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  1. FOUR 20" x 8 Edge Factory OEM Chrome Clad Wheels Includes balanced Tires, Center Caps, TPMS Sensors Full set: $2,000 + shipping from San Diego. Add the grille for another $50! Wheel and Tire Sizes: 8.0 x 20" w/ Pirelli Scorpion STR 245/50/20, 102H, Offset +40 Came off my new 2012 Edge with only 300 miles because I wasn't into the chrome look. I'm also selling the chrome grille I removed for $50 if you're interested. Everything is in very good condition, with only a few curb scratches. Wheels are original equipment, NOT REPLICAS. Let me know if you want closer photos of any and I'll be happy to send.
  2. Keith Corry

    Reverse sensor disable

    This is unreal. I am having the same problem on my 2011 Edge and it's driving me crazy. It blows me away that there is not a menu option to permanently disable this feature. Having to turn off the feature everytime I get in the car is just ridiculous.
  3. Keith Corry

    Painted OEM chrome

    nope, but I have a 2011 chrome grille in very good condition that I'm trying to get rid of. Anyone want to buy it for $50? keithcorry@gmail.com for photos.