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  1. Project_Edge


    Well something showed up on my doorstep today. I don't know how but there it is and it fits my car. Whodathunkit?
  2. Project_Edge


    To touch on the Catch Can thread, I used this Separator because it was what I had. I modded it to fit until I could get a replacement. I drove without hitting WOT. I now have a replacement separator that is more inline with what is needed for the 2.7L Ecoboost. I posted just to show how much it caught in such little time with very little throttle.
  3. Project_Edge

    G2 Edge Sport Catch Can

    I came home from work today to find a package from JLT on my porch. I don't know how it got here but it fits my car so.... 🙃
  4. I want to delete extra photos and posts. How?
  5. Project_Edge

    Do You Like Your Edge?

    I bought her used with 24K on the clock of documented service history. Then started modding. Tint, H&R springs, TSW Nurburgring wheels. Loving it.
  6. Project_Edge

    Do You Like Your Edge?

    Short answer is YES! Everyone was like,....You bought a what? Then I roll up in this. I bought her used with 24K on the clock of documented service history. Then started modding. Tint, H&R springs, TSW Nurburgring wheels. Loving it.
  7. Project_Edge


    It's only been on a couple weeks. It's the FORD protector and has a double sided tape and sits flush.
  8. Project_Edge


  9. Project_Edge


    I felt it up in Sacramento! Water in our pool sloshed around too.
  10. Project_Edge

    G2 Edge Sport Catch Can

    Yeah all good points. Steeda's can for the Fusion Sport is larger and holds 3 ounces similar to the JLT but with the same filter on the inside. I decided to use what I had since it's better than nothing in my opinion. Since I can see the contents, I drain it regularly but will probably replace it with something more substantial in the future.
  11. Project_Edge

    G2 Edge Sport Catch Can

    Thats my oil separator. I got it for my Focus and decided to use it for my Edge. I bought another oem hose and cut the hose off to use the connectors. It's working well so far. I use the drain button at the bottom to drain onto a rag as I see it build up. Steeda sells replacement filters as well. I have a message in with them about how long a filter lasts. Awaiting a response.
  12. Project_Edge


    Steeda offers replacement filters. https://www.steeda.com/mustang-replacement-oil-separator-filter.html.html
  13. Project_Edge

    Yet Another Intake Thread

    Hmm. I didn't know of the problems with the intake. Figured it might be a path to developing on since the engines are similar. I'll lurk more and post less. LOL. I would love to see someone like Gail Banks on a project like this. I am loving watching his videos on the rear diff cover he is developing for the F150 and other trucks.
  14. Project_Edge

    Yet Another Intake Thread

    So anyone consider altering the Steeda Intake for the Fusion Sport to fit the Edge? It looks like the engine in the edge sits lower than in the fusion so it would have to come up to seal at the hood. But I wonder if Steeda would be interested in developing one? They have great customer service and have helped me in the past with my weird requests... LOL. Just a thought. https://www.steeda.com/steeda-fusion-twin-turbo-cold-air-kit
  15. Project_Edge


    I found on the Ford Parts website that the springs with the AWD and FWD are the same part numbers so I think I am gonna pull the trigger on these springs as well for my FWD Sport. I found another manufacturer call Godspeed (that has a rather poor reputation for quality), they state their springs are compatible for both versions as well FYI. So, question is... Is the install the same for FWD? Should I drop the rear subframe or is it easier with FWD?