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  1. Tronjo

    Seats heating

    The seating's heating of my ST is excessive, both on the driver and passenger sides, regardless of the setting. Even at lowest, after a several minutes it becomes unbearable. Anyone else has the same problem?
  2. Tronjo

    Engine auto off

    Engine auto off stooped working. Any ideas why? BTW, everything is enabled.
  3. Tronjo

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Mine was built in mid Aug. After applying the trans fix more than a month ago, in the first couple of days I had two harsh switching from R to D (much weaker than before the fix). Since then the trans is flawless. Altogether, I'm happy with this fix. For now...😁
  4. Tronjo

    McGard torque

    Just an update: No reply from McGard so far.
  5. Tronjo

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Same here. Maybe not that strong as before, but still there ☚ī¸
  6. Tronjo

    McGard torque

    I already contacted McGard and will post the reply when it arrives. It is strange though, that there is no specification on the max torque posted on McGard website.
  7. Tronjo

    McGard torque

    Hi guys, Anyone uses McGard Wheel Locks? A technician in the tire shop said these should not be torqued to Ford-recommended 160 lb.ft because the key may brake. Anyone has knowledge about Mcgard max torque specs? Any experience? Thanks and happy driving
  8. Tronjo

    OEM wheels offset

    Thank you!
  9. Tronjo

    OEM wheels offset

    Hi guys, Someone knows the offset of the OEM 20" and 21" of 2019 ST? Googling produced 52.5mm for the 20", and that seems to me too high. (Also posted this question in ST Nation / Wheels and Tires)
  10. Tronjo

    TPMS sensors

    Thank you omar302. I believe it is F2GZ-1A189-A - 315 MHz. I did some search on my own and read somewhere that the 433 MHz model F2GZ-1A189-F has been discontinued. I am wondering now as there the frequency is set, is there is a need for some programming of the sensors / vehicle? And if there is, then what happens in the spring when I switch back to the all-season set? Cheers!
  11. Tronjo

    TPMS sensors

    Hi, someone knows the OEM TPMS sensors part number and where to buy those in US or Canada? Thanks and happy driving 😀
  12. Tronjo

    Edge ST MPG

    Recently we made close to 4,000 km trip Vancouver BC - Yellowstone and back with a lot of driving in the park. The board computer averaged 8.5 L/100km. When we started the odometer was showing about 500 km. Gas was always Costco premium and I was always driving with the max allowed speed.
  13. Tronjo


    Liked that! 😃
  14. Tronjo

    Winter tires set

    Time to get a winter wheel/tire set. Will 19" fit? Any advice will be appreciated.
  15. Tronjo


    For me it works when programmed from the door keypad, but does not work when programmed through Sync 3. Will ask the dealer to look at the issue.