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  1. Gadjetjq, Your speculation was right on. Below is OBDLink's reponse to my questioning if the MX+ was discontinued. Hi William, Not at all. MX+ has not been discontinued. We are just out of stock. Due to manufacturing delays caused by the recent Coronavirus outbreak, we are experiencing significant supply disruptions. Unfortunately this is impacting the availability of OBDLink MX+. Once inventory levels return to normal you will see availability return to normal. Best, Micah
  2. After posting on the forum I also reached out to OBDLink. I will post the OBDLink response that I receive also. Hope the responses are the same.
  3. Does anyone know if OBDLink has discontinued the MX+ model? I received one as a Christmas present and have not used it yet. I was searching the internet yesterday and noticed that Amazon and other merchants indicate the MX+ is out of stock. It was advertised with life time updates an and a 3 year satisfaction guarantee.
  4. I received the NAV map update available email two weeks ago. I went to the site, entered my VIN and ESN and was informed that there was an updated map version available for my 2019 Edge ST. My maps were already at NA 1-18 so I assumed the upgrade would be to NA 1-19. I downloaded, decompressed and copied the update to my thumb drive and waited for an opportunity to install it. The opportunity arose yesterday when we were asked if we could watch our grand kids that lived ~45 minutes away. To be sure that I would allow enough time, I started the car and plugged in the thumb drive about 20 minutes before we left. Upon starting my car, the install initialization went perfect. The install process caused several resets and intermediate complete screens during the 45 minute drive ( ~50 minutes of actual install time). When I got a complete screen that remained on the display, I drove for another 10 minutes before arriving at our destination, removing the thumb drive and performing the on/off cycle. The install appeared to have been perfect except that when I checked the NAV map version it was still NA 1-18. I agree with the previous post that stated just because you receive a Nav map available email and the website, through VIN and ESN authentication, indicates specifically that there is an update available for your vehicle, that your vehicle may not need the update. To prevent the waste of time and gas, the third party map supplier should have indicated the update map version available for your specific vehicle after the VIN and ESN authentication. The version of the update could also have been indicated during the install initialization on the screen. It would appear that the third party and Ford(?) were not acting in good faith by offering 2018 and 2019 owners free map upgrades. Instead, they were simply trying to eliminate the headache in having to refund the NAV map update charge to those who were irresponsibly sold incorrect map update versions for their vehicles.
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    Soon-to-be new owner...

    You had better check the weather for the drive home. If it has the brake package it has the summer tires that are suppose to be worthless in cold weather not to mention snow and ice. I have no idea what the weather is like in Boise. Hope you have good weather. Good Luck and enjoy!
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    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    deleted scan0341.pdf
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    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    The only marginally rough transmission gear engagement that I have noticed since having the latest TSB software installed occurs after starting the car in the morning after it has been sitting in the garage all night. After the cold start, the Park to Drive engagement with the elevated cold idle results in a marginally rough transmission engagement. I have tried tapping the gas pedal to lower the idle, but it doesn't work. The only solution may be to let the car warm up and automatically lower the idle.
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    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Don’t believe I received an answer to my question above, but I had the software included in the latest TSB, TSB 19-2313, installed on 10/25/2019. It appears to have fixed the P to R, P to D and D to R rough shifts. ,
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    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Are you saying that you have had TSB 19-2313 which was announced on 10/16 2019 already applied? My dealer wasn’t scheduled to receive the software for TSB 19-2313 until 10/23/2019. I am scheduled to have it applied on 10/25/2019.