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  1. rtdak00

    Black mpg caliper covers FORD Logo 2007-2010

    I don't have the pn but on the website these were listed as 2007-2010. So 11-14 would be slightly different I'm guessing
  2. rtdak00

    Moonroof & Sunshade stopped working!

    Found a thread on here about performing initialization. Took a couple of mins. Worked!!! :-)
  3. My battery died & after boosting my edge the shade or vista quit working. This initializetion worked!! Back in business within a couple of mins. :-). Thx!!
  4. rtdak00

    Black mpg caliper covers FORD Logo 2007-2010

    Pic added
  5. 2010 Edge Sport. On Sunday woke up to my battery being dead. Boosted from my wife's car & on with my day. The next time i tried to open sunshade or operate glass since the boost...NOTHING First instinct was fuse...so i saw in the box located under the hood that fuse 18 is for the roof...checked it, looked fine, swapped it with another 20A fuse there....still nothing so not the fuse This morning on my way to work I keep playing around with the switches to see if its just a temporary thing. I was able to tilt the glass & return it....but then nothing again & sunshade did nothing. Is there a reset of some type? Another fuse I'm not aware of? The roof closed somewhat slower than new the last little while, but I've not hear ANY noises that would indicate motor/gear failure. Plus i'm assuming they operate on different motors (sunshade vs glass) Any thoughts or DYI recommendations???
  6. Looking to sell the set (4) MPG black caliper covers I had on my 2010 Sport. They have the Ford logo & were purchased from carid.com They were on for 1 year. Still perfect shape. Looking to get $110 + shipping 519-791-9174
  7. rtdak00

    Loose driver seat

    I have a 2010 Edge Sport & I have the seat rocking issue as well. I happen to be in the seating business as a tier 2 for lumbars. My customer is Ford direct. While speaking the one of their Engineering Mgrs there about this, it's the durability & quality of the seat tracks. They refer to it as seat 'chuck' when it has excessive play that causes rocking feeling. It's also dependant if you have a power or manual seat track. I think the problem was worse on the Power tracks. Magna in Mississauga Ont builds these seats. That Eng Mgr told me they updated their testing specs sometime in 2010 to help try & solve this issue. I'm going to approach the dealer first to get it fixed & see what happens. If nothing, then move onto Magna &/or Ford Engineering. It's not acceptable...that's for sure!
  8. rtdak00

    I gave myself SUB options

    Adarcla3 when you installed your amp I'm guessing you installed a Line Output Converter to run that amp? A couple questions: 1) where did you get the wiring diagram to wire up the LOC? Did you tie the LOC in before or after the stock amp? 2) did you disable the stock sub? If so, just clip the wire going to the sub?
  9. rtdak00

    Weird vibration on turns??

    well...update to my vibration on slow speed turns. After checking my fluid (was still full) so the leak diagnosis was full of shit from the dealer. I went as far as replacing all the fluid in the reservoir to ensure fluid wasn't the issue....still did it. A few days later I decided to take my winter 18" wheels/tires off & put my summer 22" stock Sport wheels back on. Voila...vibration gone! So it was the slight abnormal tire wear on my front tires. Luckily I'll just rotate my tires in the fall when I reinstall them. I complained to the dealer that I wanted my 63$ back for a bullsh*t diagnosis of leaking steering rack....they agreed. All is good now!
  10. ok...she drove it again today & it rained again today...oddly enough she said she did play with the dimmer switch thinking that may have been one of the reasons it was doing this. She swears that the dash lights went from full brightness to OFF simply by turning on the wipers.... I'm happy to report that magically it seems to work normal again?? I guess I will keep an eye on this when I take it back tomorrow Thanks for the suggestion(s)
  11. No maybe i didn't explain myself as well as I should have. Wipers off = Dash is lit up bright as normal since day 1 - dimmer switch never gets moved from full bright position Turn wipers on = dash lights go out - not dim. just gone / missing. Something is happening when the signal to turn on wipers & causing issues to my display. In talking to my Engineering Director here (& being in the Auto industry) He's claiming that the majority of electrical items in a vehicle are run the module of the vehicle (to manage current etc..). I"m hoping this issue has nothing to do with anything module related! & is something MUCH simpler.
  12. Hoping someone has had this happen before & may be able to shed some light (no pun intended) on this My wife took my 2010 Edge Sport today & she's telling me that anytime she turns the (front only) wipers on that the dash lights go out (everything except temp) The rear wipers are fine - it only occurs with the front wipers. It also doens't matter if you have it on intermittant OR regular cycle. As soon as you turn wipers off...the lights come back on. Could this be something simple like a bad ground or something alot more buried as a problem? I am out of bumper to bumper warranty & this wouldn't be covered under powertrain warranty. Any suggestions are appreciated (other than don't use your wiper
  13. rtdak00

    Weird vibration on turns??

    I just had my vehicle dropped off from my dealer for the same issue. At slower speeds (like turning into a parking spot) you could feel a shudder thru the vehicle (like power steering was forcing OR like the AWD wasn't slipping) They told me my power steering has a small leak & that's why its doing that. Now they wanted a crack price of 1298$ to replace the rack (on my 2010 Edge with only 83,000kms or 50,000 miles??!?!?!) AHH NO! I'll take a look myself at the leak, the fluid level & condition. The last thing I can see doing is replacing the rack on this vehicle before 100,000 miles. BTW I park in my garage & have never seen a oil spot in the floor...so I'm somewhat doubting the 'leak' they claim....but I will dig in more.
  14. rtdak00

    2010 engine miss / surging - ANNOYING!

    Well....here is my update: The dealer told me the pcm needs 1000kms (620 miles) to calibrate/re-learn everything after the reflash. What she should have said "your vehicle may run like SHIT during these 1000kms! Pleased to report it drives great again, the shifting is great (much better after TSB) I'm back to loving the Edge again. The only thing that still persists is at higher speeds (100+ kms) at steady speeds there is a constant small surge (what feels like a 100-200 constant fluctuation) Hopefully the dealer can diagnose what is causing that....
  15. rtdak00

    2010 engine miss / surging - ANNOYING!

    doubtful since it's been doing the highway surging for the last 6-7 tanks of fuel