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  1. There is a computer upgrade that will fix this. My 20ST also did this until dealer did update. Ford issued a bulletin or some service info on this.
  2. Not sure what the -B is in diagram. Can you clarify?
  3. dajo2012

    ST Overheating

    He said they want the radiator back.
  4. Have had the battery replaced once. Battery has gone dead a couple of times. Get Ford messages sometime about remote being shut down. Never have got the message before battery dead in the morning. I carry a small jump start unit and have used it after overnight. 30,000 miles 2020 ST. Never had a new car do this before..
  5. This worked on my EDGE or at least the battery light flashed as in the video.
  6. The only cars I have owned that had tow hooks were BMWs. Never had a Ford with one and have owned many Fords. Never really had a use for one.
  7. No he was not just testing voltage. He had a tester that did everything and even printed out results.
  8. If it is bent how does moving to the other side help? It is still bent?
  9. Anything with a dealer is a PITA the dealer I went to checked battery using the guy that checks the cars in and checks batteries routinely, Funny thing was when battery failed his test it was not good enough to replaced battery under warranty and had to be taken to shop for further testing and then they replaced the battery. If they had just tested battery routinely during service check in they would have told me is was bad if no warranty was involved with no further testing.
  10. Actually my question was why did the remote still start the car after notification of shutdown. Found out today that it did indeed stop remote starting using Ford Pass but not using the remote (key). When the battery went bad in November the car did nothing as to warning of shutting down. Just died overnight and could not even unlock doors electrically.
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