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  1. I Just talked to the glass guy. He said that his glass vendor shows with or without acoustic inner layer and he ordered without. He did not know at the time. He is going to replace it for me next week with the correct part.(I will have to pay half $160)But I will for sure be able to tell if this is what we are hearing (I am assuming it is) We are going on a 3000 mile road trip at the end of the month.
  2. I called my Ford parts guy and had him run the number he said the 9T43 is a engineering number and in his parts system there is no reference to that number. According to my ford parts guy. the suffix of 7803100-A is used on all the edge windshields. only prefix he lists for my vehicle is a AA1Z. I am going to call the installer and see what he will do for me. I am convinced that this is the extra noise we have been hearing. I did not use Safelite. I used an independent installer that we use here at my shop do do glass work.
  3. Thanks for the great info mine starts with a 9T43.. when i look up the whole number online it comes to this page http://carlite.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Acoustic-applications_Ford_JAN_2015.pdf here is a picture of my windshield part number.. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ucihnr4deuv502i/2017-06-14%2007.14.22.jpg?dl=0 the whole part number does not show up on the carlite page only the last part of the number 7803100-A the prefix is different...wtf???? now i am even more confused..
  4. Question for you ?? I have a 2013 limited I have had 4 windshields replaced over the last 3 years. I always ask for OE glass and the first 3 windshields that were done had the soundscreen logo. I used a different installer the last time. He ordered OE glass and put it in. It says carlite on it however no soundscreen logo. I called carlite and asked them about this and it seemed that the lady who called me back was unsure if it is indeed a soundscreen windshield. It may be in my head but it seems like I hear more road noise now than before. Does anyone have any experience with going from a soundscreen to a non soundscreen and did you hear a noticeable difference? The glass installer told me this is all he could get. But the last installer I used was able to get the sounscreen logo.. I am almost hoping for another rock so i can be sure to get sounscreen glass then I will know for sure. Thanks for reading and helping me Ron
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    Smell from ac vents .

    I have the same issue it really stinks that mine is out of warranty now. I wish there were some way to get Ford to make this a recall
  6. Ronnie Ray Ogg

    illuminated sill installation

    you only have to tap into one wire it is a grey wire with a violet tracer once you pull off the trim on the a-pillar near the driver side windshield there is a plug there I tapped into the wire 1 inch above that plug the other wire has a ground ring on it all you have to do is take out the 8 millimeter bolt down near the silver plate that you remove and it put it back on the other wire runs underneath the dash to the passenger side it was easier for me to do this at the same time I was replacing my shifter for the problem that multiple people have with the message coming up that says shift to park even when you are already in park so I did both jobs at the same time and everything works perfect nowI am replying from my phone so if none of this makes sense that is why I will try and fix it next time I am at my computer
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    illuminated sill installation

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    illuminated sill installation

    you are welcome I wish more people could have gotten the deal
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    Aftermarket wheels and TPS system questions

    Actually you do not need to use new "banded sensors" even on older vehicles.There are replacement units available which are much cheaper, we sell them at my shop for around $60 each. I would not bring your sensors to the shop because not all shops have the ability to program all brands of sensors.
  11. Ronnie Ray Ogg

    illuminated sill installation

    http://www.fordedgeforum.com/gallery/image/4001-illuminated-sill-plates/ they came in and i got a smoking deal .. wow so happy right now
  12. Ronnie Ray Ogg

    illuminated sill installation

    nice... mine are on a truck to be delivered today.. I still can not believe they were only $36.88
  13. Ronnie Ray Ogg

    illuminated sill installation

    I did the same thing only because of the price worst case is they go back to Amazon... Looks like we both lucked out if it is the real thing... $116.66 pricing as of now...
  14. Ronnie Ray Ogg

    illuminated sill installation

    has anyone bought this part from amazon? it is the Ford part number but way cheaper? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HB9K4JA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I just ordered one will be here on Thursday. anyone have any tips for installing this illuminated door sill kit? hopefully it is the actual ford part. Ron