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  1. dajo2012

    Larger fuel door...why?

    Must be having a slow Thanksgiving today.
  2. dajo2012

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    Well done!
  3. dajo2012

    Water pump/over heating

    corrosion, corrosion, corrosion Has the coolant ever been changed? That is a mess no wonder pump failed. what year car and how many miles?
  4. Sorry to hear this. Where do you live Xtra?
  5. dajo2012

    Catch Can - Single or Dual valve

    Just emptied my JLT after pulling a Uhaul from Indiana to AZ with my F150. Used boost a lot more pulling trailer. Can was about 2/3 full with 1/4" white gunk in the bottom.
  6. dajo2012

    Catch Can - Single or Dual valve

    I have the JLT in my ST and my F150. Both are very easy to remove can to drain using JLT recommended location. Both are catching oil. I just can not pay the high price for the more complicated system. Install of JLT is very easy.
  7. dajo2012

    Starter intermittently works

    If you keep banging on the starter you better hope that the windings are not glued on and you don't knock them loose. Your going to need a need a new starter anyway. Banging on these newer starters is not a good idea.
  8. https://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/Catalog/owner_information/2019-Ford-Edge-ST-supplement-version-1_su_EN-US_08_2018.pdf 2019 but still close
  9. dajo2012

    Need help finding what part this wire connects to

    Just for the heck of it I checked my 2020 ST. It has exactly the same plug and wires.
  10. dajo2012

    Blackout chrome

    If you think that is a bit odd, there is a guy on here that did not buy an St because of the headliner. Who even looks at the headliner.
  11. When I changed the mirror glass on my Flex it just popped out of a socket. Heated part had a wire to unplug. Nothing to lose since it is broke anyway.
  12. dajo2012


    My lights do not auto level, wish they did. I don't believe they are auto level. They move left to right only. I see them move on every start up in the garage. Our BMW X3 leveled and turned easy to observe when pulling into the garage. I am very happy with the light output of the headlights.
  13. dajo2012

    Some pics of my ST

    I saw an St last winter in Arizona from Canada and it had silver calipers and to the best I can remember it had the brake and wheel package. https://www.ford.ca/suvs-crossovers/edge/gallery/?gnav=footer-vehicles#2020-edge-gallery-image-d9828d9a1bd79dabc5f181e361e83277-ai
  14. You keep saying 40ML(1.35 oz), don't you mean 400ml(13.5 oz)?
  15. My 2012 Flex PTU with DIY drain plug (on bottom of ptu) added by me never got the amount of oil drained out that the book called for. Yes it was level.