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  1. Darksider87

    Mileage when taking delivery

    It probably was dealer trades and test drives or possibly used for a demonstration of some sort of for a weekend
  2. Darksider87


    No problems with mine but its a 2020 so i think that glitch was fixed before i got it but one thing I didn't like about mine was the constant high beams flashing on back roads at night. I really only like that feature on highway use but i like my adaptive lights on....until the other night i thought I had to lose that function if i didn't use the auto lamp setting but to my surprise if you just switch off the high beams with the steering wheel stock it turns off the auto high beams but leaves on the adaptive function ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘ thank god
  3. Darksider87

    2019 Edge ST sometimes shakes when shifting from P to D

    This happened once to me but im pretty sure it was me forgetting to shift into park before getting out. So far never again since
  4. Darksider87

    Brake Caliper Covers

    Just got some for my 2020. Here in Canada Ford does not offer the brake package but i think it actually has it standard just not painted red like USA models because the manual says it has 13.6 inch rotors.....I found a mgp set with the "ST" logo on ebay....fits perfectly
  5. Darksider87

    Low frequency vibration around 50 - 55 mph

    I have a 2020 as well and while I didn't notice it untill my winter tires were installed i too have a similar experience. I even tried accelerating to 190 km/h "in Mexico of course" but after 110 or so it seems to go away but after slowing back down to 95-110 i can feel it constantly im not too concerned as it could be my tires. Im running 255/50r20 for winter which is a little bigger than what Ford recommended but only cause i got 8.5 wide wheels.
  6. Darksider87

    Some pics of my ST

    I guess we don't offer that particular package in Canada ๐Ÿ˜’
  7. Darksider87

    Some pics of my ST

    Just bought a 2020 ST. One thing I thought I was going to get was red calipers but to my disappointment they are silver. I started researching online and found most Google image searches show unpainted calipers but now here is yours wit red calipers ...lol what year is yours? Optional 21 inch wheels correct?