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    Air Filter

    I went to Napa to get a new air filter and the one they found in their system for my 2015 wasn't even close in size. They then searched for a 2016 and found what appears to be the right dimensions but their filter has a layer of cotton on the bottom of it (similar to what was mentioned earlier about a pre-filter) but the stock filter doesn't have this cotton at all. I've never seen a filter like the Napa one before. My stock filter has lines of glue on it in the same area where the Napa filter has the cotton glued on but no cotton.
  2. My center assembly was replaced yesterday. But they didn't replace my left rear tail light, despite my photos showing a lot of condensation in them. If it happens again, which I suspect it will, I'll take more photos and bring it in again.
  3. The first dealer I brought mine to never got back to me about replacing them. So I brought it to the dealer that's close to my office this morning to see if they're able to address it. Of course the lenses look fine now but I'll email them photos for proof if they need it. Hopefully they're able to address the fogging and the squeaking seat today.
  4. Has anyone else had an issue with their driver's seat squeaking? If you move back and forth (toward the steering wheel and back) or just press your hand on the lower back area of the seat, it squeaks with the sound of old, rusty springs. Anyone else have that issue?
  5. WFDEdge

    Cupholder rattle

    I have in that same area as well as the arm rest. The rattle seems to come from the passenger's side hinge for the arm rest. Drives me crazy.
  6. WFDEdge

    Best Way To Paint These Scratches?

    I'll have to try some clay bar for the scratches I picked up on mine. Made the mistake of letting the connecting hose from a car wash's manual washing area slap the Edge in a couple places and left some fine scratches. Good tip!
  7. WFDEdge

    Brake Squeal

    To update mine, I haven't heard the squeal in quite some time.
  8. Yes, 2015. There wasn't any condensation in the housings when I went Friday so obviously they couldn't find anything wrong. But the tech requested I email him some photos that I had saved on my phone and he's going to send to Ford to see if they want to buy me new taillights or not.
  9. I'm taking mine to the dealer this afternoon to have it looked at. I'm not overly concerned about mine but it shouldn't be happening to the degree that it is. Since mine is a lease and I'm just borrowing the car, I'm letting Ford look at "their car" to see if it's something they'd like to fix.
  10. WFDEdge

    2015 Edge SEL Push Bumper Options

    Sounds great. So far I haven't found these Edges to be too terribly friendly for upfitting (well, at least with the lights I have on hand).
  11. Anything in the works for us 2015+ SE owners?
  12. WFDEdge

    2015 edge DRL Install aftermarket LED

    Bump on this one. Any updates?
  13. WFDEdge

    2015 Edge SEL Push Bumper Options

    I'll be curious of the results if you try this out. I'd like to get something similar for mine, or any other brush guard style. I'd like to add some lights to mine (volunteer FF) for a little more visibility. Light mounting options are limited on these, especially with mine being a lease.
  14. WFDEdge

    Regular or premium fuel 2.0 L ?

    Could be. I just filled up and saw a 1.10mpg increase from my last fill up but the mileage on this tank was still average. That was the furthest I've gone on a tank of gas since December but still nothing earth shattering. Oh well. Figured it was worth a shot. I don't think I've ever put anything more than 87 in a car before so I figured it was worth a shot to see what would happen in this case.
  15. WFDEdge

    Regular or premium fuel 2.0 L ?

    I put 91 in at my last fill up. I couldn't believe the price difference between 87 and 91. I'll be filling up again today but will go back to 87. I don't know if it was just butt dyno or what, but the engine seemed a bit more lively on the 91. There was one improvement that I know for a fact, however. On 87 every day when approaching the highway on ramp at around 45-50mph, there's a noticeable RPM surge with the motor under load. It'll rev a little higher, drop back down, and then rev up again. You can watch the needle move. On 91 that occurrence seems to have disappeared.