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    Wiper Blades

    Tried to find a discussion about wiper blade replacement. Have a 2020 Edge and first tried Trico Premium Ceramic, but the supplied adapter would not fit. Found the part number for the Ford OEM blades: FT4Z-17528-CA and FT4Z-17528-BA and ordered online from a dealer. The blades came in Motorcraft boxes with different part numbers: WW-2760-A and WW-2755-A. These blades are available from ebay and Amazon with free shipping.
  2. I have a 2020 Edge and I have this issue. I bought a new battery six months ago. Last week, I received a message on the Sync screen to turn off accessories and all of the keyless entry system except for the driver's door was inoperative. I charged the battery and the message disappeared from the Sync screen and the keyless entry system again works on all four doors. I know most of you don't care for the stop/start system, but mine has rarely worked. I do not drive long distances so that may contribute to my problem.
  3. edgeidiot

    2018 3.5 Considering battery replacement

    Here is another recommendation: Try the CarAIDE Multi-Tool Jumper Cable. I found that most portable jump starters are junk but not this one. I was at the supermarket and I saw that there was an attempt to jump a car but even with the cables attached, nothing was happening. I took out the Tool and attached it to the battery and the car immediately started up. Last week, I saw another vehicle waiting for a jump. I took out the tool again and that car immediately started. I actually now look for cars to jump. If I actually lost power in my Edge, I do not have to wait for anyone, I can jump it myself. It is that good.
  4. edgeidiot

    2018 3.5 Considering battery replacement

    Have a 2020 2.4L and probably do not drive it enough (didn't foresee that I would be still working at home so I have 5,700 miles in nearly three years.) The auto start stop has rarely activated and once, it went into battery saving mode with the result that the only door that would lock/unlock was the driver's. I bought a battery charger. It would take a very long period to charge the battery. The auto start stop would work after charging on only the first trip. At stop lights info screen said battery charging. I was out of town and rented an Explorer with 45K and it had no problem with the auto start stop. The Ford Dealer said the battery was good and that I needed to brake harder. Had it tested and results were 503 CCA and 12.37 voltage. Even if the dealer said battery was no good, I would get only five percent proration if I bought a new Motorcraft battery. Researched sites (like Consumer Reports) said the Diehard Platinum AGM was the best battery available. It is sold at Advanced/CarQuest Auto Parts with free installation and if they install it, you get a 36-month full replacement warranty, plus jump service, towing and more up to $125. Also, if more than 100 miles from if you need assistance and must stay overnight, you can claim up to $250 for meal and lodging expenses. The battery is one thing that I would recommend not buying OE from Ford Dealer and also not trying to squeeze every last volt out of a battery unless you have a good set of jumper cables.
  5. Wanted to let you that if you are in the market for a Ford Extended Warranty, check with https://www.zeiglerfordesp.com this month. I wanted a BaseCare 10-year warranty with a $200 deductible. I asked for a quote in January and when went back to buy it in February, they had a special where I received a discount of $250 from the January quote. Always YMMV.
  6. edgeidiot

    2021 Ford Edge ST Parts for Sale

    Any word on the 7. OEM Rear Privacy Cover - $70.00 ?
  7. edgeidiot

    2021 Ford Edge ST Parts for Sale

    interested in privacy cover if black - please estimate the shipping charge
  8. Don't like the 2020 or 2021 Ford Edge? Well, using cars.com and confirming through each dealer's website, I have found one remaining new 2018 Edge (in La Puente, CA) and 13 new 2019 Edges still available. Of these, there are eight Titaniums, three ST's, two SEL's and one SE. Nine of these unsold Edges are in Southern California. How could these vehicles not be sold as of yet? I have attached a spreadsheet with the available Edge's.
  9. edgeidiot

    The Ford Edge has been discontinued

    Got my new 2020 Edge SE (I know it is only an SE) last Saturday. I had studied whether to get a 2021 model so I knew that model production for the 2021 Ford Edge would not begin until 1/25/2021. I have attached a document that was sent out to Fleet Buyers showing the initial date for manufacturing the 2021 models. ford_buildout.pdf