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  1. I've never changed anything except the ambient lighting color.
  2. So if Drpepper's still experiencing the problem after having the TSB update performed, then it obviously doesn't fix it. So why waste time taking the vehicles in to have a procedure performed that doesn't cure the problem?
  3. I'm running V3.6.02 on both my 2011 Edge and 2011 Explorer. I have the ambient lighting set to red on both vehicles, but both of them will randomly revert to the factory ice blue setting from time to time. It's obviously some sort of software glitch. So until Ford decides to release an update that fixes it, I'll just keep setting it back to red every time it happens.
  4. sixponies

    Throttle Body Service or Failure

    I bought one from this same eBay seller in Puerto Rico. Very fast shipping. It's a very easy job. While you have everything torn apart, it'd be a good idea to clean your MAF sensor with MAF sensor cleaning spray, and get some TB cleaner and spray out the intake and clean it where the TB mates up to it. Also, disconnect the negative battery cable while you're doing the job. This will force the computer to relearn air/fuel ratios/settings for the new TB.
  5. sixponies

    Throttle Body Service or Failure

    I didn't torque mine to any specific specs. I just made sure they were tight, without going so tight that the manifold plastic might crack. That was nine months ago, and no problems since then.
  6. sixponies

    Throttle Body Service or Failure

    It's totally plug-and-play. Just swap out the TB and you're good to go. Took less than an hour in my own garage.
  7. sixponies

    Throttle Body Service or Failure

    I've had this same problem. I ordered a TB and replaced it myself. I've had no problems since then, so you should be just fine after the repair. And I agree with you that this is a serious safety issue. Like you, I had it happen in a dangerous situation. Mine crapped out on me on a busy freeway where everyone was traveling 70+ MPH, and I was in the middle lane. I was very lucky to have not been hit by other traffic as I limped the vehicle across lanes to the shoulder.
  8. sixponies

    Rubber Rails/Seals on Sunroof

    I believe they're called "side curtains". My passenger side one is acting up-It pulls out from the front position as the roof opens, and the glass seems to stick to it, causing it to close abnormally slow. I'm going to try super-gluing the piece into the front metal piece and see if that helps. If not, then I may just remove it.
  9. sixponies

    Vista Roof Motor Replacement?

    Update on my situation: I did the re-initialization procedure again tonight, and it appears to have fixed almost all of my issues! Both the shade and glass open properly. The glass still moves a little slow on the last six inches portion of the closing, but I think that's an issue with the passenger-side "side curtain". It sounds like the glass is sticking to it a bit, and it pulls back from its normal position with the glass when opened. I've cleaned and treated it, and also put some baby powder on it, and it still seems to be sticking to the glass. I think it just needs to be replaced. I may remove it and see how the glass performs without it. It's not a part that's required for water-sealing purposes, I believe it's just for reducing wind noise. So I don't think it'll hurt to just take it out until I can get it replaced.
  10. sixponies

    Vista Roof Motor Replacement?

    enigma-2: All of the problems described by Russ above are the exact same symptoms I"m experiencing. I tried the reinitialization procedure, but now it doesn't open at all: neither the shade nor to glass. When I press the buttons, it starts to move, then goes back closed. I'm going to try it again this week and see what happens. If that doesn't help, then I'll have to bite the bullet and take it in for repairs.
  11. sixponies

    air intake waste of money on edge

    I have a K&N CAI for sale. PM me if interested.
  12. sixponies


    I used it, and had no problems whatsoever with it. I was very satisfied with it. We're now looking to to trade the Edge, so I've removed it.