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  1. Since new, (Oct 2011) my 12 LTD (loaded) has always been as I described above. I would call that 2 stage! Did I have one of a kind??
  2. Yes, 2 stage does work with door handle. I had Driver door option selected, and with 2 stage, I was able to open the driver door with first pull (touch) on door handle, and open all doors with second pull (touch) on door handle. This feature stopped working a few weeks ago, and I am now wondering if it has something to do with the"Rear Left Door Ajar" false warning that I have just started to see over this time period.
  3. Since Oct 2012, when I approached the locked vehicle, with the 1A within 3 feet, 1st pull always unlocked driver door, 2nd pull unlocked L rear & remaining doors. What would cause it to stop that process? Scenario: As i approach my 2012 Edge, I have my hands full of items to load into my locked vehicle through the L rear door. My 1A key is in my pocket. I touch the inside of the L driver door handle and it unlocks, with the 2nd subsequent touch of the inside of the L driver door handle opens all other doors. "This is the way it has worked since new! Something has changed to stop this process. What?
  4. 2012 LTD R rear door stopped opening on 2nd pull of front door handle & 1A key is within 3 fee of door. All doors lock when pressing the exterior bump of F door handle. It used to be that when I approached the locked vehicle, first pull on L Front door handle unlocked the L front door, and the second pull then unlocked the rear door. (that is one of the advantages of the 1A Intelligent Access key) Could this have anything to do with the R Rear door ajar sensor?
  5. A good day! After taking only 1:10 from drop-off to ready-to-go with 100% working Sync. The dealer replaced the APIM, and I have put it through about 10 complete cycles this morning while I was out and about! I had to re-sync(pair) my bluetooth iPhone 5s , and lost all of my MAP favourites. The dealer sends the old APIM back to FORD. All in all, the FORD team went the distance. I love my ride!
  6. I'm going back into the dealer in the morning as they called and said the replacement unit (APIM) was now in stock. It may be new or rebuilt, but a replacement unit.
  7. I was at the dealer yesterday (2.5 hrs) and they have ordered a replacement APIM unit (24-48 hrs), and I then return for the R/R. My translation of the (in French) work order says that they determined a IDS Code U0253-IC, and the APIM did not pass the test ZZHR53,?! Hopefully I will have it back to 100% within days. I really do like the vehicle. This is the only mechanical issue I have had since new.
  8. Is there a difference between pulling fuse 29 as to disconnecting the Neg Batt lead for 10 minutes, for a reset?
  9. 2012 Edge LTD, 33k KM, updated to V3.6.2, Sept 2013 - Jan 2014 it was working fine one day, and the next morning the Black Screen of Death. 24 hours later I removed the Neg cable from BATT, waited about 10 minutes and No change after reconnection. (Black screen, no speed control, no audio, no back-up camera, no Nav... ) Going to dealer on Monday to see if Service letter 12MO2 applies along with APIM module replacement?! Anyone have any thoughts?
  10. Dingo - Did your Muth mirror's fit within the confines of the outer edge of the Ford backing plate when you did your install; or did you have to shave off the edge of the plate? My Muth's are for my 12 Edge, but are too large, and will not fit within the outer edge of the plastic backing plate. Waiting to hear back from Muth.
  11. Kwmck

    Navigation Upgrades

    Buyer beware! Ford’s marketing plan was to push the envelope as to what the Next Generation of included electronics will be. My Ford Touch, Ford Sync and the included Navigation system were the result of this initiative. Clearly they did not have an understanding of the issues in this field, as witnessed by their forced workarounds and updates to My Ford Touch and Sync to get it working for the masses. The upgrade to My Ford Touch & Ford Sync forced them to supply the SD-4 Card as an update to the Navigation system or the Navigation system would have been rendered useless; thus a poor marketing tool. The SD-4 card was not a freebie as they would like you to believe. It was a repair to a system that did not work from the get-go. Navteq / HELP maps claims to have no current plans to update the Navigation database, and that the owner’s of Ford vehicles with the navigation system should contact Ford for information. I would have expected to see included updates for the warranty period of the vehicle. I paid for that!
  12. Kwmck

    Navigation Upgrades

    Yes I do have the latest software, that being v3.6.2. What I am interested in is the update 'Cycle' for the SD (navigation) Card. As I indicated, I have SD-A4 Card which was issued in Jan/Feb 2013. Navteq, Ford or whoever supplies the update's must have a update cycle, which includes new streets, highway's and the like. Yearly? Every 2 years??
  13. Kwmck

    Sd card

    Along these lines... is there a Update schedule to the A4 sd card, i.e. with updated Map data, highways, roads, streets etc? and who provides these updates?
  14. I have 2012 Edge LTD, Sync Gen2 V3.6.2, (installed Sept 2013 - OK) & Navteq Maps SD Card Level A4 (Received from Navteq &installed Jan 2013-OK). I inquired through MyFord about updates to Navigation, and that took me to Navteq, HELP Maps, and the following; Thank you for inquiring about HERE Maps. Currently, Ford and Lincoln do utilize our map (Navteq) databases; however, we do not produce or distribute updates for the 2012 Edge at this time. For information, please contact Ford at 866-344-2916 option 1. Does anyone know of the update process for Navigation that goes beyond the above action?