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  1. The new Edge is larger than the first generation platform. I'm not sure if the weight has increased? The 2014 Edge did have 285 HP and I "believe" more torque. The same 3.5 L in the 2015 now has 280 HP and 250 ft lbs of torque. The 2.0 L Ecoboost has 245 HP and 275 ft lbs of torque. I guess if have gotten used to driving my Escape with the 2.0 l Ecoboost and now the 2015 Edge with the twin scroll 2.0 l Ecoboost. The torque produced from these Ecoboost engines is "instant" not much lag and the power stays all the way up to redline. I also test drove the Edge Sport with the 2.7 L Ecoboost and it was amazing! The price tag was too steep for me though.
  2. I test drove a 3.5 Edge and found it to be a bit of a dog. I was expecting way more acceleration and highway passing power from this big engine. The 2.0 L that we settled on has much more torque and "low end" off the line power. Remember with a turbo charged engine all the 275 foot pounds of torque starts at 3000 rpm and continues all the way up to redline. There is no power "drop off". I have an Escape with the older version of the 2.0 L engine and it too has tons of low end torque. Passing on the highway is a breeze as well. Going up hills is also not a problem. There are members on the Ford Escape forum that have over 170,000 miles on their Ecoboost engines without any issues.

    2015 Edge Shipping?

    All Edges shipped to Windsor, Ontario for repairs where actually for the A pillar water leak repair work. I doesn't look like this is mentioned on the card you have a picture of.
  4. Yay my Edge finally arrived! I got to see it today, and pick it up at the end of the week.
  5. Yes but purchasing the Edge in August got me the $3600 employee pricing plus another $4000 in incentives that I negotiated, plus trade in there is no way that I would get the same deal now that I got back in August. The addition of Sync 3 would be a "nice to have" but won't get you that much more trade in value, especially if keeping the vehicle for ten years as I plan to do.
  6. Anyone get their Edge yet? I have been told that mine is supposed to ship this week. I've been waiting since August 24th, so 136 days (almost 20 weeks)
  7. I have been told by the dealership that all 2015 Edge's on hold will be released on December 31st. This means that the vehicles have the "OK" to be shipped. Now how long until they actually arrive at their final destination is up to the carrier. Fortunately I'm fairly close to Oakville so I "should" have my Edge by January 9th. This will mean that I have waited almost 20 weeks or 140 days since I placed the order.
  8. My Edge is not custom either 2015 Ford Edge SEL front wheel drive 2.0 Ecoboost Leather seats Inflateable rear seatbelts I still think the rear inflatable seat belts is one of the hold backs. I see now that the 2016 SEL does not have an option for the rear inflatable seat belts, only the very top trim Titanium and Sport get this option. It is interesting though that the SEL in the USA gets the rear inflatable belts standard on the 2016 model if ordered with the 201A package.
  9. Not so good news. The vehicle is still in Oakville. I have now been told that maybe early January might be the delivery date, but I doubt it. I guess I'll have to see if I can cancel my order and look else where for a new vehicle. This is really depressing!
  10. Looks like the Edge's on hold are now being shipped to the dealerships. I'm hoping to see mine by the end of the week. I'm not sure if the 2016's are starting up this Tuesday, December 15th? http://www.donlen.com/buildstart-trucks-ford.html
  11. Has anyone that has a October 16th to approximately early November build date received their Edge yet? I have been getting updates from the dealership but it still looks like late December into the early part of January is when I might see this vehicle that I ordered back in August.
  12. CND_EDGE

    builds start this week

    Yep and the thousands of Edges that have been built and are not allowed to leave the plant due to quality issues.
  13. Vehicle ordered: August 22nd Vehicle VIN issued: September 11th Vehicle built: October 29th Vehicle pulled into secondary inspection then put on a Quality Hold by Ford. As you can see there was a long time from when the vehicle was ordered until it was built. There is nothing custom about the order. I have been told that there are thousands of Edges on hold.
  14. I did ask the dealership for some sort of compensation for waiting so long. This is what Ford Canada came up with. As far as the term and when it starts I have no idea. I guess the details will be provided when I sign the final papers when I pick up the vehicle.
  15. I would assume more than a few hundred dollars as the maintenence plan covers all the wear parts that a warranty, or extended warranty won't cover like Brake pads, rotors, windsheild wiper blades, oil changes, transmission fluid changes, tire rotation, shocks, spark plugs....
  16. Ford Canada is giving me a Ford Maintenance Protection Plan (FMPP) on my Edge for the extended wait time. I'm not sure how much the plan is worth but it's better than nothing I guess?
  17. I want an Edge and it doesn't matter what dealership you order from there is going to be a wait. The 2016's will start being built on December 2nd but don't expect to take delivery in December. The plant is working 24/7 with over time to try to keep up with demand so new orders will take more than the standard 8 week delivery time promised by most dealerships. My dealership told me that the delivery time would be about 8 weeks. I think 18 weeks is a tad excessive but there is nothing I can do.
  18. I do know someone that works at the Oakville Assembly Plant. I was told that if I place an order now for a 2016 I will not get the vehicle until March. The plant cannot keep up with all the orders. I was also told that the plant is waiting on parts from the USA, so the vehicles that are on hold are slowly being released.
  19. Got an update from the dealership. My vehicle won't be delivered until the very end of December. This would bring the total wait time up to 18 weeks...talk about suspense!
  20. Dealership followed up. All Edges are still on hold with no end date. I'll give it another week and then do a re-order with the dealership for a 2016 model. I'm sure I would get the 2016 sooner than the Edge that is on a quality hold. I mean it's only been 14 going on 15 weeks now for this one, so what's another 8 weeks?
  21. Thats good to know. My Edge was a late October build so hopefulyl it will ship in the next week or two.
  22. I finally got word back from the Ford dealership I placed my vehicle order from that our 2015 Ford Edge SEL has been pulled and is sitting in secondary inspection. The vehicle was built 3 weeks ago and has not been released for shipment yet. I was told that there would be a wait time of 8 weeks from time of order until delivery date. It has now been 13 weeks and no vehicle yet. Apparently the district manager is now involved to find out why the vehicle is being held and if and when it will be shipped. I'm a tad annoyed to say the least as this is only an SEL trim and aside from leather interior has no other options. If the vehicle is being repaired due to defects then I really don't want it at all. If Ford is going over the vehicle with a fine tooth comb doing quality control then I am ok with that. I'm just not sure why it has been held for so long?
  23. http://researchmaniacs.com/VIN-Number-Lookup/WindowSticker/Ford.html this web site will create a .pdf of your vehicle's window sticker (build sheet)
  24. I wouldn't worry too much. I would get the VIN from the vehicle that your interested in and input it into the Etis.Ford web portal. This was you can see the build date. Any Edge built before April 28th could have potential water leaks. http://www.etis.ford.com/vehicleRegSelector.do;jsessionid=67551F3165D40FFCB3CA84F94A8BD795.fcvas509
  25. Sorry to bring up an old subject... I've been waiting for my 2015 Edge for 13 weeks. I followed up with the manager of the dealership. They got word that all Ford Edges are being held at the Oakville Assemby Plant. There is currently no end date for this hold. I'm very annoyed about the delay