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    Excessive engine noise in 2017 3.5L

    At somewhere around 50,000 miles, my Edge suddenly has excessive noise from the engine. It is most severe around 2200 RPM, and increases while working harder, such as climbing a hill. There is a "HUM" at that engine speed, which seems to be where something is resonating, but at all speeds, there is a very mechanical-sounding noise whenever the engine is working harder, such as accelerating from a stop. Engine performance seems normal, and transmission behaves OK. I have looked at exhaust mounts, and as much as I can at engine and transmission mounts, but can't see anything obvious. Anyone have any suggestions? I could create and post a recording if that might help...
  2. I have noticed a clicking noise at the right front corner of the car (2017 3.5L) if I start up from a stop with the wheels turned about half-lock to the left. Does not occur on right turn from stop, and seems only to be noticeable when cooler temperature, below 40-45 degrees. I have checked the obvious like lug nuts. Is this a sign of an impending failure of a CV joint or similar? Is there a lubricant I should be checking? Thanks for your help.
  3. I have a 2017 Edge with factory HID headlights. I am at 5 years old, and 70,000 miles. I read that these lamps do lose some brightness over time, and I have no way to measure that, so I am looking for others experiences or recommendations as to whether I should replace the bulbs at this point. Opinions or observations? Thanks.
  4. Thank you for the detailed explanation. However, the situation I describe is not a function of ambient lighting. I live in a rural area, with winding, 2-lane roads, and on those I experience almost instant high-beams when I meet an oncoming vehicle. The high-speed response is on a 4-lane divided highway, with very little traffic in the evening, so many times it is completely dark. I am well aware of the effects of lighted signs, etc., that may mimic headlights or taillights. Thinking about this, I will have to check if it is affected by traffic behind me. I suppose a small amount of light could be reflected by the inside of the windshield, and find its way back to the camera in the mirror. thanks again.
  5. I have a 2017 Edge Titanium with auto-dimming HID headlamps. I have noticed that a lower speeds, the high-beams activate almost immediately after passing an oncoming car, but at higher speeds like 65-70 MPH, it takes almost 4 seconds. This seems counterintuitive to me, as faster, longer visibility is more important at higher speeds. What are your thoughts?