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  1. Sorry to go off your primary topic, but what were the problems with the transmissions that Ford replaced? I have a 2019 ST that I bought new. It is impossible to shift through the gears in an acceptable manner in Sport mode with the paddle shifters. Ford ignored me for about a year and I finally gave up. Thanks
  2. If anyone has the misfortune of having to deal with the Cold Start Ticking/Tapping Or Rattle Type Noise associated with the issue documented in this TSB, please post an audio file so that we all know what we should be listening for. Thank you.
  3. BillE

    ST Mud Flaps

    4th picture, what a PITA
  4. BillE

    ST Mud Flaps

    3rd picture
  5. BillE

    ST Mud Flaps

    In a previous post I provided an Amazon link to mud flaps that were suppose to fit a 2019 Edge ST. Since I had until 1/31/2023 to return the flaps I wanted to prove that they actually would fit. In my original post I said they looked like they would fit. I decided to do it today since I only have a week to return them if they don't work. I decided to only try the driver side flaps and did not remove the wheels. They fit PERFECT. All holes aligned and I was able to use the attachment hardware, rivets and screws, that were already on the car. I will have to put a small notch in the rear flap(s) under the fender to clear a screw that interferes with the edge of the flap. Not a problem since it is under the fender and not visible. I did not fully tighten the 7/32" screws that attach the rear flap since I was planning on removing the passenger side flaps and reinstalling both sides after washing the car. I bought some spare rivets incase I messed up the originals, which did not happen. I Will probably use new rivets for the final install and 3M 06384 double sided automotive tape if I feel that it will provide any benefit. Since I can not attach more than one picture to this post, I will post pictures in the 3 following posts.
  6. BillE

    ST Mud Flaps

    I believe I read about the Amazon mud flaps in the listing below on an Edge forum. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B083K24NRZ/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1 They are suppose to be a perfect fit for my 2019 Edge ST. I bought them in October, but have not had the time to try install them yet. I have held the mud flaps in place to check the fitment and they look very promising for both the front and rear. I intend to use the suggested installation method with the addition of 3M double sided body accessory mounting tape between the mud flaps and the painted surfaces of the fenders that the mud flaps contact. For the price of $25.99 with an additional 5% coupon, if they don't work it's not much of a lose. if you decide to give them a try and determine that they are not compatible, please post. I can still return mine until 1/23/2023 if the winter weather further delays my installation. Thank you,
  7. BillE

    [update/conclusion] White smoke on acceleration

    I don't know if this was typical or a special case. My daughter had a head gasket blow on a mustang abut 20 years ago. The head gasket was a known problem for the 6 cylinder mustang that year. Unbelievable amount of smoke or steam from the exhaust with the check engine light coming on immediately. The check engine light was an indication that the catalytic converter had gone bad. The head gasket and catalytic converter were replaced under warranty. I think I will give my dealer a call and schedule a visit after after Christmas, unless he says it can wait. I will drive my 2019 Edge ST as little as possible in the meanwhile.
  8. BillE

    [update/conclusion] White smoke on acceleration

    Thank you. My 2019 owners manual calls out orange CVC-3DIL coolant, but the car has yellow coolant. The 2020 owner manual calls out the VC-13DL-G yellow as you stated. Ordered a couple gallons from Rock Auto. Thanks again.
  9. BillE

    [update/conclusion] White smoke on acceleration

    For the past few week I have been noticing the same white smoke coming from the exhaust pipes of my 2019 Edge ST with ~11,000 on it. I bought the car new in September of 2019. The car has not been abused. The white smoke is primarily visible when I take off from a stop sign or traffic light. Does not require WOT. After reading what others have written I checked my coolant level and found it to be at about at the low level marker. I have ordered a gallon of Genuine Ford Fluid VC-7DIL-B Gold Prediluted Antifreeze/Coolant from Amazon. The 2019 Edge requires yellow or orange coolant depending on the manufacture date. Motorcraft says orange if manufactured before 7/8/19 and yellow if manufactured on or later than 7/8/19. My car's door post sticker says 7/19 and has yellow coolant. Seems very suspicious that several owners in our forum are experiencing the same phenomena. I am interested to hear what the dealer has to say. Hope Ford doesn't try to hide the issue like they did with the 2019 ST's 3rd gear. The dealer waited for the 2020(or 2021? ) model to remove the 3rd gear with a software change.
  10. Thank you for the prompt response. Another question please. Do you ever use the paddles (manual shifting) in the sport mode? If so, can you achieve satisfactorily shifts through gears 1-8 with moderate acceleration? Specifically, for 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th shifts? I get a buck from 2nd to 3rd and a delay and flare from 3rd to 4th. I don't know if all the 2019 thru 2021 ST's exhibit the same behavior, but considering the transmission gear ratios they probably should. Ford is not willing to address the issue. Instead, I have heard that for the 2022 STs that Ford eliminated either 2nd or 3rd gear through software and marketed the car as a 7-speed. I also read where Ford has no intention of performing the software fix on the 2019 thru 2021 cars, because they feel that the type of customers who bought those cars are satisfied with the messed up transmission and never use the paddles.
  11. Just curious , which transmission TSB did you have done? want to make sure I didn't miss one. Was it TSB 20-2190 that was released on 03 June 2020? Thank you
  12. BillE

    Traded in my 2019 Ford St

    I have the same feeling. I just picked my car up from the dealership where it had been for 9 days. No loaner provided. It all started several weeks ago when I contacted the service director to complain about how my transmission malfunctions in the sport mode when attempting to shift through the gears using the paddles. I requested to meet with the factory field service rep and do a ride along with either the rep or the dealerships transmission tech while they showed me how to use the paddle shifters in the Sport Mode. The service director forwarded my email to the factory rep and then forwarded the factory rep's reply to me. The factory rep said he had a 2019 Edge ST that he could shift through the gears with the paddles in the sport mode with no problems or anomalies. My car exhibited a buck when I shifted between 1st and 2nd, indecision and other funkiness when I attempted to shift between 2nd and 3rd and a flare with a very delayed response to the paddle request when shifting from 3rd to 4th. I again requested to do a ride along with a factory rep., but it didn't happen. I was however allowed to do a ride along with the dealership's transmission tech. During the ride along with the tech my car exhibited the same behavior as I described . When we returned to dealership the tech told the service director that there was a problem. The service director said that he would have the tech call the Ford Hot Line for repair advice and then have me me bring the car back in for further evaluation and repair. My car was at the dealership for more than a week and I received no repair status. When I finally spoke to someone, I was told that the Ford Hot Line would not provide repair advice or help and that the tech was going to contact the Performance Center. My car remained at the dealership dealership for another 3 days. I tried to get status for 2 of the 3 days but my requests were ignored by my advisor. When I finally reached my advisor, I was told that Ford Performance also would not provide repair advice or help. I told my advisor to clean up my car and I would pick it up. I asked my advisor, how was I suppose to get the paddle shifters made functional if my selling dealership doesn't know how to address the problem and Ford is not willing to help. NO ANSWER I am 72 years old and seldom use the paddles, but I paid for them and they should work. Otherwise, the car is a beautiful, perfect car. Anyone want to buy a fully equipped (except brake pkg) 2019 ST in White Platinum with 6000 miles and non functional paddle shifters?
  13. BillE

    Ford ST SUV experience

    Thank you . I will give that a try.
  14. BillE

    Ford ST SUV experience

    I am sorry. the top of Fords letter was cut off. It just said that he spoke to Engineers.