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  1. My alert has come on a couple of times. It seems to be when a car crosses in front and sometimes at an angle. Never had any braking just the alert. Alarm is plenty loud and a different sound than others. The passenger seat alarm is much louder and way to sensitive.
  2. We did this at the Ford driving school using a device that looked a little like the rear of a car. We made several runs at it a 20 mph IT WORKS GOOD. Not easy to intentionally not use brakes but fun to do with someone's car.
  3. dajo2012

    Sprint Booster V3 - For Sale

    Maybe that is why I consider my Edge disappointing in performance. When at the Ford driving school doing the timed section it seemed to loose a lot of time at the start.
  4. dajo2012

    Lane keeping system

    I tried it a couple of times and then shut it off. The car is so smart that if you remove hands from steering wheel it will alert to put hands on steering wheel. Park assist is fun to play with and it actually works good, try it out at least once. The other thing I turned off is the auto dim headlights, found that they would dim to often even when bright reflector type signs were ahead.
  5. I thought all safety glass was laminated. Isn't that what makes it safety glass with two layers of glass with a clear vinyl layer between. If the ST is different how is it different?
  6. dajo2012

    Larger fuel door...why?

    Must be having a slow Thanksgiving today.
  7. dajo2012

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    Well done!
  8. dajo2012

    Water pump/over heating

    corrosion, corrosion, corrosion Has the coolant ever been changed? That is a mess no wonder pump failed. what year car and how many miles?
  9. Sorry to hear this. Where do you live Xtra?
  10. dajo2012

    Catch Can - Single or Dual valve

    Just emptied my JLT after pulling a Uhaul from Indiana to AZ with my F150. Used boost a lot more pulling trailer. Can was about 2/3 full with 1/4" white gunk in the bottom.
  11. dajo2012

    Catch Can - Single or Dual valve

    I have the JLT in my ST and my F150. Both are very easy to remove can to drain using JLT recommended location. Both are catching oil. I just can not pay the high price for the more complicated system. Install of JLT is very easy.
  12. dajo2012

    Starter intermittently works

    If you keep banging on the starter you better hope that the windings are not glued on and you don't knock them loose. Your going to need a need a new starter anyway. Banging on these newer starters is not a good idea.
  13. https://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/Catalog/owner_information/2019-Ford-Edge-ST-supplement-version-1_su_EN-US_08_2018.pdf 2019 but still close