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  1. CrackedDSM

    Uniroyal Tiger Paw?

    I should mention there’s an issue with my edge (U0415 abs control module communication error) that has completely disabled traction control and stability control(among others) so there are zero nannies preventing wheel spin. So my traction issues may not be something most have to deal with. and I could definitely go aftermarket lighter wheels with a 305 width but at that point I’d worry about grenading the PTU, axles, diffs or all of the above. Lol.
  2. CrackedDSM

    Uniroyal Tiger Paw?

    Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I have these exact tires on my '15 Edge Sport AWD, but in a 245 width instead of 265, on my oem 20" wheels. Ride is great, wet weather traction is good, no complaints. Except one. On an LMS 93 aggressive tune, I can break the rears loose a little basically on demand in perfectly dry weather. On the E30 aggressive tune I have now, traction is 100% a problem especially from a dig I have to launch at 35-50% throttle, hold it until roughly 10-20mph, then floor it. Anything else is just wheel hop and all four wheels burning. The 265 might be a little better, but if you're aggressively tuning the edge and looking for traction, avoid these. That is literally the ONLY complaint though, amazing ride quality, no road noise, wear is exceptionally well. Great tire.
  3. CrackedDSM

    ZFG Tune

    Definitely. There are so many vacuum lines and sources on these engines I honestly wouldn’t know where to apply a boost leak tester to pressurize the system. On a dsm we just hook a pvc endcap to the inlet of the turbo and pressurize it that way but on these engines...no idea. Lol. And visual inspections only yield so much. Only thing I can think of is inspect the lines to the WGA and bend/twist them to see if any are cracked.
  4. CrackedDSM

    ZFG Tune

    Good stuff! Definitely made a huge difference for me. I did a dragy run recently of 12.85 @ 106 and 0-60 in 4.6 seconds because I finally got lucky with traction, so it’s really moving! Also, you may have a pinhole leak in the wastegate vacuum hoses. Also could be a sticking wastegate actuator? I’m not sure honestly. You might just have a factory freak(it’s a good thing). Record a 0-60 video! That’ll say a lot even without a dragy.
  5. CrackedDSM

    ZFG Tune

    I test every shipment. I used to be a manager for my local Sheetz so I know their schedule. If I didn’t know I’d probably test every couple weeks. One week is was E60, the next it was E79. That would’ve been a drastic difference in e content had I not tested it.
  6. CrackedDSM

    ZFG Tune

    Definitely have to measure the content. Elsewise you’re just guessing and that could be catastrophic. Thankfully the trims and a few other indicators will be throwing up red flags when he views your logs, but I would definitely spend the $15 for an e85 test kit off of amazon. Worst case scenario you can use a baby bottle or any kind of 100mL test tube and a math formula if you’re cheap. Lol.
  7. CrackedDSM

    ZFG Tune

    Honestly what I did was fill the gas tank first, then drove super gently home not hitting boost. With e30-e50 the stock ecu can adjust cruising and idle trims enough to be safe. Won’t be perfect and I wouldn’t drive like that forever. Lol, but these ecus are awesome. Thing I like about this way is it gives more time for the fuel to properly mix in your tank. Hit some bumps, take a curvy road, if no one is around at low speeds do the “clean your tires” trick of pulling the wheel back and forth like your doing the worlds smallest, slowest, invisible slalom course. Lol. Let us know the difference it makes though! Super curious. If you were closer to nc I’d lend you my dragy.
  8. CrackedDSM

    ZFG Tune

    That’s honestly what needs to happen on mine. I need stickier tires and losing some rotating mass in the process wouldn’t be bad either. But even just a tire change would help immensely. What I have to do to avoid spinning on the line is brake boost to 2200, hold about half throttle, release brake, continue to hold half throttle til it gets around 20-30, then floor it. If I could do a proper full rip launch that’d be great. But honestly it’s gotta be something with the trans. I’ve heard there’s some transmission gear they can’t tune around that kills life after 60, maybe that’s whats going on.
  9. CrackedDSM

    ZFG Tune

    Those are good numbers but I can see what you mean when you say the top end kills you. That’s crazy! You can see on mine where traction kills me. If I can get the 0-60 down to 4.6-4.7 I’d be booking. Need moar traction! You have the altitude advantage too, I saw in one of your dragy results your DA was negative 1100. Lol, I’m jealous of that for sure. It’s definitely gotta be something exclusive to the edge ST tune because the top end difference on mine is phenomenal. In the 93 tune I was so disappointed at the top end. On e30 it’s straight ridiculous. These tigerpaw 245’s gotta go, man. No traction is killing me. I’m willing to bet at an actual drag strip I’d get better results because of the prep and be in the 12’s. I do eventually want to go with lightwheels wheels and some sticky tires but one step at a time. Currently getting my EMT certs so time and money is at a premium. Couldn't hurt to reach out to LMS and say hey, this douche in an edge sport has way better top end on his e30 tune than I do, is there something different in the st tune? Edit: just thought of something, how are you blending your e30? Are you testing the e85 and then mixing based off of that? Or are you just mixing e85 and pump without testing?
  10. CrackedDSM

    ZFG Tune

    Also: here’s a before and after 0-60. First pic is before second is after.
  11. CrackedDSM

    ZFG Tune

    Yep, I sure do. LMS 93, 100% stock everything else. Spun a little bit, top end not nearly as good. LMS E30 tune, stock everything else, same tires, same everything as before. Traction is a joke at this point, all four wheels spin like crazy, have to feather it/keep 50% throttle when launching to get a good launch. Throttle response much better, mid range better, top end HUGE improvement. With a better launch/more traction it’d be in the 12’s easily. maybe theres something wrong with your car or maybe the tune wasn’t actually uploaded. Made a significant difference in mine.
  12. CrackedDSM

    oil change - fully synthetic or blend?

    I second the full synthetic oil, especially for turbo engines. Cost is honestly not that much more than a QUALITY synthetic blend, and you get better protection/mileage from Full Syn.
  13. CrackedDSM

    ZFG Tune

    I’d ask torrie if he’d be willing to do an e30-e50 tune for you. My LMS E30 tune really make a significant difference in power compared to 93. If torrie can’t or won’t then I’d try ZFG. I don’t think you’ve got much to lose either way.
  14. CrackedDSM

    2021 Edge Order Guide

    I actually made a youtube video showing where I put my foot to activate my hands-free lift gate. Hopefully this helps if you have the same style of hitch as I do. Hope this helps! It works for me everytime.
  15. Hey guys, I’m hoping someone can hook me up with a diagnostic procedure for this code. 2015 Ford Edge Sport AWD Cliffnotes/history: ABS, traction control, stability control, and park aid are all turned off/lights on dashboard. Car had one code for the right rear abs sensor and it got replaced. Now there is a code U0415 - Invalid Data Received from ABS control module. This car has had a front end collision before, not sure if relevant. I checked over the harness and saw no breaks or loose connections. Tone rings are all fine, no codes for any sensors specifically. Anyone have any experience with their ABS module going out/bad? I do not have a recall for the abs module, I checked. Also, if anyone can access the official ford diagnostic procedure that would help immensely. As would first hand experience! picture of code for reference.