. Please don't suggest i take it to a dealer been there tried that. Two different dealers and every time I take it in it works perfect. Take it a block away try it and it will not open on first try. I thing it is cursed.
  10. dragster13

    Had to join forum to share this story...

    Not sure about your dealer issue, but i have had problems with my tailgate since i bought it. And every timer I take it in it works perfect. The very next day it acts up again. What I have been told is that there are four sensors in the lift ram and if they get dust or dirk on them they will act up. Yesterday it took five times for it to work today perfect.
  11. dragster13

    battery starting engine

    Sounds more like a battery problem.
  12. I have had this problem for a while. The tailgate has this habit of not opening or closing when it sees fit. I have had it to the dealership to have it rebooted and it works for a few weeks then it is back to playing games again. One time it will open and the next it only opens about a foot. Or it opens but will not close. Of course it always happens when you have an arm full. Is there some sort of sensor that needs cleaning or what?
  13. I have factory installed door sill lights, but the Ford dealership says that they can not find a Ford part number for a replacement light. The car has been in the shop for three days trying to replace lamp. Anyone know the part number so these idiots can get this done.
  14. dragster13

    Illuminated Door sills

    The passenger door sill light was flickering so took it into dealership. Was informed that they were after market and there was no part number for them with Ford. When i told them they are a factory oppion they seemed confused. Any one had to replace LED light in dooe sill?
  15. dragster13

    Fuel Economy Impressions

    I have the 2011 Sport with 22" rims and it is getting around 19 to 20 MPG. Where I live there is no such thing a highway mileage. i use cruise when I can, but even on the highway in the Vancouver, BC area, you don't get to run on actual run at substained highway speeds. Just to crowded on the highways unless you drive late at night or early in morning. Took a trip to Seattle with the Edge and was getting 22 MPG.