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    why is my edge hard on fuel?

    I live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area. Your mileage can vary a lot based on many factors. My observation is based on my 2008 edge that I had for three years and and my 2011 that I have had for almost 15 months. mileage trends downward 1 to 2 mpg with these conditions 1. outside air temperature, When the temp falls below 60deg 2. moisture like rain or fog. 3. running AC in city traffic. Running AC while cruizing down the interstates seems to not affect it at all. 4. side winds or head winds above 25mph 5. speeds above 70mph. Yes I know that will cover just about all possibilities in the real world but these engines are so fine tuned that it doesn't seem to take much to affect the mileage. My best mileage ever was on the 2008 edge running down I40 in August from Albuequerque, NM to Amarillo, TX running at 75mph, AC on, 3 people and luggage. the actual mpg was 30.0. That was just one tankful. Attachments are the actual mileage sheets for both vehicles. edge2011.rtf edge2008.rtf
  2. radicon

    We are now a 2 Edge Family

    Congrats on the 2nd Edge. Wish I had known about you getting rid of your mustang. I want one, not as a daily driver, but for the weekends. I just can't justify another car payment.
  3. radicon

    Picled up my "X" today

    welcome to the family
  4. radicon

    18 inch Chrome Clad Jacked UP!

    You are pretty much out of luck far as repairing your chrome clad wheel. The cladding is not removable. You will have to replace it. I did the exact same thing to my front wheel within a week of owning my 2011. I parked my 2008 edge for 3 years in the exact same parking spot with zero problems. The first time with the 2011 I rubbed the curb and scratched the plastic chrome right off. As of yet I have not replaced it. Ford wanted $800.00 for qty (1) 18" wheel. I just make a point to not look at that wheel.
  5. radicon

    Reading text messages

    I have not been able to locate the advanced menu for the BT settings on the droidx. I remember having one for my old phone (BB storm). From my previous post, I made zero changes to MFT or the droidx and the text messaging started working out of the blue for about a month. Not an end of the world event for me, but just curious as to what it was that made it work then not work.
  6. radicon

    Reading text messages

    From what I can see, it looks like MFT is showing that text messaging is turned on for my droidx, but the text messages will not download to MFT.
  7. radicon

    Reading text messages

    I will check that out this evening. Thanks.
  8. radicon

    Reading text messages

    I currently have a DroidX cellphone. Back in August when I was still running sync version 2.4 on my MFT, the text messaging feature started working out of the blue. I had made zero changes to my droidx or MFT. It was a nice feature, but could get annoying at times if a lot of twitter text messages were received in a short amount of time. I had to do a hard reset in Sept. on my droidx to fix other issues on the cellphone. Since then the text messaging feature has not worked. It would be nice to figure out what was making it work. Now that I have updated the sync version on the MFT to 2.1 I might never know.
  9. Took my 2011 edge to the dealership this morning for an oil change and to upgrade Sync. The version I had was 2.4 and getting very unpredictable lately. The dealership had the vehicle for less than 3 hrs when they called and said it was ready to be picked up. Syncmyride.com is already showing the latest update. Sync VersionGen2 - V2.11 Confirmed installations BT4T-14D546-AL BT4T-14D546-AP SYNC compatible software BT4T-14F496-AS SYNC compatible software BT4T-14F497-AP Have not had time to check things out yet. I will when I get off work, The service rep made a point to tell me that I could now do this myself. I told him that I knew that, but my current work schedule does not give me the time to mess with it. When I signed for the warranty work, I noticed that the dealership charged Ford $135.00 to do the upgrade per recall 'TK372'
  10. radicon

    App Link on Gen2 ?

    all funny business aside, I second this motion. ,,,,,,,,,,,, is it 2012 yet???
  11. radicon

    Sirius quality not woth the money...

    Just had them re-activate Sirius on my Edge and wife's Fusion. They gave me 5 months for $20 on each vehicle. Total price was just over $26.00 for each vehicle. They even discounted the $15 reactivation fee for each vehicle to zero. I can live with the compression for that price. They will charge my credit card the regular price at the end of the 5 months, but I will call them before then to get a better price or I will have them turn it off again. When I called them I just kept asking them to give me their best plan and that is what they offered me.
  12. radicon

    Anyone Sorry they did or did not get Nav?

    Did not have built in nav in my 2008 or my current 2011 edge. Could not justify the additional cost for outdated info that is costly to update. Just like cal3thousand, I use google maps navigation on my android phone. Works great almost all of the time. The only exception is when there is no cellphone signal in rural areas, but I can live with that.
  13. radicon

    2011 Edge SEL Chrome Wheels for Sale

    You got a point there!
  14. radicon

    2011 Edge SEL Chrome Wheels for Sale

    Maybe if you can find four people interested in each buying one wheel you could change you mind. I need only one as well. I am local, so I could pick mine up.