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  1. That is how our 2020 works also, does not go away until close is tapped. Most other replies were for older models.
  2. dajo2012

    Clunk when baking out of a parking spot

    I don't hear a clunk by my 2020 when backing up feels like it connects and disconnects. It is not a sharp thud by does feel not normal and something not experienced with any other car or truck. Car has done this since new and now have app 12,000 miles. Have not had any other issue with the transmission. Have not mentioned this to a dealer, figured it would get blank looks and we never heard of this before. Maybe should pursue this with dealer.
  3. dajo2012

    locking doors while towing

    The real reason we must disconnect the battery is because the ST has an electric parking brake and at some time it will set the brake and drag the real wheels. You may get by with it a couple of times before it does this. I installed a battery disconnect switch that is a push button inside the car and tow with doors unlocked but we don't carry anything valuable inside the car. It has been determined that the run the car every six hours does apply the current Edge, it did apply to my previous Flex. here is a couple of links that should help. I tow my 2020 ST. https://www.etrailer.com/Accessories-and-Parts/Roadmaster/RM-766.html?feed=npn&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Google | Smart Shopping - Accessories and Parts - Maximize Revenue&ad https://www.irv2.com/forums/f85/2019-ford-edge-st-436787.html
  4. dajo2012

    Recall/Service writer/Catch Can

    Have not had the trailer problem done yet but stopped at dealer and showed them the paperwork and of course they had never heard of it. My auto stop no longer shuts engine down even without the aftermarket module.
  5. dajo2012

    2019 Edge ST ptu fluid service

    Replacing the entire oil cooler is not acceptable. I think I will take the PDF into my dealers parts department and ask them to get the nuts. I suspect that they have not had this come up yet and may not have a clue.
  6. I use my paddle shifters when towing a trailer. Don't know if 2016 has paddle shifters.
  7. dajo2012

    2019 Edge ST ptu fluid service

    Very interesting
  8. dajo2012

    2019 Edge ST ptu fluid service

    I never changed mine yet. I was going to change it to shock proof but gave up, had less than 10k miles.
  9. dajo2012

    2019 Edge ST ptu fluid service

    Yes I have and saw what you did. There was not much I recognized.
  10. dajo2012

    Fuel Injected or Throttle Body

    You have fuel injectors and not a throttle body injection system.
  11. We were away from home and had to have a Ford dealer replace the pump. It was $700 or $ 800 the best I can remember. My issue was on all starts not just after fueling. It seems like you could put a pressure gauge on and see if the pressure is maintained after engine is shut down.
  12. That is exactly what my 2007 Ranger did when the fuel pump was failing. New fuel pump no more issues starting.
  13. The Ford experience scenic mountain drive I went on in Ashville was a slow follow the leader drive. No chance to try anything since the speed limit was 45 mph and public road. The rest of the driving was a good experience. Maybe the other locations offer a better drive.
  14. https://www.etrailer.com/Best/1453/Ford/Edge/Accessories_And_Parts/Auto_Battery_Disconnect?year=1949 It disconnects the positive cable since negative is so difficult to get to. I have one on my ST and several on the rv forums use it also. It takes more than a bolt removal to move the battery far enough forward and even then not enough room to work. Shop around on price some are better than E-trailer but they will price match.