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    HID conversions too bright?

    I installed the 55W 6000k and while they had a bit of a blue tinge, that was the effect I was looking for. So far they've been great and no indication from any oncoming drivers that they were too bright. The key is to make sure that they're aimed correctly after swapping out the bulbs.
  2. dr.edge

    Fx-r Retrofit project!!

    Looks like a nice job with a good clean cutoff.
  3. dr.edge

    question for those with sunroof

    Geez, someone just HAS to play with all their new toys.
  4. Downloaded the update from SyncMyRide and installed it yesterday without any issues. Previous version was 2,.11 and took about 60 minutes. Just have to wait for the Nav SD card now.
  5. dr.edge

    Gauge Sweep

    My gauges sweep on startup - speedo, tach and fuel gauge.
  6. dr.edge

    MFT Guide for your iPad

    Looks like there's an update available in the app store that addresses dome "minor bug fixes" - if only Ford would send out updates for the real MFT that quickly.
  7. dr.edge

    adding pics to MFT

    Make sure you select it as wallpaper, then it will be there from that point on.
  8. No one has a tune out yet for the 2011 and up models due to changes in the PCM.
  9. dr.edge

    MFT Guide for your iPad

    It looks good and hopefully it will be similar in responsiveness. Maybe I'll just duct tape my iPad to the dash until the update comes out.
  10. dr.edge

    Just sayin'

    Is this in addition to any extended warranties that might have been purchased?
  11. dr.edge

    Forcing a reboot

    After pulling fuse 29 a couple of times after I first got the car, that's essentially the same thing I did as well except that I ran the wires over to the glove-box and mounted the switch there. It makes it soooo much easier than pulling the fuse - especially when you're driving down the road. No need to pull over and turn off the car, restart it, fumble with a fuse. I mean really, who would design and build any kind of a computer system without a reset switch? Worst case, put it in a location where you have to push in a paper clip or something.
  12. I didn't notice an issue with the threaded adapter with mine but to be honest, I can't remember if it stuck out past the end of the new antenna or not. It did end up screwing down far enough that I didn't have a gap between the antenna and the base. If you're concerned about using an adapter, a drop or two of Loctite will make sure that it doesn't come off inadvertently.
  13. dr.edge

    Video watching

    Duplicate post
  14. dr.edge

    Video watching

    The only way that you can play video is to pipe it in through the AV ports and select them as a source. Even then, it will only play while in Park.