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  1. Ever heard of anyone having issues with the Rotora BBK on a Edge Sport?

    I installed the BBK 1 year ago and everything was fine up until 1month ago when I hear a lot of snapping and crackling coming from the front wheel area. Sounds like the wheels about to fall off. I've removed everything 3 times and double-checked to make sure everything is torqued to spec.

    Called Loren and he really has no idea. 

    Replacement rotors are $1400 pr.

    Anyone have a suggestion? I don't know where to to from here.


    1. Xtra


      There are small dots drilled into the face of the rotors North South East and West they are located close to the outside edge. These are wear indicators and you can see them without taking off the tire. If there are none then  your rotors are worn out