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  1. I already took my Edge to the dealer once. The weather stripping within days of picking up started coming off of the door frame on the upper front edge of the driver's side rear door. They replaced the part after ordering a new one. 6 months later it started coming off on the passenger side rear door, now it is off again on the driver's side rear door. Has anybody else experienced this? Has anybody else fixed this any other way besides replacing with a new piece of weather stripping. I can keep going back to the dealer time and time again and getting new parts, but once the warranty runs out, this will become a real issue.
  2. I just did the 1.0 -> 2.2 with nav update. Everything worked seamlessly. Phew! I also ordered the Ford part HC3Z-19A387-B instead of the Lincoln part GJ7Z-19A387-B in order to get the blue LED... According to the dealer, the Ford part is on backorder until mid-February. To me, I'd rather have the Ford part, but I'm just picky. It's too bad Apple requires their stupid authentication chip in everything. I'd rather not have spent $60 just to get CarPlay, but oh well.
  3. Those private cash orders are tricky and they are linked to your address in the vincent system and cannot be extended by the dealer. They're really meant to get people to the lots and to encourage an "impulse" buy. People that special order can get lucky and get one that's valid when your order is delivered, but besides that, there is not much you can do. I documented my experience with private cash offers here: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/19751-helpful-information-to-buyers-after-placing-your-new-edge-order/?do=findComment&comment=146209 Maybe you can try to play the game I played and you'll get lucky, but I was biting my nails too in the final weeks.
  4. cab2g

    accessory power

    The USB ports stay powered when the car is off. That's for sure.
  5. cab2g

    builds start this week

    2016's started building on 12/15/15. So you must've gotten one of the very last 2015s
  6. cab2g

    Build dates for 2016 Model

    Nobody knows yet. Probably around December time-frame.
  7. cab2g

    Your 2016 Edge order?

    Nice ride you're right. the pictures don't do it justice!
  8. I updated the window sticker tool link in my first post since the old one stopped working: http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/19751-helpful-information-to-buyers-after-placing-your-new-edge-order/?p=146209
  9. cab2g

    2015 /2016 Edge ownership status?

    I am surprised that there is such a variation in fit and finish. I went over every corner and the worst thing I found was a chip in the driver's side door paint probably from transport. In my opinion, this has been the best fit and finish I have seen from any car I've bought. No misaligned panels. I coudn't feel any defects in the paint. No scuffs in the soft interior plastic. etc.
  10. cab2g

    Your new 2016 Edge review

    You are correct, memory seats/mirrors are standard equipment on the Titanium and Sport models. They are not available on the SEL.
  11. cab2g

    Your 2016 Edge order?

    They shipped all remaining 2015s at the end of December. It took 8 days for my edge to make it to Chicago from Oakville. I'd agree. That dealer probably has an issue with Ford that needs to be resolved.
  12. I've driven both, I liked the 2.0T better because it pulled harder during normal driving. I don't know how much aggressive passing I'd do on the highway at high RPMs so I can't really compare the 3.5L in that aspect. I normally just hit cruise control and leave it at that. 0-60 on the 2.0L was more impressive in my opinion than the 3.5L, which just felt "slower" from the pure seat of the pants acceleration feel.
  13. cab2g

    Your 2016 Edge order?

    Maybe try to go through another dealer. Even though it may not be as easy, you can place an order from another dealer over the phone and fax/email all the paperwork. If you already have an agreed upon price, there should be no negotiation from the other dealer. Just tell them to beat the price you already have by a couple bucks.
  14. Thanks! They are the stock wheels. I think the optional 20" wheels look the best, but practicality got the best of me and I opted for the taller sidewalls to keep the ride a bit smoother and limit the curb rash that may happen during daily kid hauling duties.