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  1. Thank you for the prompt response. Another question please. Do you ever use the paddles (manual shifting) in the sport mode? If so, can you achieve satisfactorily shifts through gears 1-8 with moderate acceleration? Specifically, for 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th shifts? I get a buck from 2nd to 3rd and a delay and flare from 3rd to 4th. I don't know if all the 2019 thru 2021 ST's exhibit the same behavior, but considering the transmission gear ratios they probably should. Ford is not willing to address the issue. Instead, I have heard that for the 2022 STs that Ford eliminated either 2nd or 3rd gear through software and marketed the car as a 7-speed. I also read where Ford has no intention of performing the software fix on the 2019 thru 2021 cars, because they feel that the type of customers who bought those cars are satisfied with the messed up transmission and never use the paddles.
  2. Just curious , which transmission TSB did you have done? want to make sure I didn't miss one. Was it TSB 20-2190 that was released on 03 June 2020? Thank you
  3. BillE

    Traded in my 2019 Ford St

    I have the same feeling. I just picked my car up from the dealership where it had been for 9 days. No loaner provided. It all started several weeks ago when I contacted the service director to complain about how my transmission malfunctions in the sport mode when attempting to shift through the gears using the paddles. I requested to meet with the factory field service rep and do a ride along with either the rep or the dealerships transmission tech while they showed me how to use the paddle shifters in the Sport Mode. The service director forwarded my email to the factory rep and then forwarded the factory rep's reply to me. The factory rep said he had a 2019 Edge ST that he could shift through the gears with the paddles in the sport mode with no problems or anomalies. My car exhibited a buck when I shifted between 1st and 2nd, indecision and other funkiness when I attempted to shift between 2nd and 3rd and a flare with a very delayed response to the paddle request when shifting from 3rd to 4th. I again requested to do a ride along with a factory rep., but it didn't happen. I was however allowed to do a ride along with the dealership's transmission tech. During the ride along with the tech my car exhibited the same behavior as I described . When we returned to dealership the tech told the service director that there was a problem. The service director said that he would have the tech call the Ford Hot Line for repair advice and then have me me bring the car back in for further evaluation and repair. My car was at the dealership for more than a week and I received no repair status. When I finally spoke to someone, I was told that the Ford Hot Line would not provide repair advice or help and that the tech was going to contact the Performance Center. My car remained at the dealership dealership for another 3 days. I tried to get status for 2 of the 3 days but my requests were ignored by my advisor. When I finally reached my advisor, I was told that Ford Performance also would not provide repair advice or help. I told my advisor to clean up my car and I would pick it up. I asked my advisor, how was I suppose to get the paddle shifters made functional if my selling dealership doesn't know how to address the problem and Ford is not willing to help. NO ANSWER I am 72 years old and seldom use the paddles, but I paid for them and they should work. Otherwise, the car is a beautiful, perfect car. Anyone want to buy a fully equipped (except brake pkg) 2019 ST in White Platinum with 6000 miles and non functional paddle shifters?
  4. BillE

    Ford ST SUV experience

    Thank you . I will give that a try.
  5. BillE

    Ford ST SUV experience

    I am sorry. the top of Fords letter was cut off. It just said that he spoke to Engineers.
  6. BillE

    Ford ST SUV experience

    Thank you. I agree about 2nd and 3rd gears being too close. The ST Supplement that comes in the Edge Owners Manual states in a NOTE, "SelectShift does not automatically upshift, even if the engine is approaching the RPM limit, unless the accelerator pedal is at full travel". Was the automatic upshift at full throttle demonstrated? The same NOTE contains the following statement immediately following the automatic upshift statement, "Take note of the shift indicator lamp, which alerts you when to shift to help you achieve the optimum level of efficiency and fuel economy". What lamp are they talking about. I see a flashing lamp indicating when to downshift or not to upshift ( the RPM is too low), but nothing about when to upshift. I was hoping the lamp would help with the shifts, but I don't know what lamp they are talking about. I have been requesting that Ford allow me to discuss my paddle shift issue with a knowledgeable person, but they won't do it. I have asked to have a meeting with field service but Ford won't do it. Ford will not even acknowledge my concern. It is as Ford is trying to cover it up, noting the 2021ST change . My dealer has been trying to contact a knowledgeable person to get information for me and is having the same problem. I contact Customer Service and I am told to see the dealer which I have already done. I have called the telephone number provided in the ST supplement and on the ST experience letter, stating " If you have any questions or concerns regarding your Edge ST, please call...." several times. I have communicated with 3 different people and no one was familiar with the Edge ST. I finally spoke to one person and complained that I had been trying to have an ST concern addressed for more than a year. I asked if I could send an email describing the concern. He spoke to his supervisor and provided an email address. I sent the email and received a confirmation letter stating that I would be contacted in 3 to 5 days. I called again since I was not contacted after 7 days and the person that I spoke with said he would follow up. I have attached the follow up email from the individuals supervisor. Ford still is not acknowledging my concern. In my email I tried to give Ford a way out. I asked, what is the intended use of the paddle shifters in the 2019 Edge ST? and where are instructions for using the paddle shifters for the intended use?. Any suggestions on what if anything I should do next? Maybe I should consider that my car has a unique problem (even though by reading this forum, I know it is not true) and take my car to the dealer and ask them to fix the paddle shifters under warranty. Perhaps the dealer would arrange for field service.?
  7. BillE

