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  1. dajo2012

    Door Sill protectors

    Maybe some that have Ford spelled correctly.
  2. dajo2012

    New 2019 Ford Edge Titanium Owner

    What was not clear to me was that part number FA1Z13832B available from Amazon for 16.98 that it is a complete set of two horns with the bracket and wiring. Got mine done now.
  3. Does the car have the optional brake package or standard brakes?
  4. Does the wire that connects the two together come with the new horn?
  5. dajo2012

    Paint durabilty question

    I had the front clear cover on our Flex. It did nothing to stop rock chips the rocks went right through it. All it did was stop bug guts from damaging the paint. Did not buy it for new Edge. I know this does not actually answer your question. Our less than a month old already has small rock chips on front and several small ones on the windshield. Our car supposedly had ceramic coating by dealer.
  6. dajo2012

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Well here we are at app 1600 miles. Today after backing out of drive transmission slammed into drive so hard it felt like we had hit a wall. Stopped one more time still not warmed up and it slammed into drive again. Outside temps app 42 degrees. Shifted good the rest of the day.
  7. dajo2012

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Build date October 19
  8. dajo2012

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    I am happy to report my 2020 ST drives and shifts like you would expect a $52,000 car to do.
  9. I removed one on my Flex your MKX is probably the same. The glass just pops on. To remove I had to use a straight blade screwdriver to help release from the mounting, not really enough room to get fingers in. I am sure it can be broken but it did not seem to be that fragile.
  10. Just bought a 2020 St with brake package. After reading Ford manual it stated tires were only good to 45 degrees and tire cracking can occur in temps down to 19 degrees. Should I try to get dealer to swap tires to all season before we pick it up today? Thanks
  11. dajo2012

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    I should be able to test drive at least before paperwork is signed due to all the problems. I forgot to ask is the date code toward the bottom of window sticker under the MSRP reliable for build date?
  12. dajo2012

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    The St we are looking at was built the day before the bulletin 19-2313, Oct 17th. It is a 2020 and only 2019 are listed on the bulletin. Wish I could find out it the update has been done. I am sure dealer won't look at it since it states 2019 on the bulletin. Local dealer here in AZ of course say they have not seen any problems, typical dealer BS.
  13. dajo2012

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    We are looking to buy a ST. All of these transmission issues have me worried about even buying one. Are most of the problems posted on earlier production models or are there some newer production models still having the issues. It would be nice to know the build dates. If we buy a 2020 made after October will we be safe and not have all these problems? How about 2019 made in August of this year, they have some great discounts. Thanks
  14. dajo2012

    thinking about buying new ST

    Not a current owner of Edge ST. Looking at purchasing a 2020 model. Currently in Az for the winter, from Central Indiana.