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  1. CrackedDSM

    16 Sport OEM IC Grill

    Do you still have this? I could come pick it up from you to save the shipping headaches.
  2. CrackedDSM

    ST vs Sport airbox

    The edge in general is somewhat ignored by the aftermarket, but as a DSM owner, I can assure you it's far from forgotten. The AFE works and even if it sealed with the hood I still would buy the lid for it that they sell. There's a ton of heat in these engine bays. There's still good parts being developed and more that you can get made yourself if you're thrifty. Turbos, built trans, intakes, exhausts, several different tuners, E85 conversion, etc. Plenty for 600whp if you want to put the time and money in.
  3. CrackedDSM

    New to the club! Need feedback!

    Can't say about the Unleashed tuner, but on livernois E30 tune I get 25-26mpg highway. On their 93 performance tune, I get 30+mpg highway, if I keep my foot out of it. The tune actually helped it get better gas mileage when off boost. I'm sure it'll be similar results with any other brand tuner.
  4. CrackedDSM

    V3 Edge ST & Sport 2.7EB Air Box

    Pop the gray center of the "foglight" out, and just have the customer mount a tube running from there, to the box. Would work great, and the "foglight"(if you can call a strip of LEDs a foglight..) will still be perfectly functional, and it'll be sneaky too! That's what I'd do. Just include a capped off section of the air box, that the customer can then DIY some stuff. Or if you want to do all the extra legwork, pop out that cover, make a mold of it, and then have a mold made that just pops right in and is already modified. Include some accordion drainage hose...done! 😛 That's my shade tree recommendation at least.
  5. CrackedDSM

    V3 Edge ST & Sport 2.7EB Air Box

    How much does he charge for the upper intercooler pipe, and do you think he'd be interested in making hard intake pipes for the turbos to go along with Xtra's hard work? Our intercooler piping situation is in need of some quality, sub-$1000 set of intercooler and intake pipes. Honestly I think with a quality turbo-back exhaust, hard intercooler and intake pipes(maybe with some heat wrap too), an intercooler, and a really good tune on E these cars could be even faster. I dream of a future with Xtra's intake box and cowl, hard intercooler/intake pipes, and a complete turbo-back exhaust for everyone.
  6. CrackedDSM

    Livernois Tune Update "Stage 4"

    That's awesome. Honestly seems like if you sealed the top off it would still be beneficial even without the headlight cut out. You could run an accordion tube sealed to one of the bumper vents straight to the box. Wouldn't be as simple or great as the headlight removed but would still be better than stock. That plus the ultimate intercooler, I bet your IATs look incredible even on hot days!! Yes they do.
  7. CrackedDSM

    Livernois Tune Update "Stage 4"

    Ah okay. The intercooler is honestly what I desperately need to help these IATs. I'm still gonna try out the Stage 3 and Stage 4 at the track but I think honestly I'll see better all around/all temperature performance on the stock intercooler with the Stage 3. Soon as we're moved and settled though, traction mods and that intercooler ASAP! My best 0-60 so far was launching similarly with tires at 40psi. Brake boost to 2500rpm, let the brakes go, keep throttle at 25-35% until around 20mph, then floor it/100% throttle it. On the V3 that'd result in some decent launches, still spinning as I went WOT, but noticeably better. On the Stage 4 its just spin city like I'm a FWD on bald tires. We'll give it the old college try with the tire pressures adjusted though! Thanks for your help. 😄
  8. CrackedDSM

    Livernois Tune Update "Stage 4"

    Can I ask how you are launching it?
  9. CrackedDSM

    Livernois Tune Update "Stage 4"

    That's what I'm talking about!! That 60' is AWESOME. I have everything except the springs, and my tires are all at max pressure, so that's the first thing I need to do. Wow those are good times. Gives me hope. Did you notice any heatsoak, if you're on a stock intercooler? Did it have more top end power than the previous tunes, or was it more down low torque? Mine seems to have way more torque and mid-range, but drops off on the top end and seems to heatsoak more on the Stage 4 tune. When the sun goes down and it's a little cooler, it's a whole other story. Maybe I should try to do a few logs myself. I am gonna try my best to hit up the local 1/8th track tomorrow if it doesn't rain so I can get some real numbers. First thing I'm gonna do is lower my tire pressure in the front(you're the second person in the 12.7's to tell me to do that!) and see how it goes. I do want to do some comparison runs to the old Stage 3 tunes too. Was this on E30, or on 93? Is that all the mods you have is just what you listed? Last question, how are you launching it? Thank you for your comment, it helps a ton.
  10. CrackedDSM

