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    Car bra for 2011>2014 Edge

    Car bra for 2011>2014 Edge. Like new, used twice, cleaned and put back in box. It will keep stone chips and bugs from damaging the paint finish. Only installed on vehicle when I went on long road trips. Will keep stone chips and bugs from damaging the paint. This is not a cheap knock off from Asia. Quality, custom made here in America by Colgan. Originally paid over $150, but will sell for $75 OBO, plus shipping. Text 443-910-2635 if interested or answer add.
  2. Good evening all, My 2016 Sport has the collision avoidance option. For no apparent reason it will illuminate, which at times, has quickly gotten my attention leaving me thinking am I under calculating my rate of closure on the vehicle in front of me. Also, it comes on at times just driving alone on the highway. I have taken it to my local Ford dealer to see if it is registering a code, but nothing is stored in the computer. I’m thinking Ford has designed a “self test” into this system to activate after so many of hours or miles driven. Or, is there a unknown “gremlin” poking it’s weary head up from time to time to get my attention. Has anyone out there with a second gen Edge and collision avoidance option been experiencing this phenomena?
  3. scorpionking0102

    Collision avoidance display light illumination

    Thanks, I’ll keep in mind to notify Ford when all this mess around the world is a safer place.
  4. scorpionking0102

    Collision avoidance display light illumination

    I’ve gotten one other response to this so far and hoping to hear more responses.
  5. scorpionking0102

    Collision avoidance display light illumination

    Thanks Waldo, I wonder why no one else has ever experienced this condition. There was never any mention of any calibrations being needed by my Ford dealership. As many of these vehicles, not just the Edge, being installed in Ford vehicles, there should of at least had a TSB written.
  6. scorpionking0102

    Sunroof glass replaced....finally.

    Good evening all, I took the “hanger queen” into my local Ford dealership to have the cracked sunroof replaced. I held out as long as I could for Ford to find a laminate one like the one it was built with. I checked with Carlex aka Carlite and Ford asking why they made the decision to replace laminate glass with the tempered glass. The answer from Carlite was Ford made it stronger, lighter and “cheaper”. Everything I know about tempered glass, is it shatters into thousands of pieces. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of getting shower of glass on my head. When a leading consumer magazine did an article on unexplained panoramic sunroof explosions, which the Ford Edge was included, they also said laminate was a safer option. I checked the new Edge ST and it also has been replaced with a tempered glass made by Pilkington with a Ford logo. I brought the sunroof home with me in hopes someone will start a class action lawsuit started to make Ford install laminate overhead for panoramic sunroof applications. Now , at least, I can take her for a bath without the fear of a leak, hopefully. And get a coat of ceramic sealer.
  7. Good evening all, I have a 2016 Sport, but when I optioned it out, Ford did not offer a tow package for the Sport. I also have a 2013 Edge SEL AWD, which at the time, a tow option was offered. I would like to install a factory tow hitch and wiring harness. What I would like to know is, has anyone in this forum done a factory tow hitch install? I’m thinking, and I hope I am right is, there should be attaching holes already punched into the rear sub frame to attach a tow hitch and the wiring harness ready to accept a plug in trailer harness. Also, is there a factory trailer tow module needed?
  8. scorpionking0102

    Adding factory tow hitch

    Thanks for the info. I have been reading the post on this subject, but was curious if anyone has taken on the task of doing a factory install and all the cost involved. I did some research on factory parts and for the hitch and harness alone approached $500. It would be for the 2013 and not the 2016, which is mostly a "Hanger Queen". Jargon we used in the military when we had our aircraft sitting in the hanger for long periods of time.
  9. scorpionking0102

    Cup holder lighting

    Good evening all, I don’t drive my 2016 Sport much, but I recently noticed my cup holder lighting doesn’t light up while driving at night. It does come on when entering/ exiting my vehicle though. Is there something I programmed and turned it off or does it not light up while driving? If this is the case, it’s a stupid idea. Unless it has something to do with the reflection off the windscreen at night. My 2010 Mercury Mariner stays lit after dark. Has anyone else experienced or noticed this quirk?
  10. scorpionking0102

    Mustang SUV

    It seems like this body style is all the rage these days. BMW and Mercedes have been flaunting this design for a few years. I think Ford watched these two to see how successful their sales figures would be before diving in. Ford needs to drop a Coyote motor in it as an option.
  11. scorpionking0102

    Sunroof glass replaced....finally.

    As far as I know, yes it is the factory tint and I will take into consideration on applying a film for added measure, thanks.
  12. scorpionking0102

    Factory vehicle cover

    Evening all, I have a like new factory vehicle cover by Covercraft, which I ordered when I optioned out my 2016 Edge Sport. Used only to cover my Sport while it sat in my climate controlled garage for a period of time. Never used outside and was eventually folded and put away in its bag. This is the one Ford markets and it is very well made and padded for all season protection. As I said, like new condition. Paid well over $200. Asking $150 or OBO.
  13. scorpionking0102

    Factory vehicle cover

    Not sure if you received my reply. Yes I still have the cover. I don’t read my forms on a regular basis. If you are still interested text to 443-910-2635, thanks.
  14. scorpionking0102

    2016 Edge sport 2.7l oil leak

    Good day all, I have a 2016 Sport with 19,000 miles on the odometer. After noticing a lot of 2.7 EcoBoost owners complaining of oil leaks from this motor, I starting keeping an eye on my garage floor. Low and behold, the oil spots are now showing up there. I took it to my dealer to have a service done and ask the service advisor if he was aware of the problem with the 2.7, and he said " not to his knowledge". Of course now it is out of warranty. If I have to, I will be on Ford like an "Alabama wood tick" and pester them until this is resolved. They know they have a problem, so what is a satisfactory permanent fix. If the plastic pan is the issue, replace it with an aluminum one, not steel. Instead of having the oil pan removed several times, I will wait it out. "Slayer" doesn't get ridden that often anyway.
  15. scorpionking0102

    Sunroof glass replaced....finally.

