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    Traction Control Lost Its Mind !!

    I bought the 4 wheel drive for slick roads, what a waste of money. I got stuck this morning and only the rear wheels would turn, after about 30 minute or more some one came along and helped to get me out. the servce traction control light came on so I went up by the ford dealer . THEY CHECKED IT OUT RESET THE COMPUTER said it should be OK so I left as pulling out of dealer lot there was a car commimg so I stopped, when I went to start up again I was stuck on level ground. Don't buy an edge if you want a car for snow. I know I will never own another one.
  2. crchet

    I've got a rattle

    I have the samething on mine the wife got in the back seat driver side and thought it was in the back end storage area it just happens over 40, have about 10000 miles on mine now. took it by the ford garage for the recall told them about it said they didn't have time to mess with it didn't suggest setting a time when they did have time guess Ford isn't to interested have to keep that in mind when I trade next year.
  3. crchet

    Sensors making noise for no reason

    I have a question, When I put my wife's wheel chair on the back when backing up the sensors go wild is there any way to shut them off? some times at slow speed they will go off all around fine other wise
  4. The way it is there is really no reason to have the sun roof, it is just a liability (danger of breakage from rocks or stress.)
  5. I wondered this also, kind of defeats the reason I wanted the sun roof for. I have a small dog and would like to open the sunroof for air flow in the spring and fall. the way it is it just make the car a bake oven. I guess just another of fords better ideas. you would think they could let the back edge of the roof tip up you would get air flow coming int the car that way or are fords engineers smart enough figure that out.
  6. crchet

    2016 Edge Start Up dates

    Do you really think Ford will have the problem with the adaptive cruise worked out in time for the 2016's
  7. crchet

    2015 Edge MPG

    I just finished a trip of 1853 miles to denver and back from Boise Id 3 days driving in town denver I set the cruise on 85 and averaged 22.5 mpg. I have a awd v6 titainium. The total driving time was 31 hrs which computes to an average speed of 59 mph which would include rest stops and 3 days of in town driving. I see 85 octane fuel. when I started the trip I had just under 5000 miles on it. around home normal 50/50 21mpg
  8. crchet

    Adaptive cruise availability

    The other bad thing on th cruise is the layout of the toggle switches, the resume button is in the middle of the switches right net to the off button. With my big thumbs I have to look down to make sure I don't turn it off instead of hit resume. This not good at 75 mph.
  9. crchet

    Adaptive cruise availability

    I ordered one in March and was told the adaptive cruise would be available May 5th Then was told September by the moderator of this site. So took what I could get at that time a Titainium with everything else sure glad I did as looks like I would still be waiting. Love the car but sure would like it better with adaptive cruise. Maybe 2016?
  10. crchet

    2015 Ford Edge ordered

    I hope not as I already sold the wifes car and we are sharing my 2012 f150, if that is the case will have to consider Lexus or Volvo.
  11. crchet

    2015 Ford Edge ordered

    I ordered my Edge in February I ordered a Titanium with every option but the block heater . I was told they didn't have the parts for the adaptive cruise then, the last time I talked to my dealer I was told they would have parts and start building them May 5th. Another dealer got one in and I went to see it great looking car he also verified the may 5th start build date for the adaptive cruise. How soon should my dealer be able to give me a Vin number so I can see when the actual build date wii be for my car
  12. crchet

    2015 Edge Shipping?

    I just talked to my dealer today My Edge that was supposed to be built April 6 (been 8 weeks) is put off until May 4th seems they don't have the parts for the adaptive cruise control, what's wrong with Ford, I drove fords for 20 years until they came out with the twin I beam that you couldn't keep tires on. I never bought another one until my 2011 Edge and after I bought my 2012 f150 I wouldn't have had another one if my wife hadn't wanted another Edge, if I had not placed a big deposit on this edge I WOULD BE shopping another brand. But my next car will not be ford..
  13. crchet

    2015 Edge Shipping?

    Boy did I make a mistake, had a buyer of my wife's edge so sold it thinking would order a new fully equipped Edge Titanium. thought would be 4-6 weeks Now told will be built april 6, reading the post here seems it could take 6 weeks after build before it will ship. If that is the case they should call it a 2016 as will be almost time for 2016 to come out unless ford screws around with them to. The ford dealer finance my sell and did a pass through so it would credit on sales tax, they are holding $18000 of my money or would think about the volvo suv
  14. I had a 2006 Suzuki that when you towed it you had to stop every 200 miles and run the engine for 3 minutes to lube the transmission. I was wanting some thing a little nicer that I didn't have to worry somuch about when I stopped, so the Ford Edge says stop and run engine whebn you fuel, So I bought it first trip I made a 250 mile trip when I got ut to start and unhook hte car teh battery was dead. So I went by the Lithia Ford dealer where I bought it no help at all, they said they had a call into ford and would get hold of me when they got back to them, that was the last AI heard. So we were leaving for Arizona so thought lots of tow cars there they would have an answer, they did. Thier answer was "we have found that you need to stop 3-4 times a day and run the engine for 15 minutes to recharge teh battery or it will go DEAD. This is NOT WHAT IT SAYS IN THE MANUAL OR WHAT i WAS TOLD WHEN I BOUGHT IT. So now instead of a car I can tow 200 miles and run 3 minutes I have one that I have to stop every 100 -150 miles and run for 15 minutes, anyone interestedin a class action suit?