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  1. I still cannot do it right! First AutoZone broke the plastic part of the arm, then more recently I broke the plastic. Next time I have to replace the rear wiper blade I'm going to let the dealer do it.
  2. My 2011 Edge MFT has not given me any problems. There were two or three times when it chose to reboot when I needed the review camera, but hey, I have been driving over 55 years and this is the only car I've had with a backup camera. The car I drive to work doesn't have one. So not a big deal.
  3. What is the latest Navigation SD card? If I don't have the latest can I purchase a new one?
  4. How do you download the Mapquest directions if you don't have data service on your phone. I did it once before but I updated to 3.2 and the info got erased. I don't remember how I did it before. Phone call to Services? If so, what command?
  5. Thanks Cellbine. I will try it again. A child can do it but not a 67 year old man :hyper:
  6. I have read the owner's manual on this subject several times but I cannot get the rear wiper blade to come off. I got the front two off ok. Am I just too weak? I am afraid to force it too much and because it does not have a maintenance position like the front wipers, the angle is different. This is a 2011 SEL.
  7. I installed this past Saturday. Took between 40 and 45 minutes. I had to repair the phones and reset the presets on SiriusXm. Did not have to reset the AM and FM presets. When I went in to report successful installation this morning Sync already showed that I had 3.2.2 installed.
  8. SMR is down until 1pm EDT. Tried to go there earlier while reading this thread.
  9. I lived in Washington DC for three winters. Lots of snow there.
  10. The only time that I don't use the parking brake is when I have been driving in slush and the temp will drop below zero during the night. Been doing this 52 years now, never have had an issue with the parking brake not releasing.
  11. Ingot Silver because that is what my wife likes for cars.
  12. If you following the suggestions of CR you will have to live naked and in a cave. :P
  13. Now we know what to use if we have trouble getting them out. :hyper:
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