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    have 22 sport rims 07-10 edge

    For sale my 22s some curbage due to lovely girlfriend . I can have them repair for about 150 . I have tpms and only two of the 4 pirellis are good maybe 60 to 75 % left. Shoot me your best offers , prefer local pick up im in sacramento ca 95834 . But i will ship . Also prefer to sell all together . Email for pics or questions as im not on here too much anymore ( again lovely girlfriend side swiped a fire hydrant ) my poor edge . Ok heres email pmoore707@gmail.com plz dont low ball me too bad we all know what these rims are worth . And im willing to give a good deal , but not just give em away !
  2. 916edge

    just wanted to post my edge with the rims

    Lol ya neighbor got a f150 with 26s , says "wake ur game up" on the side . I told him nice tpms light on ! But it is a nice truck . I would have lifted it , if it was mine !
  3. Looks nice man ! Thinking when the time comes , replace the rotors with some cross drilled or slotted. And your really have the look you want !!!
  4. 916edge

    My Edge!!! Woot! Woot!

    Damn thats one bad ass edge !!! Im gonna actually dip my edge the whole car and rims . Not sure if ill acheive the same look but im praying i do ! Wasnt too sure how it would look till i saw yours. Thats a actually paint job tho right ? Ive been watching alot of plasti dip you tube vids ... and they came out with a gloss to put over all their matte colors. Im hoping for that matte / egg shell sheen look . But anyways good job on your edge , inspired me to do mine !
  5. 916edge

    2007 Ford Edge SEL Parting Out

    Any pics of the interior ? And how much for all the seats ? Power or manual ?
  6. 916edge

    just wanted to post my edge with the rims

    Ercu ? Another word for beige i take it huh ? Ya ford and creme brulee... their paint designer @ the time must have been drinking some coffee @ fancy place when he/she gave the edge that color. But its nice , ladies do love the color ! And about the rims ya , those are the real deal sports , fords polished forged 22. I really did luck out on them. You wouldnt believe me if i told you how much i got them for! I will say it was heavy on the steering first day i put them on . And i know i lost mpg ... but look is worth it! Tints .... i was gonna ! But cops here are kinda.... u know -.o . And i live right by uti automotive school. So hella youngens smashing there cars in the neighborhood , which in turns keep the "boys" always around pulling ppl over for little things like front tint :-( Thanx for the commets tho . The edge aka mallow thats her name LOL short for marshmallow! Seening thats what my kiddes think she looks like .
  7. 916edge

    just wanted to post my edge with the rims

    Oh ya i even made my lil girls match the edge for thanksgiving. Hahahhaha
  8. I havent seen any creme edges with the sport 22s , so thought id post mine . I like em , wish they were 24s though and my edge was lowered . But i got some plans for it !
  9. Thinking of dippin my whole edge ... should give it the same look ?! And i can just peel it all off if i dont like it LOL
  10. 916edge

    FS:35W 4300K HID conversion Kit

    Do you still have these , any pics on how they look on your 08 ?
  11. Has anyone changed their seats front and back ? Ei like from gray to black . Did you have any issues ? I kinda heard someone say something about the airbag system . So was curious ! I have the tan cloth and really wanna switch it out . So thought id ask . Pics would be awesome if any !
  12. 916edge

    2007 Ford Edge SEL Parting Out

    Do you still have the interior , black leather right ? If so how much ? And where are you located ?
  13. Sorry just had a question , how did you get the 2012 rims to fit on that 07 ? Did u need adaptor?
  14. 916edge


    Tryd to send a mess. But wouldn't go thru . I'm gna be in the bay Monday morn . Email me pmoore707@gmail.com
  15. 916edge


    Thanks alot ! I was kinda hoping it would be automatic , I just wasn't sure because of the new rim size . Wasn't sure since its such a change in diameter and all etc etc . Now I just hoping the ride isn't such so rough .