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  1. Does someone know how many logical drives SYNC 3 will recognize per one USB input?
  2. The seats’ heating on my ST is excessive, regardless of the setting, on driver and passenger sides. Does someone know ForScan codes for controlling these settings?
  3. Thank you Fingernip. In FORScan 727-01-0X I found two fields related to ANC (F150 spreadsheet): and Does someone know if in 727-01-02 setting all to "No Mixing" will be equivalent to setting the corresponding field of 727-01-01 to "Not Present": xxxx x0xx xxxx?
  4. These are two different things. In Edge ST, the Active Noise Control seems to generate artificial engine noise in the cabin. The question is if ST is equipped with Active Noise Cancellation? And if it is equipped with it, is it possible, using FORScan, to disable the Active Noise Control without affecting the Active Noise Cancellation?
  5. Tronjo

    FORScan codes

    Hi All, Looking for a list of FORScan codes for Edge ST 2019. Thanks for the help in advance.
  6. Does any one know if ST, specifically 2019, has a synthetic engine noise pumped into the audio system when accelerating? And if it has, does anyone know the Forscan code for it? Happy Edge-ing
  7. Tronjo

    Seats heating

    The seating's heating of my ST is excessive, both on the driver and passenger sides, regardless of the setting. Even at lowest, after a several minutes it becomes unbearable. Anyone else has the same problem?
  8. Tronjo

    Engine auto off

    Engine auto off stooped working. Any ideas why? BTW, everything is enabled.
  9. Mine was built in mid Aug. After applying the trans fix more than a month ago, in the first couple of days I had two harsh switching from R to D (much weaker than before the fix). Since then the trans is flawless. Altogether, I'm happy with this fix. For now...?
  10. Tronjo

    McGard torque

    Just an update: No reply from McGard so far.
  11. Same here. Maybe not that strong as before, but still there ☹️
  12. Tronjo

    McGard torque

    I already contacted McGard and will post the reply when it arrives. It is strange though, that there is no specification on the max torque posted on McGard website.
  13. Tronjo

    McGard torque

    Hi guys, Anyone uses McGard Wheel Locks? A technician in the tire shop said these should not be torqued to Ford-recommended 160 lb.ft because the key may brake. Anyone has knowledge about Mcgard max torque specs? Any experience? Thanks and happy driving
  14. Hi guys, Someone knows the offset of the OEM 20" and 21" of 2019 ST? Googling produced 52.5mm for the 20", and that seems to me too high. (Also posted this question in ST Nation / Wheels and Tires)
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