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    My AC is haunted :: HELP!

    Thank you fellas, I will keep you updated!
  2. snowtrooper

    My AC is haunted :: HELP!

    Tried changing the cabin filter. The problem still remains. Help!!
  3. Hey forum, I have an issue with the AC where it repeatedly keeps resetting to LOW and on full blast every 3-ish minutes. What can I do to fix this problem before I take it to the dealership. I have a baby with me and having this issue is becoming a nuisance... Already tried: Resetting Ford MyTouch system; Reinserted fuse Any help will be appreciated. :D Here's a video: https://youtu.be/rhH-6BLwMZE
  4. I tried calling and emailing. Nothing... :/
  5. Hey guys my remote starter has been acting up lately. Three clicks on the lock button and it switches to ON, but doesn't fire up the engine like it used to. Any solutions to this you might have? Remote Starter Module: Fortin Evo Ride Video: https://youtu.be/noNR-Tnd6io
  6. No I will check over the weekend. But I don't have any of the other two issues. Will report here once I get the name of the brand
  7. Hey guys I got my 12 SEL a couple months ago and the previous owner has an aftermarket remote installed from what I know. Its not the slick key fob with the push button ignition. When I click the lock button 3 times. the car turns on fully. But now when I click 3 times it turns all the way on TILL the ON part, but doesn't actually fire up and start running. It's driving me crazy trying to figure it out. Any help would be appreciated
  8. Yeah a few extra dollars won't be an issue being it lasts me longer. So this plug and play kit on daytimebrightlites.com will good enough? Also I read somewhere where they conflict with the LED strips. What's that about? Thanks in advance
  9. So what would you suggest in my case? An HID kit? Which one would you recommend? (Looking for under a $100)
  10. Hey forum, I'm looking to change the headlight D3s bulb to a 6000k output. I was wondering if changing the bulb itself would do the job? Getting my 12 SEL in the next few days, I'm guessing it comes with factory HIDs? Thanks, Veli
  11. snowtrooper

    High Winter Setup?

    Hey forum, Getting my car tomorrow for the winter season. Was looking to get narrow but high tires (larger side wall) to fill in the gap. What would you guys recommend? Cheers. Veli