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  1. feelin edgy

    Front Plate Holder

    It is easy to take off, but it will leave you with two holes in the front bumper. The holder is held on by two large pop rivets. If you drill these out from the front (once the plate is removed of course) The frame comes right off.
  2. feelin edgy

    Coming soon,... new paint job!

    Sorry, that is just not a look I care for. I have been conditioned my entire life to try and keep the finish on my car from looking like that.
  3. feelin edgy

    Bumper Cargo Protector

    Sorry you didn't find this out first, but the ford sticker type protector is overpriced junk. The bushwhacker described in the above thread is great, and about half the price.
  4. feelin edgy

    Gas mileage question

    My wifes 08 AWD Limited gets 14-15 mpg driving in town, and 21-23 mpg on the highway.
  5. feelin edgy

    Sprint Booster

    It looks like BS to me.
  6. feelin edgy

    Found it!!!

    Old dog, the problems with the factory protector are that it is almost a peel and stick decal, and it does not extend over the lip of the bumper, leaving the most likely are to be damaged exposed. The bushwhacker product is thick and curves over the edge of the bumper.
  7. feelin edgy


    MOS, the poster is in the UK.
  8. feelin edgy

    What is that humming noise

    Sounds like maybe a wheel bearing going bad to me.
  9. I find it odd that the 8 foot trailer is rated to carry a heavier load than the 10 foot trailer. I would check with your local uhaul guy and find out why that is. That aside, I would probably get the one with the hydraulic surge brakes.
  10. feelin edgy

    Hood Tribal...

    Leave it clean.
  11. feelin edgy

    Edge finally got stuck in the snow

    Why did you turn the traction control off?
  12. feelin edgy

    Snow Chains

    For everyone else in the universe, FWD is easier to control than RWD in low traction conditions, but not for wwest.
  13. feelin edgy

    Snow Chains

    wwest has F/awd phobia. His claim that a RWD car will outperform an awd edge is ludicrous. I can attest to the fact that it is nearly impossible to get an AWD edge to lose traction in any winter driving conditions available in the last two winters (two of the snowiest on record) here in Iowa.
  14. feelin edgy

    Steering Controls Not working

    There is no switch that needs to be turned on. Is it possible that the factory radio has been replaced with something aftermarket? That can kill the steering wheel controls if not done correctly.
  15. feelin edgy

    Earthquake in IL

    I would have thought it was a snowplow going by. We had a couple small shakes in Iowa last year.