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    Sell my 2011 Ford Edge Sport AWD (in Europe)

    Here's my Edge replacement ...
  2. Hello, my plan is to change from a 2011 Edge to a 2014 Raptor, but my wife requested to sell the Edge first. :-) So here I am ... Please review the original window sticker. (Ford Edge Sport AWD - Rene Seiler.pdf) You could also see some pictures here: http://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/details.html?id=221433894&scopeId=C&damageUnrepaired=NO_DAMAGE_UNREPAIRED&isSearchRequest=true&makeModelVariant1.makeId=9000&makeModelVariant1.modelId=48&pageNumber=1&ticket=ST-4889182-JcZqetnFxasb21QeHXtg-mycas47-3_c01_4201 As I already mentioned, the car is currently located in Greater Area of Munich, Germany and has 84.000 miles on the clock. It comes with the original 22" wheels and original 18" Edge wheel with winter tires. I also add a couple of parts like oil filters, air filters, workshop manuals, lamps etc. The price will be 24k EUR. Thanks, Rene
  3. EdgeGermany

    Navigation WORKS in Europa!

    it covers almost all european countries
  4. Hello, I bought a "Sync2 Navigation SD" today. This SD card works in the EUR version of Focus and Fusion (Mondeo) and is sold by German Ford dealers. It also works in my 2011 Ford Edge Sport with the latest version of MFT. The part number of the card is 5358794. I had to pay 266 EUR (305 USD). Best regards, Rene
  5. Hello, I have to deal with the P0456. The 2011 Edge workshop manual doesn't help at all. What should I do to find the leak? Is there any procedure to follow? What kind of tools should I use? I am living in Germany and I have to order any tool needed to find and fix the leak by myself. I already checked the gas cap and had a look below the car..... the guys from the workshop next door would pressurize the system to find the leak, but we do not have the right tools and we do not know the max pressure we can use without damaging the system. Thank you for any advise, Rene
  6. EdgeGermany

    BMW i8 test drive

  7. EdgeGermany

    BMW i8 test drive

    Yesterday a BMW I8 test vehicle passed me on the "Autobahn" (equivalent to US interstate). I chased it to downtown Munich. Thx to the 3.7 v6 :-) The new BMW i8 looks amazing.
  8. EdgeGermany


    Hello, I had the same issue. After replacing my front brake discs and pads the warning disappeared. I recommend to check your brakes and replace parts if needed. Best regards, Rene
  9. the new one looks like an Audi Q5 :-( if I want to drive a diesel - I call a taxi :-)
  10. EdgeGermany

    fuel economy on 2011 edge limited

    Hello, here's my result after 70.000km (43.500mil): average: 12l/100km (19.6mpg) - 30% city at 55km/h (34mph) and 70% hwy at 120km/h (75mph) worst: 17l/100km (13.8mpg) - 7 hours pedal to the metal ride best: 8l/100km (29.4mpg) - cruising at 90km/h (56mph) over German Autobahn (interstate) 2011 Ford Edge Sport AWD
  11. EdgeGermany

    Winter Wheels & Tires for 13 Sport (Vancouver)

    18" winter wheels with pirelli tires sporty enough?
  12. Oh Lord, won't you buy me a SVT Raptor? (..and pay for the gas)
  13. EdgeGermany

    Challenge -- Patience (MPG)

    got 27.35mpg (=8.6l/100km)
  14. EdgeGermany

    40k service check

    Hello, currently I am preparing the next service check for my 2011 Sport AWD. The Ford website mentioned "MEMO: Gas engine; From 5.1 to 6.0 quarts of oil (IOLM)" for the 40k service. What does it mean? Thank you, Rene
  15. EdgeGermany

    New Discs and Pads - unexpected side-effect

    It was a tiny local garage. I provide all needed parts and they just do the work. The two guys are not familiar with US cars. I don't think that they own that good tool you mentioned. It's still a miracle to me, but now even my sensor training tool (with the red led) works perfectly.