    Ford ST SUV experience

    I really don't understand. I had TSB 20-2190 flashed on 7/15/2020. I believe that is the latest TSB. If anyone knows different, please let me know. Last month when I had the service manager do a ride along with me so I could demonstrate the the shifting problem, he verified that the latest TSB had been flashed. Maybe I should ask him to reflash the TTSB in light of the information you have provided. Any ideas? Thanks again.
  8. BillE

    Ford ST SUV experience

    Thanks for your response. Did you start in 1st gear and upshift sequentially through all the gears, skipping no gears? If so, were there any trick in making the 2nd to 3rd and 3rd yo 4th gear shifts? At what RPM were you shifting? Were you holding the gas pedal to the floor or anything like that? My service manager tried it on a new 2020 ST on his lot and said it exhibited the weirdness.
  9. BillE

    Thinking about going Edge

    That is an excellent solution. You will never feel like you paid for something you did not receive. good luck.
  10. BillE

    Thinking about going Edge

    Not the paddle manual shift problem
  11. BillE

    Thinking about going Edge

    If you or wife would ever enjoy using the paddle shifters in the Sport mode to manually shift through the gears from 1to 8, then you should definitely try it on both cars before making your decision. The 2019/2020 transmission, at least mine and several others that I know of, have a problem which will not allow acceptable shifts using the paddles in the Sport mode. When trying to shift you experience bucks, skipped gears and flares. I had my dealer try a brand new 2020 on his lot and it exhibited the same problem. Ford is trying to hide the problem and will not even discuss it. If I contact Customer Service I am told to contact the dealer service department. When I contact the dealer service department they know little or nothing about the ST. The ST Supplement to the Edge Owner's Manual says to contact the Performance Center for questions or concerns. When I contact the Performance Center they have no knowledge or experience with the Edge ST. When I bugged the Performance Center to ask Engineering about the intended use of the paddles and why there were no instructions. They avoided my question. It seems ridiculous that a performance enhancement can not be effectively used on Performance Group's "ST" vehicle and that no one will admit to it or discuss it? If you never intend to use the paddles in the Sport mode then the 2019/2020 is a great car once the transmission TSBs are flashed, if not already done. BTW, I have heard that they fixed the issue on the 2021. They made it a 7-speed. Can anyone confirm?
  12. BillE

    Ford ST SUV experience

    If possible, please ask your instructor to demonstrate using the paddle shifters in the Sport Mode. In particular the 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th gear shifts. If you haven't tried paddle shifting in the Sport Mode, you should do so before you go. Please let me know how it works for you. I have a 2019 and can not achieve acceptable shifts. I get combinations of bucks, 3rd gear skips and 3rd gear flares. I would also be interested in how the instructor responds. Thank you
  13. Who at Ford did you complain to? Do you have your contact's name and address ? When I contact Ford Customer Support, they usually tell me to talk to the Dealer Service Department which I have already done and is the reason that I am contacting Customer Support. Thanks
  14. I own a 2019 White Platinum Edge ST. I was wondering if rear splash or mud guards would reduce the road spray and associated dirt that collects on the rear bumper, hatch and window when driving on wet roads? If splash or mud guards will not help, is the road spray dirt a result of the aerodynamic design(?) of the ST's rear trim? Do all Edge trims have the same road spray dirt problem. I previously owned a Mercedes SUV and don't recall collecting nearly as much road spray dirt on the rear of the car.
  15. BillE

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Thanks for your response.