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    Add a Shelf To Your Center Console

    Nice one Gadget!

    2015 Ford Edge Sync 3 Upgrade

    Nice job! Thats a bummer about the antenna tho, having to do it twice sucks. Were you upgrading from sync2 or 3? I have a Flex with sync2 that I've been considering upgrading. $650 is a good price based on what I've seen when I looked into it. Did that include the seller programming the APIM for you with your VIN? Super weird that someone spilled coffee all the way in there lol.

    Water-Resistant Seat Covers

    They seem a little loose, is there a way to tighten them up from behind? they look like theyd be pretty comfortable tho, congrats!

    Custom Bumper Lights

    I've been thinking alot about that area youve circled, not the signature lights, but the little indents in the bumper. Something small, like a 6x1.5" light bar would fit there. It would take some significant fab skills. I'm still rolling the execution around but IF i decide to give it a shot, I'd go with something like one of these: or even better, some of these: My bumper is different than yours though, since mine is a Ti and yours is a Sport. The spaces appear to be pretty close to the same size, but impossible to know for sure without a direct comparison. I've been thinking of doing either those small gaps on the front sides of the bumper or the long thin strip in the center. Haven't decided yet.

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    I like this idea, may do this myself too. Ive drained my battery twice in the last couple months just from working on different things and lights being left on. Definitely easier than jumping it all the time!
  6. I have them on my 2018. Look up which bulbs are in your headlight currently, then get the GTR set that matches the existing plug. They sell them in many different styles, to fit whatever stock setup you have. and yes, they come with drivers/ballast/resistors whatever you want to call them. Edit: I have the H11 set and they were plug and play in my Gen2 Edge.
  7. I also disabled my Position Lights, to get my switchbacks to work.
  8. Thanks! I understand now, I'll dry D8B8 next time. I dont NEED climate control on that screen either lol, I just want to check it out really. Thanks for the help!
  9. @Gadgetjq Can you clarify something for me from your list, plz? I have navigation, and i want to add climate to my right screen. So do i need xx8x in the first 4 digits? or am i misreading the bold section?

    Clarification on a few Forscan Codes

    I see, thank you!

    Comprehensive List of Possible Forscan Mods?

    Thats about what i expected, thanks for confirming. Thats definitely a reasonable option. I was thinking thats probably what id have to do to get it where i want it. pulling the board out and putting some small switchback LEDs in and wiring them myself is something i feel i'm capable of. Will take some planning though. Thanks for the help!

    Clarification on a few Forscan Codes

    Thanks Gadget! I'll save those for next time i plug in. May be today if i get a chance. Have you (or anyone you know) tried to change the liftgate keyfob function to single press instead of double tap?

    Comprehensive List of Possible Forscan Mods?

    Does anyone know if there's a way to control the individual diodes in the signature lights through forscan? There are 4 diodes inside, I can swap 2 of them out with amber diodes. But I need to be able to address them individually through the software. Otherwise, to turn them to switchbacks, I'd have to replace the entire board with a custom setup. That may be the better option anyways, but I'm just taking a look and seeing what my options are. TIA!
  14. Thanks guys, I'll be trying that out next time I plug in! I looked at your site gadget, but I didn't see the global close option. I'll have to look again. ONEDGE16 much appreciated!