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    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    You will find this with just about every SUV on the market today. If you compare them all, the Edge has the most shoulder room of all and the best Safety rating as well. As long as your transmission shifts, drive it until the wheels fall off and enjoy it. Our transmission was a 6 speed with 2nd and 8th gear added on. If you really want out of it, advertise it online until you get someone who is willing to buy it from you at a price that is acceptable to you. Put a for sale sign on it. Go to your local Post Office and ask if anyone is interested in buying it from you. We all know what we bought. We all enjoy getting what we paid for, and we all discuss the pros and cons of this vehicle, hoping that Ford will somehow get the message and not make the same mistakes in the future. e.g. Mustang Mark E. Who puts a transmission in an electric vehicle ??? smh...

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    My next investment...

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    335 HP comes in at 5500 rpm. My Edge doesn't wait for 5500 rpm to shift. Not even getting on the highway. Pete...

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Transmissions are rated on Torque, not Horsepower. Pete...

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    One thing you need to remember is that on the ST, the 380 Ft Lb of Torque maxes out at 3000 rpm. To keep the transmission in the "Sweet spot", it needs to shift at about 3000 rpm. After the 3000 rpm, the torque doesn't get any higher. Pete...

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    There are only TWO overdrive gears, 7th and 8th. 6th gear is 1:1. If 4th gear is an overdrive gear, then so is REVERSE !!! Transmission specs are here on page 2. ST 8 speed transmission has a different gear set. https://media.ford.com/content/dam/fordmedia/North America/US/product/2019/edge/2019-edge.pdf They don't even know the definition of an overdrive gear. Pete...

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    There is ONE THING you can say to the dealership. All these transmission problems that we are having that are FIXED by the TSB are problems that the Computer (PCM) never flagged. Brand NEW Edge ST/Titanium/and others owners are having transmissions rebuilt and replaced with problems that are not detected by the computer (PCM). This conversation is at an Engineering level that is way above the pay grade of a dealership and it requires a Field Representative to talk to. Pete...

    2020 Edge not Available?

    Hmmm... Need to figure out how to mod the 2019...

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Yep, I had the same issue. Third would disengage and fourth took forever to engage. In between the engine would flare because there was nothing engaged. TSB fixed that problem. Pete...

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Go tell them that 'THE COMPUTER' is only as smart as the ASS that programmed it, and they are JUST AS BIG AN ASS for believing THE COMPUTER... There are plenty of things that can go wrong that are NOT tied to a sensor that alarms the computer. How did they diagnose problems PRIOR to computers ? Did they forget how to properly diagnose a transmission problem ? I bet if you were to take it to a transmission shop, you would get back a report of all the problems it has. Pete...

    2020 Edge not Available?

    Does the 2020 Edge Rear Camera have a 'washer' ???
  12. I drive with my lights turned ON, so I don't have these issues...

    Edge #2. 2011 SEL & 2019 SEL AWD

    I just bought the JLT Oil Separator for my 2019 ST because it comes complete with the mounting bracket and hose retainers. First warm weekend we have I am installing it.

    Sunroof shade noise.

    The shade on my 2019 rattles something fierce. I am going to inquire about it at my next service visit.

    Rotary Gear Selector

    I took about two weeks to get accustomed to a rotary shift switch. I have gone from driving shift on the column, to floor shift, to automatic floor shift to this rotary switch. I did not like it at first and I still have mixed feelings about it.