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  1. Bump.. Still in garage. Anyone interested?
  2. gmfranco88

    what tint to match factory

    I have 35% on my fronts, and they are very close to factory. I did however had a hard time passing inspection this year in NY due to the tints. As of Jan 1st 2017, cars with aftermarket tints will not pass inspection in NY. I was lucky to find a place were this wasn't enforced yet.
  3. Hello toast1850, They are. Apologies for late response, I do not frequent the forum as much as I used to. PM me your zip code to check shipping.
  4. No, these are the stock ones. The dealer installed the illuminated ones and left these in my trunk.
  5. gmfranco88

    FS: OEM Rear Splash Guards 15-16 Edge

    Let me know if you find some that fit the Sport Trim. Have been looking for these as well for a while! can't seem to find them.
  6. gmfranco88

    What phone holder did you buy?

    I use QuadLock. http://www.quadlockcase.com/ I have the QuadLock case, with the Car, Bike and Armband mounts.
  7. Cleaning my garage.. Still have these for sale!
  8. gmfranco88

    Ford Edge 4-Piece Ebony Front & Rear Carpeted Mats

    Sorry. These have been sold!
  9. gmfranco88

    Rain guard issues

    Hello Westo, The most important part of the install was actually letting them set for 12 hours or so without opening the window. This will allow the M3 double sided tape to fully adhere. If you still run into issues, try pulling slightly on them to make more room for the window. With some trial and error you should be able to get them to not interfere with window functionality.
  10. Installed WeatherTech Visors & MGP Sport Caliper Covers
  11. Hello Guys, Now that fall is here, I purchased and installed the Weathertech Front/Back Window Deflectors. 10 Minute install, look great on car.
  12. gmfranco88

    Just a badgeless 2011 Sport

    Lupid, I did not remove any of the pieces. Although that would have made the process much easier. It took me about an hour to wrap it, specially since i wanted the pattern to match from the center trim piece to the left/right pieces. Because of the curvature of the trim pieces over the headlights, these need a little more time and attention while heating the vinyl to properly maintain the pattern without stretching the vinyl and causing it to warp. From what I saw, the center trim pieces is easy to remove. There are only a couple of screws and a clip to remove the center trim. The trim on top of the headlights also have screws that can be removed, however, one of the screws on each side is convered by the side fenders. I didn't see a way to remove the headlights without removing the bumpers, thus the reason why I decided to do it without removing the pieces.
  13. gmfranco88

    Just a badgeless 2011 Sport

    Hell Lupid, I remember when I was searching for a way to remove that chrome piece between hood and grille I would search for Chrome Trim, and for the ones above the headlights i would search for Headligh Chrome Trim, etc. I ended up wrapping it in Carbon Fiber Vinyl.
  14. gmfranco88

    Ford Edge 4-Piece Ebony Front & Rear Carpeted Mats

    No interest? Still for Sale..
  15. gmfranco88

    20" Scraped Wheel Lease Turn in Question

    Hello Cassie, I had a Ford Fusion with the 19" wheels and the same happened when my wife took the car one night. They didn't really make a big deal about it. I had a couple of dents in the hood, road rash on all wheels, couple of gauges on the wheels plus a keyed door.. total damage came out to $214. Since I was getting another car from ford, they waived the fee.