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  1. Maybe that's why they eliminated the full tail lights on 2019 ,now has a black plate across rear hatch.
  2. Engr146

    Collision avoidance display light illumination

    Had pre collision alert come on visual and audible once after a car wash ,then never again.
  3. Engr146

    2019 vs 2020

    Would have loved to get an ST,your lucky. I will have to settle for my clone.
  4. So far I have installed weathertech inchannel rain guards ,and black grill insert on my stone grey 2019 SEL looking to change wheels have factory 5 spoke alloy wheels now,I would like to use my new michilns that came with car,any suggestions?
  5. Engr146

    2019 vs 2020

    Brand new 2019 edge SEL w/nav and vista roof,cold weather pkg.everthing but park assist,MSRP sticker was $41529 paid $33500 after rebates.Danvers Ford
  6. Check ur fuse box there should be a tag with door code maybe upside down so check numbers both ways,that's were I found my 07 SEL code,dealer wanted over $100 so Igoogled it!
  7. Engr146

    2019 possible transmission issue 2.0L

    Nothing like that, @1586 miles
  8. Engr146

    PTU replacement hints and info

    I Brought 07 SEL to dealership service dept. they did not want to change PTU and rdu fluids ,does anybody know the amount and what kind of motor craft fluid I should buy.they 1st quoted me $250 which you guys told me was high anyway,Im going to buy PTU fluid and bring to a knowledgable shop and have sucked out and changed due to no drain plug.
  9. Engr146

    Hood Insulation Pad

    Just paid $132 to buy it from ford parts dept.I could not believe it was missing on my new 2019 SEL I believe it protects hood paint, soundproofing,insulation and keeps wiper fluid lines from heat dry rot.it snapped rite in place with included. sorry for late reply,swordfish clips come included in the plastic package ,everything ready to just snap in under hood,just make sure there all in place before you fit it,,one dropped out and fell down below engine,caught by plastic skid plate.
  10. Perfect!Gadjetjq I did save asbuilt to a thumb drive just to have a backup. Thanks again as always
  11. Motorcraftservice/as built - how can you use that downloaded .ab file cannot seem too read it or print it also how would I be able to reinstall using Forscan,,Forscan uses .abt extension. I have everything ready,also installed USB drivers .but still to ski dish about making changes I want,any advise?
  12. I have 42,000 points from buying my new edge,I will use them on the 07 edge PTU /RDU PM service.I asked for a ballpark price and ford quoted $250
  13. 2019 SEL build date 8/19 has NA 1 18 already
  14. Engr146

    Front License Plate Frame

    I bought 2 black stainless plate covers off eBay,2 for $9 looks/fits perfect on my 2007 and 2019 SEL's
  15. Ford wants $250 to change PTU and rear end gear oil/fluid ,appoiment on Wednesday morning .also air bag recall being done.