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  1. Engr146

    clicking, tapping noise

    2019 sel ,noisy padder at idle, doesn't sound like injectors,After reading this post,I looked under hood and there's no hood blanket attached to hood,so I went to dealer and they told me they don't put them on 19-20.The parts dept.could not believe it that the sales dept refused to put one on ,so I had to buy one from the parts dept.for my brand new edge under 500 miles.I explained that that does soundproofing,,protects paint and keeps the heat off the washer fluid lines.cost me $130 for the blanket fasteners the parts guy is giving me.parts guy gave it to me at cost he said,and I will install.
  2. Engr146

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    Usually on the Drivers side door jam I just bought a 2019 edge sel ,only put 338 miles on it so far,have only noticed a little sluggish during first couple of miles.when cold here in Boston.after reading this post I won't be driving with the radio on for a while ,listening for these issues,no signs as of yet! Thank you all for your input! Will update on any developments Tom Burke
  3. 07 ford edge, heard the protector is very low lighting,seen a few used on eBay that people had to take out ,even when they put in aftermarket His in low beams.
  4. That's old school,eBay has DRL switches for $5 ,connect two wires one to battery+/- and this tiny little box senses when car starts and stops running,turning on led/DRLs while car is running and shuts off automatically when ignition is off,senses alternator 14volt vs 12 volt (no more finding wires)
  5. I have two sets of led DRLs,but I seen a light bar license blate bracket for front plate on eBay that fits the edge,it secures a pretty large light bar!
  6. I bought the black background with light gray lettering ford original decals,steering wheel and front and rear badges and they give u a spare off eBay for $20,looks completely factory but black,looks great on my 07 triple black edge
  7. Engr146

    MKX-rear side marker lights fuse location

    I use the on line owners manual ,google07 ford edge it shows all fuses and locations.PDF file for free download.