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  1. theoldwizard1

    5x108 to 5x114.3 wheel adapter

    I scored some rims from a 2012 Ford Edge that I want to use for winters on my 2016. IIRC, starting in 2016 they changed the lug to 108mm from 114.3.mm (4.5"). While you can find this size adapter if you look non of them come with the requires M14x1.5 lugs and nuts ! Anyone know of a source for 5x108 to 5x114 - M14x1.5 adapters
  2. theoldwizard1

    Lug spacing

    When did Ford change the 18" rim from 5 on 4-1/4" to 5 on 110mm ? Does any one know the Hollander Wheel Exchange number for the 108 mm ? (It is not 10044 !)
  3. theoldwizard1

    My theory on why lug nuts fail

    I was charged for replacing 3 lug nuts because they could not be reused. When I got home, I discovered that more lugs nuts were damaged to the point that the socket that came with the car could not be used. The dealer agreed to replace 4 additional lug nuts at no charge.
  4. theoldwizard1

    My theory on why lug nuts fail

    The "seat" ( cone shaped taper at the bottom) is an "industry standard" 60° on both. I am not sure why the F150 lug nuts have that extra 1/4" - 1/2" on material above that.
  5. theoldwizard1

    Advanced Search

    How do I search for topics posted by a specific person ?
  6. theoldwizard1

    My theory on why lug nuts fail

    Well it looks like I will be replacing most of my lug nuts on my 2016 Edge. I have done all of my own tires rotation for the past 5 years and managed to only bugger up 2 nuts. I am using a Sunex flip lug nut set, which I recommend. The stock/OEM lug nuts require a 21mm socket. I know that some of the aftermarket use 22mm. A 7/8" socket will fit an OEM lug nut (7/8" = 0.875" ; 22mm = 0.866" ; 21mm = 0.826"), but I guarantee they will mess up the chrome cap ! Now here is the crazy thing ! The Edge lug nuts (ACPZ-1012-M) and the F150 lug nut (ACPZ-1012-B) look almost identical. Same threads, same socket But $4.18 vs $0.90
  7. theoldwizard1

    Parking brake limited function

    Same problem ! I need to check that routing before the other side fails. Anyone have a link to that YouTube video ? $350 out the door ! (Thank you for being a customer $20 for "shop supplies" !)
  8. theoldwizard1

    Under engine splash shield push pins

    The shield appears to be 6P013. The retainer in question is HS1/HC1/HN1, but the description does not match the part (IIRC !).
  9. The splash shield under the engine must be removed to do an oil change. It is held in place by either plastic push pins of screws into plastic inserts. Except for the back 2. I have not been underneath since the last oil change (7,500 miles ago) but I know one or both are failing and these are different than the others. They are square and are inserted into a square hole in the frame. Anyone know where I can find some of these without paying an arm and a leg ?
  10. theoldwizard1

    New Owner of 2016 Edge, what maintenance?

    Sorry for being late to the party. PTU fluid and transmission fluid changes are not "required" maintenance, but are "feel good", cheap insurance ! If you are doing it make sure to ONLY USE GENUINE MOTORCRAFT FLUIDS ! You may have to get the PTU fluid directly from the dealer, but good auto parts stores stock (or can easily get) Motorcraft transmission fluid and engine coolant. Don't get upset about draining every drop of transmission fluid or even changing the filter. Even if you only get 50% of the transmission fluid out, because you are changing it so early, you should be fine. Transmission filters NEVER need to be changed.
  11. I am looking for a part number/source for the square "push rivets" that are used to attach the under engine splash shield to the chassis.
  12. theoldwizard1

    2017 Lug torque spec

    Admittedly, my old '98 E150 used 1/2" "course" thread buts. The Edge use M14 (0.549 almost 9/16") and I think they would be classified as "fine" (1.5 mm) threads. Fine threads can handle more torque.
  13. theoldwizard1

    2017 Lug torque spec

    The book says 162 lb. ft. My torque wrench only goes to 150 ! Why so high ? Mu old '98 E150 say 100 lb. ft.
  14. theoldwizard1

    Where is the oil pressure warning light ?

    Oh well ! I can never keep MFT and Sync 3 separated ! As I said, it has the small screen for HVAC, radio and rear camera. Actually, that is when I realized the oil pressure light was "missing" ! "Door ajar" comes up as a overlay on the center display.
  15. The title says it all ! 2016 Edge SEL, without My Ford Touch (small screen).