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  1. I have a 2017 Edge SEL. 2.0L. After driving for 10-15 minutes you can hear this creaking/groaning sound in the background. You can hear it in the video at various points faintly in the background. Much louder in person. Only happens at low speeds like 0-10-15 mph. This is the link to the video (too big to upload on here):
  2. mybrotherisanub

    Rubbing noise from front when turning left or right

    so did anyone find a permanent fix for this or any updates in this issue? my 2017 SEL seems to be having this problem
  3. Did anyone ever find a solution for this? I have a 2017 SEL and it has this problem after about 30 minutes of driving
  4. mybrotherisanub

    HOW TO add factory remote start to 15-18 Edge

    I did all of this on my 2017 SEL. At first, tpms was fine and didn't get any errors. Now it is saying tire pressure sensor fault after about 30 minutes of driving and hasn't gone away in a few days. Also, when I try to remote start it the car lights flash but doesn't start and the remote blinks red. I enabled everything in forscan that I had to I believe. Anyone have an ideas on how to fix the tpms issues or get the remote start working?
  5. hey guys, I just bought a used 2017 SEL. I am looking to do this conversion. So, should I be looking for Explorer Platinum, MKX, MKZ clusters? Or anything else? Was anyone else able to get the Nautilus one to work? Or has anyone tried the new Escape or Explorer fully LCD one?