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  1. redden18

    Sony stereo

    I know it is an old post, but... I'm not sure if Explorer's MY11 Sony system is equal to Edge's MY18 one (on a speaker side), but I noticed that Edge's one is weaker in terms of bass (at least). My '11 Explorer has pretty stong bass at neutral setting is equilazer, countrary in '18 Edge it is set at maximum and still doesn't sound as strong as in Explorer.
  2. In the meantime all the Edges are built in Canada...
  3. Not possible for a long time. I agree, Ford's packages are ridiculous, but still better than japanese or korean where there are only few trim levels available and anything extra can't be ordered...
  4. redden18

    poor headlights - low beam

    I just did LED conversion for both low and high beam. I went with these bulbs: Low beam - https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B017M57NAU/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 High beam - https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B017M57DJG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Paid $157 CAD for both sets. Both packaging and build quality seem to be great. Installation was easy for driver side since there is nothing in the way, passenger side was ok to replace high beam bulb, low beam was a bummer since there is coolant tank in the way, snapping bulb in is almost impossible without taking out the headlight. High beam bulbs had to turn connector 180deg. Fans are bit noisy and can be heard when engine is not running (outside only, not in the cabin) As for LED low beam I dont see any big difference in how far I can see, since it doesnt depend on the bulb but on the projector (if we were dealing with reflector then it would be a difference). LED is slightly brighter and absolutely white colour. Halogen visibility on the wet road was extremely bad since I couldnt see pretty much anything and I yet have to test how LED do perform on a wet road. As for LED high beam there is a HUGE difference in visibility, halogen wasnt doing much in there, but LED is just super bright and lighting road far away. So far I have no any issues with them after installation, no flickering, no bulb errors on dash (both, low and high beam bulbs are 35W). They perfectly fit inside the headlight housing with dust caps back in its place. Will be keeping an eye on them in terms of heating issues.
  5. redden18

    Traffic Icons in Sync 3 Nav Screen

    Traffic info comes from Sirius only since there is no TMC on Ford vehicles in North America. Some get Sirius traffic free for 5 years (States only? havent heard about Canada) otherwise it is paid subscription
  6. redden18

    Traffic Icons in Sync 3 Nav Screen

    Usually, there is a radio channel dedicated to traffic and road conditions only (we do have in Calgary), so "Turn on Radio" would mean switch to that channel for important or emergency news or maybe there is one among the Sirius channels...
  7. redden18

    Traffic Icons in Sync 3 Nav Screen

    it is from SYNC 2, but icons are still the same in SYNC 3
  8. redden18

    2011 MyFord Touch Software Help

    The autoinstall file you have is missing your version 3.8.15128 for whatever reason even though we have the same version 3.10.161080. Here is portion of string from Autoinstall file: The line you missing is in RED Item11 = EA5T-14F496-VE Open11 = SyncMyRide\EA5T-14F496-VE.zip Options = AutoInstall [sYNCGen2_3.08.15128] [sYNCGen2_4.30.13171] [sYNCGen2_4.31.13319] [sYNCGen2_4.32.14073] [sYNCGen2_4.32.14122] Item1 = EA5T-14D546-AKB Open1 = SyncMyRide\EA5T-14D546-AKB.cab Nevertheless, In order to install 3.10 please replace the Autoinstall file with the one I attached and change "txt" extension with "lst" as I wasn't allowed to upload .lst autoinstall.txt
  9. redden18

    2011 MyFord Touch Software Help

    Hold on, just noticed, do you have 2017 Edge? You should have SYNC 3 then, not SYNC 2
  10. redden18

    2011 MyFord Touch Software Help

    Check your version of SYNC and compare it against Autoinstall.lst file of version 3.10 you downloaded (opens by any text reader like wordpad or notepad). Your version is most likely not included in that file. I can help you to modify it so you can install it by yourself without visiting dealer
  11. redden18

    2011 MyFord Touch Software Help

    First, go to syncmyride.com and check again if an update available for your vehicle. Ford just recently made SYNC v3.10 officially available for download. Second, If not, you could try installing 3.08 or 3.10 from links available on this page. There is a 99% chance you'll get it succesfully installed, but another 1% might fall into dead APIM category (those cases have been previously reported)
  12. What digits you had in first field from factory? it should be 4341 - Canada, so change it to 5753 or 5552
  13. see post #120. this mod does work on all vehicles with SYNC 2 and 3 no matter MY