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    Hyper-sensitive brakes

    Affected brakes are only grabby at very slow speeds. They should only need to drive it in the parking lot slowly to duplicate the problem. The booster on our 2016 was replaced due to the problem which did not manifest itself at higher speeds.
  2. Update: Dealer replaced "REFLECTOR ASY - REAR" . So far one car wash, no condensation. Part number listed on work order is FT4Z 13A565 B. I was told (by the receptionist) that this was an upgraded part. So far so good. Will update if things change.
  3. Add another to the list. 2016 Titanium built late Feb '16. Lots of condensation in taillight. Only on right side. Some of the larger droplets ran inside the plastic. Dealer took pictures to send to ford for approval. Condensation worsened with each car wash.
  4. DanL

    Adaptive steering fault

    Build date is early Feb. 2016
  5. DanL

    Adaptive steering fault

    Fwiw. We have a 2016 Edge with the drivers package. We have approx. 3000 miles on it and for about the first 1000 I had the adaptive steering set to sport. I then switched it to normal and have kept it there since. I have received no warnings to date. Needless to say we are concerned about this issue and appreciate all the info being offered. It sure would be nice to have Ford issue a statement as to the exact nature of the problem. Good luck to those experiencing problems.
  6. We have the drivers package on our 2016. I ordered it for the adaptive cruise - which I love, and actually really like the adaptive steering as well. The only time I over steered a little was in the dealers lot at delivery. The adjustment was easy and very intuitive. It's not a huge difference from regular steering but just enough to make slow speed steering a little quicker. I see no down side to it other than the cost. I would order the drivers package again if given the opportunity. Also, I switch between driving cars with and without adaptive steering with no problem.
  7. DanL

    Your 2016 Edge order?

    Took delivery of our Edge Titanium on Friday 2/12. Ordered 12/10, so right within the 8-10 weeks we were told it would take. 301A 2.0 AWD Bronze Fire/Cognac Drivers, Cold weather, Trailer tow packages Only have about 30 miles on it so far, but everything seems as it should be as far as I can tell. I'll post a more in depth review when I get a few more miles on it. I didn't know how I would feel about the adaptive steering, but got used to it in about 10 seconds and really like it. Loving the Edge so far!
  8. DanL

    Your 2016 Edge order?

    Received an email today that our edge is scheduled for arrival at the dealership Feb. 7-9. Date of order: Dec. 10, 2015 priority 10 (fairly large dealership) DOB: week of 2/1 (I'm thinking 2/1 build) was told at ordering 8-10 weeks, so right on track Details: 2016 Edge Titanium 2.0 AWD Bronze Fire/Cognac 301A Drivers, cold weather, trailer tow, cargo acc. packages A couple nits to pick: I wish you could get HID headlights without having to get a car that parks itself (would like to see it as part of drivers package). Would have considered TGTBB if it was offered with cognac interior, but do like bronze fire. Previous Fords were '89 Bronco II, '94 Explorer. Both of those were great vehicles. Have been driving Hondas since 2003. Very solid cars but not bulletproof by any means. Really looking forward to the new edge.
  9. DanL

    Your new 2016 Edge review

    When I test drove the edge I could hear some wind noise. I thought it stood out because the rest of the car is so quiet. When I got back in my current car, there was much more wind and road noise than the edge. The road and other noises made the wind noise less apparent. Overall, I think the edge is a very quiet vehilce.
  10. DanL

    2016 order

    Hello from Madison, WI. Just ordered a 2016 Edge and really appreciate all the information available on this site. We ordered a Titanium AWD 2.0, Bronze Fire/Cognac, 301A, Drivers, cold weather, trailer tow packages. Thanks to all who contributed to this forum, it helped us a lot. DanL
  11. DanL

    Trying to order a 2016 Edge

    I just ordered a 2016 from a local dealership who also had the same problem with ordering on the ford website. Ford is aware of the glitch in the computer ordering system and even states that they are working to resolve the issue. To place an order the dealer needs to use an old method of ordering where the car and options are ordered using codes. Hopefully there is someone at your dealership who knows how to do this. Good luck.