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  1. The Blue Wedge


    Hmmm. I have the same vehicle, and I hate the headlights because of the base incandescent bulbs, no lumens, no candlepower, no nothing! and yes mine are aimed perfectly! you might have something internally wrong with yours. Although I don't know what that would be.......
  2. The Blue Wedge

    Towing Capacity

    I'd say not that much faith in the tranny.
  3. The Blue Wedge

    Front seats,

    nope, everything worked, all seat fore and aft, up, down, and all three heat settings!
  4. The Blue Wedge

    Front seats,

    Thanks for that response! a few days ago I just pulled both seats out of the vehicle and swapped them from side to side. At first, I wasn't sure it was gonna work, but both seat pans, ( or trays) were the same, once I had them side by side on the floor, upside down, I could tell it was gonna work! everything rebolted up and rewired up the same! So got the bottom's (cushions) switched, and cleaned up, and set back in the Edge, and could instantly tell the driver side was higher! once I got the seat where it normally sits, ( with me in it, I am the only driver) it felt like new again! had to adjust the mirrors cause of the new ride height in the seat! Very happy with the results! AFAIK, the Alcantara, (suede) inserts are no longer available from Ford Parts. New cushion and cover would have been several hundred dollars if they were available.
  5. I grew up driving old junkyard cars from the 50's and 60's and 70's Dumptrucks, wheel loaders, tow trucks in the 70's, was driving these vehicles before I had a license. Then drove for a living for over 40 years, variety of semi's, straight trucks, so to your point about the actual driving, I like to leave nannies off! Don't need them, don't want them. LED, HID lighting, yes that sure beats sealed beams and incandescent bulbs! The other stuff like; the camera's for lane-keeping, lol, on the wife's new Explorer we leave it off! auto headlights, and wipers? we can somehow manage to turn them on ourselves, ( and prefer it that way) All I need then is the best ABS system the manufacturers can produce, decent headlights, and taillights, and a decent AWD system, rear-wheel-drive based, (which the Edge is not)
  6. The Blue Wedge

    Pedal Height / adjustment?

    I think the problem with 1st gen Edge's and MKX's is that the tilt and telescopic steering is >worthless<! there is NOT enough travel, up or down, in or out! Now I understand your complaint about the pedals, but IMO, the first thing I do in any vehicle adjusts the steering, then the seat, then the seat belts, then the pedals. The steering in these cross-overs should drop at least 2 more inches! from the current bottom. That would be a positive change from your shoulders, then back, then hips, and finally legs to the pedals......
  7. The Blue Wedge

    Front seats,

    Greetings, my question is; On my 2014 SEL it has the Alcantara middle inserts with black leather, or ( pleather) with a dark red contrast stitch. Can the front seats be swapped? meaning just the lower cushions? since the seatbacks are side specific, ( with airbags) With over 100,000 miles now on the vehicle, the driver side is quite worn, however, the pass. side is like new! What do you all think?
  8. The Blue Wedge

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    On the 14 SEL AWD that I inherited, it's an ok vehicle, decent in the winter months, pretty good power, (3.5) although you have to get it over 4 grand to get anywhere quickly! the 6 spd is just ok, doesn't really like to be hustled, but the absolute worst feature of the first gens, it the G.D steering wheel doesn't go low enough!!! it's like driving an over-the-road tractor, so actually that makes the telescopic part of the tilt system worthless also! Otherwise, it goes down the road good, gets around 22 combined mpg, good back seat space, and seating.
  9. The Blue Wedge

    DTE mode.

    Thanks, guy's for that definition! I never thought it had anything to do with "distance to empty".
  10. The Blue Wedge

    DTE mode.

    Greetings, I am wondering what this towing mode does, it's on my 14 SEL, 3.5 AWD. For the life of me, I can't find anything in the owners manual about it, but when you toggle through the settings, there is normal, and DTE mode, I don't tow with this vehicle at all, ( have Expedition for that) and I have driven with it in this DTE mode, but can't tell any difference with how it shifts, or drives, what am I missing here?
  11. The Blue Wedge

    Traction Control Override

    Unfortunately, you have to shut it off every time you start the vehicle, the Edge's, Explorers, Fusion's are all the same. And most unfortunate is you still can't shut off Stability control at all in an Edge, just traction control. šŸ˜”
  12. The Blue Wedge

    Lane keeping system

    I shut everything off, Trac-control, Stability, lane keep, etc. not needed!
  13. Wow! The "Wedge" that my wife bought new in late 2014, has prolly cost us, maybe 2000.00. It is an SEL AWD, and most of that was a new set of tires, (the OEM pirelli's lasted almost 80,000 miles,) 1 new battery, and oil changes every 6000 miles, (Mobil 1 0w-20) I did coolant, tranny flushes myself, as well as plugs, and filters. IMO, it's not the Brand, it's the greedy dealer!
  14. The Blue Wedge

    Coolant Questions - Green /Yellow - Drain-Fill / Flush ?

    Hmmm. didn't know it was obsolete, since I bought the stuff from a local Ford dealer in Buffalo Mn.