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  1. dajo2012

    Ford ST SUV experience

    I went to the school last Wednesday in Asheville. Fun to abuse a car just like mine. Worth going to, would like to have had more time on the track, day is only so long. Does't seem to be much interest here on the forum.
  2. My 2020 does not seem to have it. I have never heard one with the piped in sound but all I hear is engine winding up a very pleasing sound to me. I would like to hear the ANC it if someone could post video.
  3. dajo2012

    Livernois ST Tune

    Does the tune give more accel say up to 30mph? My ST is less than impressive off the line. Can a person get the 87 tune and make an improvement here. I have the unleashed tune in my F150, currently using the 87 tune and can't really tell much difference but is feels like it is quicker that the ST.
  4. dajo2012

    Auto Stop Eliminator For The Nautilus

    Nothing to do with park. It just shuts of to quickly and doesn't give me a chance to move forward the last few inches. Yes I know I can shut the engine on or off, when shut off it goes into park automatically. Nothing like your F150.
  5. dajo2012

    Auto Stop Eliminator For The Nautilus

    What I really don't like is when pulling into garage or parking space it will shut off and back on. The brake pedal pressure is very sensitive that triggers the start stop.
  6. The first place to look is where you just worked on.
  7. dajo2012

    2019 Edge ST amplifier install

    I just had my battery out and ran wiring through the grommet. Grommet is behind all the brake lines behind the battery tray, easy to see and a pain to get to. The grommet is larger than the wire harness already going through it but is very tough and hard to penetrate since access is so hard. I failed to be able to put a hole through the grommet. Dash side is not much better. Maybe someone younger can do it.
  8. Something you can actually see without being eight feet tall or in an airplane. LOL
  9. dajo2012

    2016 Edge 2.0L How to Remove Battery

    Those of us that tow our edges behind MH disconnect battery for towing as required by Ford. There is a kit from Roadmaster towing to install a latching relay operated by a push button switch for battery disconnect. I just installed one on my ST. They disconnect the positive cable since the negative is so difficult to reach. They have been making this kit for quite a while. I am not concerned at all disconnecting the positive cable, but of course no wrench on battery terminals everytime. https://www.etrailer.com/Accessories-and-Parts/Ford/Edge/Roadmaster/RM-766.html
  10. dajo2012

    Odd noise during cold drive cycle

    It would be nice to know some car information like year, engine, etc
  11. I have my front fascia removed now to install tow plates. The Ford emblem has two protruding studs with a nut screwed on from the back. The L shaped piece has tabs that appeared to be epoxied to the panel it attaches to, does not look like removal possible without breaking something. Removing the front is not that bad, many small screws and plastic push pins. Several wiring connectors on the driver side. Washer hose on the passenger side. Headlight removal is required first.
  12. Can someone tell where the sensors are for opening rear hatch with foot motion. I have the trailer hitch so it should open either side of the hitch. Does it use the sensors on the bumper, I don't see any sensors of any kind around the sides of the trailer hitch up under the car.
  13. When I had issues with my F150 BMS. I hooked the charger - cable to a ground on the body and not the battery -. Never had to reset anything.
  14. I have the same issue with my ST. The only way I can be sure the trailer lights are off is to unplug. I have noticed that some of the time they are on very dim also. No problems while engine running or driving. My trailer has LED lights.