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  1. e350 coupe

    hub size difference 2009 to 2012

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/130248925657?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 these should work
  2. e350 coupe

    is 2amps battery drain normal for 2010 Ford Edge?

    No a 2 amp draw would kill the battery in a day or two you could try pulling one fuse at a time to locate where the draw is. I would first disconnect any accessories or converters/chargers to see if you are still getting this draw. things like phone chargers, 12v/120 volt converts, after market radio's or dc power plugs and fan relays are usually the culprits.
  3. e350 coupe

    Iphone 5

    Was able to connect It does show texting as now an available option it is able to send a text according to instructions However texts sent are not received by other person and incoming goes directly to iPhone. It's like it's almost there but not working. When a text is sent to me and iphone in pocket nothing happens with mft, however iphone vibrates but does not ring. There might be something really simple that I am missing but I can't figure it out.
  4. e350 coupe

    Primed Grille Insert

    If the price comes down, I would be interested.
  5. e350 coupe

    Internal Power

    is the entire purpose of this to run an electrical heater in the back of the car??? have you considered placing the inverter in the engine compartment near the battery with short cables and then running the 120 volt cord through the firewall with 14 gauge stranded???
  6. e350 coupe

    Internal Power

    On a side note the 1200 watt unit at 12 volts will give you a 100 amp plus draw on startup. A 100 amp load requires a 2 AWG for both positive and negative. I would suggest a multi stranded wire in which case you could get away with #4 AWG high quality wire, such as found at high end speaker suppliers or even eBay. Don't forget to also fuse the load with a circuit breaker or slow blow fuse on the hot or positive wire.
  7. e350 coupe

    Scan Gauge X-Gauges

    I am using the same gauge with the factory update ($25) and I am see TFT upwards of 200f. Is this what you are getting.
  8. e350 coupe

    20" Chrome clad wheels for sale

    and the price is ??? with ??? or without ??? tires.
  9. e350 coupe

    Ford Authorized performance modifications

    Interesting I did a search on them and found absolutely nothing
  10. e350 coupe

    Tuxedo Black Metallic Touch-up Paint

    I have a 2012 edge tuxedo black and reside in Blaine Wa if you are unable to send to Canada.
  11. e350 coupe

    Edge Fuel tank size ??

    Personally, I think there is something wrong with their filling system. I fill my tank on slow and when I drive away it goes from just slightly over the fill mark to about 7/8ths in about 5 clicks. I have mentioned this numerous times to the service dealer but all I get is "no codes found" I can keep topping of the tank ever so slowly after it clicks off and I am able to add about 3-4 gallons extra. Yesterday I was down to about 20 miles left and I was only able to put 16.2 gallons in it, so where is the other 3 gallons?
  12. e350 coupe

    22" edge sport wheels for sale

    Dsage Sorry at $2100 shipped, I'm out.
  13. e350 coupe

    2011 Ford EdgeChrome grill (3 pieces) for sale

    Im ok with $50 plus shipping, as long as it is reasonable, and I can wait a week or two until you get your other ones.
  14. e350 coupe

    2011 Ford EdgeChrome grill (3 pieces) for sale

    how much to ship to 98230, I'm interested
  15. e350 coupe

    22" edge sport wheels for sale

    How much to ship to 98230, and Ill offer 1550