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    Behind the dash "chirp"

    At the risk of sounding crazy, we have determined that this noise only occurs at night!
  2. bogmanglen

    Behind the dash "chirp"

    Thanks, Enigma! I'e been offline for a while, but I'll give it a try. Is removing the blower motor a big job?
  3. We have a 2017 SEL with 48k miles. We developed a strange noise behind the dash, either the center stack or the glovebox area. My wife describes it as a low pitched, brief, buzzy chirp, to me, it sounds like a servo motor briefly actuating. It does it intermittently, climate on or off, when it does it, it is every 5-10 seconds. Any ideas appreciated.
  4. bogmanglen

    2016 2.0L - PTU drain and fill plugs?

    2017 Edge 2.0. I'm having trouble accessing the PTU fill plug...the black plastic tube is in the way, preventing getting leverage on the the T50. What is this tube? If I disconnect the points shown, can I move it enough to gain access, or do I have to remove the entire tube? How do I remove it? Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  5. bogmanglen

    Does 2.0 Need a Catch Can?

    Has anyone done a 2.0? How is it done? What is the level of dificulty?
  6. bogmanglen

    Does 2.0 Need a Catch Can?

    I have a 2017 2.0. and the online videos seem to use an older escape with the old design 2.0. Has anyone installed the JLT on a newer design 2.0? Is the procedure essentiall the same? Thanks
  7. Thanks, Gadgetjg! You saved me a lot of time by identifying fuse 35!