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  1. Waze CarPlay>>Waze Applink. Much more responsive, superior layout and proper screen contrast. Also like the Google Maps integration. Have not used CarPlay in past but will now.
  2. FYI, they were right about the wheel protection. Those tires WILL find a curb or four after a few years. Ruins an otherwise nice look
  3. My sense was that this was intentional as turning directions are on left hand side pushing main path to the right to give a better view.
  4. After messing with it for a bit, got it to work for me in my 2016 Edge. I love that we have this option. A few things I noticed though. 1). Screen seems to be very low contrast for some reason. 2). If you turn off phone (lock screen) map freezes. You have to keep waze app active and phone on at all times. 3). Kind of glitchy. Freezes up every now and then. 4) Waze icon appears on left panel in main screen but no map. Have to be on full screen Nav to work.
  5. Yeah, I contacted customer service. They said theyd get back to me within a day. They never did. Looks like a loosing battle. Seems to me they should be able to do it if they want. But why would they. As far as they are concerned it means another radio or traffic subscription if they dont. Not really sure what to do at this point.
  6. I contacted Sirius to transfer my Lifetime Plan to my Edge. They say that If they do that, I will lose the free 5-year traffic package but could not offer an explanation as to why. Has anyone run into this and is there a workaround?
  7. jwm22222

    First Road Trip

    Took my first road trip with 2016 Sport. Was a little concerned it would give a rough highway ride. Have to say it was the opposite. I was thoroughly impressed how the Sport handled the trip. It felt like the Sport was attached to the road. Such a secure and responsive drive which just never stood out in my daily driving. Very happy with how it did in the highway setting.
  8. jwm22222

    2017 Ford Edge Sport Gas Mileage

    Did my first road trip and got around 27 mpg. Overall I'm at 19 mpg. Was at around 18.2 mpg overall before the trip. Live in Long Island and do around 50% highway commute.
  9. jwm22222

    Touch-up Paint for 21" Painted Rims

    Thanks for the feedback. Have to go to a body shop for another car. Will see what they say about mixing a batch up for me.
  10. Scraped a curb and damaged the paint a bit on my 2016 Sport. Anything be know if there is any type of touch up paint kit available for the rims? And if so has anyone tried it?
  11. Fwiw I do note that the cooled seats on my 2016 Edge Sport are functional but barely. When my back is a bit sweaty I can definitely feel the cooling from the seat backs. That's the only time I can feel it but under that circumstance I do find it helpful.
  12. I've got a 2016 Edge, 8000 miles, with a Bronze Fire paint job. I drive up to a 7/11 and a guy with same year and paint job pulls up. He runs up to me and tells me the front of the hood keeps pitting and its driving him crazy. Sure enough I look at mine and there's a bunch of pitting on mine too, I guess from highway pebbles and such. Never had a problem like this before. Anyone else have this issue and a fix? Maybe a bug deflector?
  13. I have a 2016 Edge Sport and I just noticed this happening a couple of days ago. Seems like it coincided with extreme heat. No cooling for several minutes and then suddenly it cools fine.
  14. I have a 2016 Sport. Is there any type of accessory mode, similar to what you would do when you turn the key one click on key start vehicles. Seems like you can press the start button without your foot on the break and then press it again and it will stay in an accessory state for around 10 minutes. Any way to activate it for longer than that?
  15. jwm22222

    Sony stereo

    Tried adjusting sound settings similar to those shown above and it does help to improve the sound a bit. There's just this really muddy band around the miss to lows that sounds bad. I noticed that it seems to help a bit too if I move the fader back a bit. In my car, the default was right in front of the seat as graphically displayed on the sync system. I moved it behind the seats a bit and I think it helps. The problem seems to stem from a speaker or speakers above the dash.