    Thanks for the info on tempered vs laminate. I’m thinking Ford never incorporated the film coating due to cost, but I’m grateful for having the “hanger queen” back on the road. BTW the Nautilus is on my wish list. Great looking vehicle!
  16. scorpionking0102

    Front bra for 2011>2014 Edge

    Evening all, It’s been some time since I listed this item and never reposted it at a later date. I have a front bra that will fit model years 2011>2014 Edge. Made by Colgan, a premier maker of vehicle bras. Not one of those cheap Chinese knock offs. Used only twice to protect my 2013 Edge while on vacation, cleaned and packed away in the original box. A new one will set you back about $165, but will let it move for $75+SH. If you have one of these model year Edges and want to protect the front from stone chips, this is a great bargain. I have a 2016 Edge Sport and no longer need it.
  17. scorpionking0102

    2016 Ford Edge Sport 21" Rims & Tires (4)

    That is a really great price, considering the price of a factory OEM wheel only lists for $900 to $1100 each, from Ford.
  18. scorpionking0102

    From one veteran to another...

    From one veteran to another, been there done that. When I see a service member in a restaurant line I will offer to purchase their meal and thank them for their continued service. My career started as a tanker went to jump school, became Infantry became an Army Ranger. Got out for eight years, couldn’t stand civilian life. Came back to Aviation, went to school for helicopter maintenance, worked my way into an AeroScout slot where I learned to fly scout helicopters, as a scout. Then, became an Army medic, worked my way into flight medic school then finally retiring with 26 satisfying years of service to my country. Also, did two tours in Kuwait, as a contractor supporting OIF 2007 and 2008.
  19. scorpionking0102

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    Another comment why Ford has a metal replacement is there are more F150's sold in the United States than any other vehicle brand and if Ford wants to remain top dog in truck sales and possibly make it to being on top for 50 years, they have to keep their truck audience satisfied and content. The Edge nameplate will be long gone before then.
  20. scorpionking0102

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    Good evening all, My question to all whom have had oil pan leaks is what was the mileage that you first noticed this issue. I have a 2016 Sport and it only has 18,000 miles on it. I would be very watchful when it approaches those miles where it was first noticed. Secondly, being an automotive engineer who has some time with them, my speculation is Ford is collecting these pans to see if there is some commonality causing the leak. Possibly, from the supplier of the pans or makers of the pan gaskets. I guess if this is the case, then they can go back to the supplier for reimbursement costs. Also, the 2.7 can build up a lot of heat in the Edge's cramped engine bay leading to premature component failure. Anyway, now I'll be keeping a watchful eye on my garage floor and unfortunately, my warranty has run out. One last comment. There is an old saying" the squeaky wheel gets the grease ". Insistance is very persuasive at getting results. So complain, complain, complain, but don't be an arrogant alpha hotel and the dealerships may work with you towards making amends for your loyalty to Ford.
  21. scorpionking0102

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    Good evening all, I’ve been following this thread and have one question. Why does one want to change out the key fob for the newer style?
  22. Hopefully, your Edge is still under warranty. Also, not all automotive technicians are equal in their abilities to fix an issue. What I would suggest is test drive another Edge with a vista roof and compare the noise level. Then take the service advisor for a ride and show him the difference. What may be “satisfactory” to them, may not be for you. It may just need a minor adjustment. Mine is as sound as a hard roof. If the dealership still won’t address your issue to your satisfaction, then find another dealership who is more willing to address the issue. Also, google wind noise complaints on your specific vehicle year.
  23. scorpionking0102


    Good day to all, I haven’t had that issue yet, but has anyone had their moveable sunroof break? I was driving the interstate and heard, what I thought was a large rock hit the sunroof. When I inspected it, sure enough, there was a large crack overhead. Not to start a “conspiracy theory”, but I have been reading of cracking or exploding large sunroofs, primarily on Kia and Hyundai vehicles, amongst others. The Ford Edge with “panoramic” sunroofs were also mentioned. I believe it was an article in one Consumer Reports article “Exploding Sunroofs: Danger Overhead”. Its a very informative read with a few YouTube articles also. Mine broke because of a rock that got kicked up, but didn’t shatter because it was laminated. When I went to the shop the insurance company was steered to. I looked at it before installation. As it turned out it was a Pilkington glass sunroof with a Ford logo and to make matters worse, it was tempered and not a laminated one. I didn’t accept the explanation the sunroof company gave me and they said Ford reengineered their sunroofs. I went to the Ford dealership to look what they are putting in the new ST,, and guess what, it was a Pilkington with a Ford logo that was tempered. I called Carlite and they are going to get back with me. In the meantime, I’ll just keep it taped with clear Gorilla tape. Consumer reports recommends laminate over tempered, I guess for obvious reasons. Will I still buy another Ford with a panoramic roof. Of course, I love that feeling of having a convertible without the noise which sometimes comes along with one.
  24. scorpionking0102

    Shifter handle

    Good day to all, I’m glad to see this mod. I was wondering how to remove the “piano black” trim around the cup holders without damaging it. I want to remove mine and have it covered in carbon fiber to match the dash trim on my Sport. Although it looks nice, it will show swirl scratches if not kept clean with a microfiber cloth.
  25. Good day all, I have a 2016 Sport and was in question if the illuminated “Ford Performance” door sills which are on the 2019 ST will “plug and play” on mine. Theoretically, I cannot possibly see Ford making engineering changes that wouldn’t allow changing them out. Are there any ideas floating out there on this?