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  1. Lunar_ST

    2019 Edge ST Tailgate Panel Removed

    Those two long pins actually have 10mm nuts that’s screw onto them and hold the emblem on. I removed the rear finally. Here is a vid of the removal
  2. Lunar_ST

    2018 Ford edge SEL

    Nice. Welcome to the forum and your new addiction
  3. Lunar_ST

    2019 Edge ST Tailgate Panel Removed

    Not on 19s. I have tried to use the fishing line, and although there was some Adhesive holding it on edges, there is definitely two mounting points towards the middle. I tried to use a plastic pry tool with no avail. I’m convinced I have to remove that panel to get the emblem off. I will know tomorrow when i disassemble it all
  4. Lunar_ST

    2019 Edge ST Tailgate Panel Removed

    have you figured out how to remove the black plastic center panel that runs between the tail lights? I need to get that off in order to get the rear FORD emblem off apparently.
  5. Lunar_ST

    Black lug nut replacements - finally!!

    Nice find. Thanks for the info. We are going to swap wheels for some other OEM 20's and powdercoat them black and I want black lugs. Now I know which ones to buy. Loving this site for the plethora of knowledge and answers.
  6. Lunar_ST

    Splash / Mud Guard issue

    Pics of them installed?
  7. Lunar_ST

    Lowering the ST

    yeah that’s what I’m starting to realize. I knew that would be an issue when I realized how little forums there are for the Edge. Luckily there is this one and some FB groups for info. Good to know about your wife’s opinion of the ride. My wife feels the same way about modding and she will be the primary driver of this vehicle once things normalize. For now, I drive it to the store for provisions when need be.
  8. Lunar_ST

    Lowering the ST

    Good info. Just bought the wife a ‘19 ST a couple weeks ago and am curious about lowering. Wife is worried she won’t like the ride, I didn’t realize Ford did a heavier spring on ST than the Sport. I too will wait for an ST specific spring and until the stock ones need to be replaced. Thanks for the info, members,
  9. Lunar_ST

    New 2020 Edge Titanium ownerr

    Nice. Welcome to your new addiction, lol.
  10. Lunar_ST

    New 2019 Titanium owner

    Welcome to the forum! Hard to go wrong with a CPO; we picked up a 2019 ST CPO a couple weeks ago.
  11. Hahaha very true. That’s why it was a “subtle mod”....no one can see it, just wanted to bring some red element to the roof. We also live in a very hilly area where roof of vehicles are easily seen by other vehicles, and my wife works downtown where hi-rise buildings look down on vehicles all day.
  12. Yes, I’ve never removed a wheel to get these off. A small flat head wedged in will pop them right out on most cars.
  13. Another small cosmetic mod this week. “ST” wheel center caps.
  14. Lunar_ST

    2016 Front Emblem Removal

    Nice! Also good knowledge. I’m sure for you it’s easy at this point; I’ve heard here (and the FB group) that you’ve taken it off a ton of times. I actually got the emblem off tonight with Mikulas method and a flexible ratchet extension fed through one of the honeycomb holes in the grill; worked like a champ. Got it disassembled and ready to paint this week. Now it’s the rear emblem that’s giving me a problem. There’s definitely more than just adhesive holding on the rear emblem of my ‘19. I saw a video of a guy removing it with a trim removal tool and there are two pop clips on back in addition to the adhesive,
  15. Lunar_ST

    2016 Front Emblem Removal

    This is amazing information; I will be trying this tomorrow.