    Extended Warranty Feedback

    I have the GWC aftermarket warranty and I'm extremely happy with it. Only gripe is don't take it to a dealership because they'll rake you over the coals to make as much money on top of whatever the warranty work will cover, on purpose. Take it to a reputable privately owned non-dealership and legit everything is covered with a $100 deductible. RDU, ABS system, A/C work..all covered and fixed, $100 out of pocket. Can't beat it.
  11. CrackedDSM

    2019 Edge ST ptu fluid service

    Honestly, the engineers made quite a few questionable decisions on the Edge ST's. Had an option to trade in on one and glad I turned it down. Between the transmission skipping gears problems that can't be tuned out and etc, I'm saving my pennies and time for an Explorer ST instead.
  12. CrackedDSM

    Livernois Tune Update "Stage 4"

    Was on another topic and mentioned that Livernois Motorsports has released a new update to their tunes, they call "Stage 4". Previous one being called Stage 3, and is a couple years old at best. It's not being widely advertised so you have to ask for it. I did, and got it this morning. Loaded it up, and decided to do some testing. The first set of Dragy SS' are on Stage 3, the final set are on Stage 4(and also added a CP-E rear motor mount, this is relevant.) Stage 3 E30 Tune Ricer Excuses/Relevant info: Tires are Uniroyal Tigerpaw A/S 245/50R20's right @ 40psi. Stock RMM, K&N Drop in filter, Boomba VTA adapter, tune. I'm actually bummed about this run as its my all time best. On the stage 3 E30 tunes, there was less torque down low, and more up top, so the launch could be feathered if I did it juuuuust right, and the results speak for itself. I got a REALLY good launch, still broke loose a little as to be expected with these tires, and the pass felt incredible. But I panicked and started to brake HARD where you see the massive dip at the end there, aborting the run. I was floored when I still got a 13.53 @ only 86mph! So then I found out that LMS was now quietly updated their tunes to a Stage 4, that everyone on the facebook groups was raving about, so I decided to try it out. During this time while waiting, I upgraded to the CP-E rear motor mount. Stage 4 E30 Tune First experience with the Stage 4 tune? A completely different animal. It has much more torque and boost comes in way earlier in the RPM range, which can be fun for zipping through traffic, but these Uniroyal tiger paws HATE this new torque, and the Dragy SS' show it. Best I could do was a 5.09, launch RPM was 2500, keeping it at 25-35% throttle until 20mph, and then going 100% throttle, which immediately breaks the tires loose. All things were equal here though, even down to the tire pressure. Only change was the motor mount(as it turns out, doesn't help much with tire pressure being high. Lol) With the traction issues, I didn't even attempt a full 1/4mi run, and on this run I let off at 70ish mph. I didn't break, but backed off the throttle. It has so much torque down low, that up top doesn't feel quite so stellar anymore. I'm gonna have to relearn how to drive the ol' black bullet with the new stage 4 stuff, but it did make a noticeable difference. From this point on, I am not going to mod a single thing on this vehicle, and focus solely on traction. Lighter wheels, and wider, stickier performance tires will be the next thing, maybe even some stiffer springs(not decided yet) because this lack of traction is a total buzzkill. I do plan on going to my local 1/8th mile drag strip here very soon though, where I'm gonna try to get solid Stage 3 vs Stage 4 numbers again, but in a controlled, prepped environment. I also plan to do some back to back testing of the Stage 3 93oct vs Stage 4 93oct. Any feedback is completely welcomed, as well as posting up your own numbers, and your own experiences with your specific tune/tire/mod combo. Thanks for lookin'
  13. Updating this, so in case anyone in the future has this problem, here's the solution: There was a break in the harness, where it ran underneath the back seat, inside the car. It was broken to where you almost couldn't even tell until you shifted the harness and then bam. There it was, broken apart. Reconnected the wires, shrink wrapped it, bam. Everything is fixed. Traction control, ABS, stability management, lane assist, everything is fine with absolutely no lights or issues. If you get this code, check out every single inch of your harness going from the ABS sensors, all the way to your ABS pump, and etc. Run a continuity check and it'll tell you everything you need to know. Was a simple fix after all!
  14. CrackedDSM

    2016 Edge Sport - My Build

    Honestly the bends in our exhausts are super...super simple. I wish I still had my welding equipment, as I could get some pipe and fab up a bolt-in down-pipe back exhaust system for like maybe $250 including piping and mufflers. Crazy how much magnaflow and others charge for their catback systems for the ST, or I would be super tempted to try it out. Would just have to adjust the tips to fit the sport bumper vs the ST bumper. So I definitely have been kicking back and forth going to a local exhaust shop and having them do it, but I kinda want to hear more examples of WOT and highway sounds before I do. I don't want to hate it and be stuck with it.
  15. CrackedDSM

    Blaque Diamond 22" wheels

    That's definitely more fair. And covid, more specifically all the stimulus bills that have passed printing more and more money like pre-ww2 germany, has driven up the price of everything. So sad.