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  1. CrackedDSM

    I've started to hate my ST

    My Edge Sport has none of those issues except the double honk. I would avoid any “sporty” themed SUVs in the future because they all have terrible mileage and the features you listed. Next vehicle you get make sure it’s a car. Or an eco badged SUV. I drove a few Edge ST’s before I found my ‘15 sport and I honestly hated driving the ST. Many of the same gripes you had for sure. The Sport drove better, responded better, and overall just felt less gimmicky. Maybe test drive an older Sport if you can find one?
  2. CrackedDSM

    "Soccer Mum SUV"

    Who cares what people think. People think my eclipse is just a chick car even though it walks Tesla’s on ludicrous mode with a full charge, from a dig. Not to mention the v8 guys and their “ricer” talk. You do you. Let others hate. Although the ST is kinda a soccer mom SUV. The sports however…. 😛
  3. CrackedDSM

    Which tuner to use?

    I’ve never even heard of it tbh. I wouldn’t try to go out of the box in this one(and I love going out of the box) and just grab either an MPVI-2 if you plan on going unleashed, or just grab the my calibrator touch if you want to go livernois motorsports.
  4. CrackedDSM

    Unleashed E30 2019-2020 Edge ST tuning

    I've got Dragy runs of 0-60 in 4.80 on 93 on a non prepped surface. Full weight 2015 edge sport, 245 tiger paws(total joke for traction) and 38psi on all four tires(lower tire pressure would be better traction). LMS ftw. But then again mine is a sport and doesn’t have the junk 8 speed in it or the shifting problems you ST guys have to deal with.
  5. CrackedDSM

    Only 20 or so cars on the lot

    Ford apparently.
  6. CrackedDSM

    Only 20 or so cars on the lot

    Wonder how them moving their entire production to Mexico is gonna effect things too.
  7. CrackedDSM

    Paint correction on my ‘15 Sport

    If you lived closer I would for sure. I actually really enjoyed it. The end result was so worth it.
  8. CrackedDSM

    First Time Ford owner

    Welcome. I’d suggest a tune and some nice wide sticky tires(tires first preferably) and if you have e85 around you, go with an e30 blend tune and enjoy your performance. It’ll surprise the hell out of you especially in Florida where it’s almost below sea level in some parts. E30 and an UP intercooler with sticky tires is 12’s all day.
  9. $20 and you pay shipping. 😛 in all serious PM me with what you’d like to get out of this plus shipping to 27357.
  10. Hey all, wife did some paint correction on her Edge and I just finished it/went behind her to get a few spots a little cleaner/smoother. Overall for her first time and my first time I think it came out great. The “before” pics kinda suck because I’m terrible at photos and I didn’t want to get too close because the paint was so bad. Water spots, swirls, scratches, etc. now it’s like glass. Love this tuxedo black, you can see the metal flake so much more after the correction. used a TorqX DA, hexlogic 5.5” Orange pad for cutting, white pad for polishing. She used the mequiars ultimate cutting and polishing compound, and it worked good but I noticed there were still swirls left and it didn’t quite look cut enough, so I went behind her with the same pads using meguiars 101 and 201 compound and polishes and man. It made all the difference in the world. It was so easy to do, and I think you’d have to purposefully try to ruin the paint with this combo before it would burn. Took me awhile in my super cramped garage but totally worth it! Finished it off by graphene coating it. Before Not bad but a little dull as you can tell. After: Might be hard to tell in the last two pictures because the sun wasn’t out, but it’s so much better now. Very happy!