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  2. Just want to let everyone know that I'm back and have had some things happen during my absence. I retired from the Army after 20 years of active duty and am now back home where I belong. 6 more ths after I got back my water pump seized and broke my timing chain, locking up my motor and dumping all my antifreeze into the motor after 215K miles. This all happened in 2017. 78K motor is now in after a 2yr hiatus and its riding on 32inch mud tires. I have plans for taking care of the cancer in the door jam and tear outer wheel well area with rhino liner and then getting the car resprayed and then a bull bar up front with lights and a 2inch level up front and air bags in the bag for 2inches in the rear. Gonna be a blast!!!!

    1. randyk665156


      Any issues with the 32’s at stock ride height? I’m just looking to go from the 245/60/18 to 265/70/18. I’m just worried about rubbing. Got any pictures?

    2. sniper141


      I have no issues with the 32s. I am however looking into a 1.5 or 2 inch leveling kit just to get some more room for travel when I upgrade the struts. I still have all the factory suspension on all for corners. I am sure i will get an inch or two in the rear with new shocks. I was also thinking of maybe throwing in some bags in the springs to get some height in the rear because I have a good sized system in the back. I tried uploading pics and it didn't work out too well, hence the three black spots on my gallery. Ill keep trying though.

    3. randyk665156


      Any issues with the 32’s at stock ride height? I’m just looking to go from the 245/60/18 to 275/65/18 tires and didn’t know if that will rub. What actual size do you have? And as far as a lift goes, what have you found to install. I can’t find anything for my 2013. 

  3. sniper141

    2007 Ford Edge XLT Lift

    Hope this works. If not, I'll have to wait to get home and use my personal computer.
  4. sniper141

    2007 Ford Edge XLT Lift

    Exhaust mod to start things off right. Just need to figure out how add a vid on here.
  5. sniper141

    Commbubba19's 2016 Edge Sport

    Man I love those seats! Would love to transplant a set of those into my 07, along with the A/C seats to cool the boys.
  6. sniper141

    Homelink visor installation

    So...I have a 2007 Ford Edge SEL and would love to get rid of these damn bulky garage door openers after reading all these home link posts. My visors do have the vanity light and from what I am reading, all I have to do is plug this home link visor into the plug for the lighted visor that is in the A-pillar? If so, I am so doing this!
  7. sniper141

    2007 Ford Edge XLT Lift

    The weight of the Edge at over 5,000 lbs is an issue in itself when it comes to bearings and handling. If the right equipment is used and set properly, everything will last just fine and work just fine. Nitro shocks with bump stops and limiting straps to help control and hold everything together during rough play for a smoother ride. I don't plan on going out and doing a ton of rough riding to begin with. This isn't going to be a dune runner or anything, just something I want to do that I haven't seen anyone else do. Maybe putting this out there and keeping it up to date we will see more doing it. I would just like to see the Edge lighter so everything doesn't wear so fast, even though the only thing I have replaced is the bearings and they lasted 150K.
  8. sniper141

    2007 Ford Edge XLT Lift

    I don't have the lift on hand just yet. I'll be getting that when I get my tax returns. Don't worry, it'll all be getting done. I also have to move back to MN in a few months after I retire so just hold on. It'll be getting done and trust me, those 32's will work, I'm not worried. There is a lot of room in those wheel wells. I may even be pulling those out as well.
  9. sniper141

    2007 Ford Edge XLT Lift

    It's only a 70 series profile sidewall, not bad. Waiting for the rubber on the ones on the car now wear out to throw these on. Cannot wait!
  10. sniper141

    2007 Ford Edge XLT Lift

    The diameter isn't much different than the 22s that are being put on these beasts. This will not have much, if any issues with the gearing. Speedometers can be recalibrated to read correctly and so can the tachometers. Flashing the system after the Procharger is added as well, it will be fine. I just picked up some 32s and they will look great once on, just waiting for the tires on the Edge to wear down enough to be plausible for removal to make sense. By then I should have the lift and ProCharger installed as well. I'm not going to be just leaving things stock, I will be beefing up the drive line and suspension. May even be rebuilding the motor since I have over 200K on it. I've seen people with almost 300K on their Edges which is good to hear! Cannot wait to get this all started. This forum has put this all in motion and I am grateful for this to be built for us.
  11. sniper141

    2007 Ford Edge XLT Lift

    I am keeping the factory 17 inch wheels I have on it now, blacking them out and throwing the 32's on em. There is plenty of room in those wheel wells for a bit of travel and the weight is not going to be that much of a difference for the powertrain to handle. I take care of my vehicle with the good stuff and Im not worried at all. It's paid off now so anything I put into it is just investment at that point. Already have a good competition system in it.
  12. sniper141

    Gibson Cat Back Underside

    Forget all those curves, I'd just straight pipe from where the resonator should be after a cherry bomb and then split it in the end with the factory tips. I like the factory tips, they don't look bad and they won't rust either. Clean install by tha way. Digging it.
  13. I am looking to my fellow Edge lovers for some help as to how I can get a bit of a lift on my Edge so I can throw some 31 or 32's under the wheel wells. I have had this idea for a bit and have attached a nice pic of what I would like it to simulate. I retire in 3.5 months after 20 years on Active Duty and starting my own gunsmithing and customization shop, this is going to be my rolling advertisement and have heads turning for sure. Ill let the picture do the talking and have questions and ideas roll in here. Let er rip peeps.
  14. sniper141

    Serious gas tank leak

    Just had the safety recall done on my 07 Edge SEL AWD and it took them a month to fix and replace what needed to get done. When I got it back, just a week afterwards the gas cap light came on of which wasn't on when I brought it in and they are saying they want 400 dollars to replace the Evap Canister Vent Solenoid. It's a 80 dollar part and take less than 30 minutes to replace. Never had an issue with any of this til now, same with my brand new belt squealing. Wasn't when it went in and now it's embarrassing to even drive how loud it is. They said they won't do anything. Love this vehicle to death but it's going to be the death of me if this squeal don't get taken care of and that started the next day after picking it up.
  15. sniper141


    It's an awesome intake. I have one on mine and an amazing amount of passing power and better gas mileage from my AWD. Getting 27 on the HWY now. Great growl out of it when ya get on it!