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  1. I use Forscan to download them as well but Forscan cannot download older files returning files not available message.
  2. Are those files available to anyone or it is paid subscription? If it is free how can I get ones I need?
  3. Omar302, maybe you could help me as well. I have 2012 Explorer which has touch FCIM (no physical buttons) and which I was unfortunate to brake so my emergency button has crashed and stopped working. I sourced FCIM from same model year Explorer and swapped with the broken one. Everything seems to be working except that it is not really. The fan speed goes to maximum on its own every so often. This happening all the time once vehicle has warmed up (that is the reason I suspecting). To reduce the speed of the fan I can only use FCIM button, if I try to use IPC screen for that, the fan speed goes up right away. It is either bad CB on FCIM or I need to replace the firmware to match the original one. BTW, my Explorer never had the option to heat or cool the seats when remote starting which kinda sucks. Maybe my model year did not have that ability and it maybe more involved rather then just a firmware update. Do you have any thoughts on that?
  4. try this, it is for Mondeo/Fusion but many their mods are working on Edge as well Enable Heated Steering Wheel Vehicle Support (Requires New Steering Wheel and HSWM Module Installed): Note: Also, HSW needs to be enabled in IPC for Remote Starter and APIM to Turn On/Off when desired 7A7-01-02 (2013+ MY) xxxX xxxx xxxx For more details, see this thread: http://www.2gfusions.net/showthread.php?tid=6598 (FCIM) 0 (Disabled) 8 (Enabled) Heated Steering Wheel Temp: 714-02-01 (2013+ MY) xxXX XXXX xx (HSWM) 44 4444 (68º - 2013/2014/2015 Fusion/MKZ Default) 4C 4C4C (76ºF) 54 5454 (84ºF - 2015 Mondeo Default) 58 5858 (88ºF) 5A 5A5A (90ºF) 5C 5C5C (92ºF - 2016/2017 Fusion Default) 5E 5A5E (94ºF) 64 6464 (100ºF - 2016/2017 MKZ Default)
  5. What Edge are you talking about? Edge was first presented in 2006 or 2007. Mind posting a pictures of the issue you are referring to.
  6. Do not forget you can overheat and thus melt your bulb housing if using two filaments at the same time... Moreover, you should think of power draw and about the sourse of additional power supply. How it is done by Ford I think is reasonable...
  7. I have 2.4.2 beta with life time licence at the moment. Its been sufficient for my needs.
  8. He refers to firmware flashing on different modules. The best obd device for that is ELM27, the other devices may cause problems. The other mods people do via Forscan are relatively safe and can be done by wide range of obd devices.
  9. Lowering all windows down - only possible if vehicle has auto up/down on all windows (like Focus for sure and maybe Fusion). Mirror tilt on reverse - has been described several times check Omar302 post back in February DRL on - I did it on mine 2018, not sure about 2019+ Default audio volume - havent heard about that, not sure Cyclop brake - BCM doesnt support that feature. I heard Europe Fusion can have that enabled Interior light intensity - available on Sync 3 screen as you have figured, no mods needed. Sunroof - not sure, I think mine did it once with sunshield closed when I pushed open sunroof button, dont remember, have to check Rear wiper - turns on in reverse if your wipers are in auto and working, not sure if any other options available Towing - I think there is a module for that. So, you need to buy it and wire it and so on, not as easy. You probably wanna consult with your dealer.
  10. New maps 2.20 for SYNC 3 are out. All the instructions on this thread, post #3798 https://www.f150forum.com/f118/upgrade-sync-3-v3-0-v3-4-instructions-458828/index380/#post6895701
  11. Its pretty much same as for 2011-2016 Explorer, but some features will not work on older model years. Still, have to go thru trial/error method to find out which are applicable for Edge. There are few guys on Explorer forum who spent an enormous amount of time and discovered and tested all those features. I dont think there are such people on Edge forum
  12. There are configurable settings for the remote start climate on the left IPC screen, did you check those?
  13. The latest version is 3.10 which you can install. You won't see too many improvements though... PM me
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