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  1. Project_Edge

    2.7 Ecoboost Dyno Record

    Can you tell us more about the custom intake you are using?
  2. Nevermind, talked to Torrie today.
  3. Curious, I don't see where SCT supports the Edge. How is Unleashed tuning with the X4?
  4. Project_Edge

    Puddle lights

    Me too. I go them for $10 on ebay with make offer.
  5. I should clear up my statement. The nose pads adhesive melted and the pads slid off. I was able to get new one for free from Maui Jim and SuperGlue them on. Yes the shade was closed by the sunglasses get so hot I can't put them on when I get out of work. If you look in there it is bare metal. No insulation. I am currently looking for something I can tuck in there to help during the summer months. It's 105 today here in Sacramento.
  6. I have a 2015 Edge Sport with the BAMR. My Maui Jim's are so hot once I pull them out I can't put them on my face! Then the nose pads MELTED OFF! Anyone insulate the sunglasses storage area? What did you use? I see you can put a small piece of insulation in there. Thinking maybe the felting interior trim type stuff would work. Thoughts?
  7. Project_Edge

    K&N CAI/OEM Swap

    I refer you to my previous answer.
  8. Project_Edge

    K&N CAI/OEM Swap

    No I don't sorry.
  9. Project_Edge

    K&N CAI/OEM Swap

    So why wouldn't you just make that comment rather than asking me what I thought was wrong with the OE filter?
  10. Project_Edge

    K&N CAI/OEM Swap

    Nothing really. But you can get better air-flow with a K&N or AEM Dryflow.
  11. Project_Edge

    K&N CAI/OEM Swap

    How's she running? Better? Did you put a good filter in like a K&N or AEM DryFlow?
  12. Project_Edge

    Livernois Tune Options

    So I have used the SCT X4 in the past and have a tuner I trust but SCT does not support the EDGE. I still pushing but if I can't get them to provide the tuner files to my custom tuner then I will have to go with the LMS.
  13. Project_Edge

    K&N CAI/OEM Swap

  14. Project_Edge

    Livernois Tune Options

    I've got a question regarding the LMS tuner. Does anyone know if their tunes/tuner changes the stock Ford strategy? What I mean is, if you revert to stock, is the strategy the same as what you gave to them? Anyone know?
  15. Project_Edge

    How many of you are putting on the Ford Hood Protector

    I felt the same way but, once I got the protector and installed it, I'm happy. Looks good.