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    Tissue dispenser

    I had the same thought, how the heck am I going to get tissues in there. Leave it to the wife, she says "I've got tissue packets that will fit that". Sure enough, she runs in the house and comes out with Kleenex packets that fit perfectly.
  2. egar

    Strange whine in the cold

    I had the same problem last winter. The power steering fluid level was about 1/16" below the minimum line. I topped off the fluid and the noise went away in a few seconds. The Edge seems to be quite sensitive to the PS fluid level.
  3. I just drag and drop from the iTunes app to my SD card. You can also copy directly the audio files directly from the iTunes folder to SD card or USB. Copying folder structure and all works just fine.
  4. There is a setting that allows the backup camera to stay on after putting the Edge into drive. It will stay on continually until you reach a certain speed. I can't remember exactly where to find the setting on the MFT screen, probably under the vehicle settings menu. I'd suggest checking there first to see if the extended camera on setting is enabled.
  5. egar

    can edge sel AWD run in deep sand?

    Crazy jump that guy did with the Edge at the end. Did you see the speedometer just before the jump? Just under 120 kph (74 mph) -- that's keeping up some speed on the sand. :-) Does look like he was going that fast at the time he hit the dune, but he did get some good air. I wonder how much damage that did to the front end?
  6. egar

    MFD Problem / Question

    Cycling through those options are controlled by the left and right buttons on the steering wheel switch. I'm sure you're using the up/down directions, so perhaps this is a switch problem. Maybe a short or dirty contacts in the switch?
  7. egar

    can edge sel AWD run in deep sand?

    I haven't taken my Edge offroad, so I don't have direct experience with it. I did grow-up near the Outer Banks and have spent a lot of time driving on the beaches and dunes there in various offroad vehicles. The sand on the Outer Banks tends to be very deep and loose (not packed). This puts a great deal of load on most vehicles (except really light weight vehicles with balloon tires, like dune buggies). The Edge, being a heavy-ish vehicle with road tires will want to sink into the sand and take a lot of power to keep moving. As Dr Fildo said, you can let air out of the tires to increase floatation on the sand. You may also be able to "plane" on the sand if you can get up enough speed. The Edge has marginal grown clearance for deep sand. Letting air out of the tires will lower the vehicle more. This is my major concern with taking the Edge onto the sand. You'll encounter many locations where other vehicles have traveled. These tire tracks can easily get over a foot deep and will high-center the Edge, leaving you sitting on floor pan and bumpers without the tires even being touching the sand. Personally, I'd be reluctant to take the Edge into the sand. If you can't resist, lower air pressure to 15 lbs, go easy - don't spin your tires, keep up as much speed as safe to do, don't climb hills, and stay out of ruts caused by other vehicles. Good luck!
  8. egar

    Golf Problem

    I can put my clubs straight across if I pull the driver out of the bag. I've carried 4 sets this way, needing only to pull the drivers out of the two sets that were closest to the back seat.
  9. I also used the 3M kit and couldn't have been happier with it! It was in my wife's 10 yr old Audi. Took about 30 min per headlight. Followed the directions closely. I was a bit tempted to shortcut a few steps in the interest of time, but was so happy with the outcome I'm glad I didn't. One recommendation, cover up surrounding areas with paper or a drop cloth. The spinning pad will put off a fine spray of sanded down plastic and water. The drop cloth will save some clean-up time.
  10. egar

    Will There be a 2014 Model?

    Checkout http://www.thecarconnection.com/overview/ford_edge_2014. First media coverage if the 2014 Edge that I've seen.
  11. I've got the Mountek (http://www.mountek.com) CD slot mount and have been pleased with it. Holds the phone solidly and in a convenient location. It does slightly cover up the volume/tuner knob on the radio, but I rarely use it because of the touch screen and steering wheel controls. For $20, it's a good deal. My only caution would be to say that you can hit your knuckles on the mount when shifting into park. After doing it a couple of time, I learned keep my fingers out of the way when the mount is in place.
  12. I use Waze as my primary GPS, replacing my Tom Tom device. I find the routing and real time traffic updates to be superior to what Tom Tom is offering. Waze has even provided some real unique routing that I never would have thought about. I couldn't be happier with it, especially considering it is free!
  13. egar

    iTunes 11 songs onto USB

    Thanks for the tip Dingo. That would have to be a lot of music not to fit on a large capacity flash. I've got a long way to go before I'll have to worry about that.
  14. egar

    iTunes 11 songs onto USB

    Normcloutier, you asked two questions in your first post - copy music and copy playlists. Copying playlists will need some type software as others have suggested to extract your playlists from the iTunes library files. I did want to let you know there is an easy way (no software required) to copy just the music to a USB or SD Card. I do this on my Mac, but I think same process would work on a Windows PC as well. For me, I just copy everything from "/Users/ed/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music" directory to the USB or SD Card. Works like a charm!
  15. I've had my Edge with MFT for 4 months and have been quite pleased. The MFT has behaved perfectly. Sure there are some quirky features that I wouldn't have designed that way, but I can say that about most of the tech products I have. If I had to choose again, I'd still go for the MFT. By the way, I don't have the navigation option, I still would not opt for that in the future either. Dedicated GPS or smartphone options still win out over MFT version in my opinion.