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  1. Yeah, that was obvious.....I figured out where the camera button was. Thanks to all who responded.
  2. OK, how do you even get the front camera to display? I didn't know you could do that.
  3. Thanks Haz and MLTEdge. That would be better than having to reset and re-enter all the presets and everything as I assume this reboot would keep the settings entered?
  4. I did not realize that. Does that still work for the new generation of the large stack monitor in the center console area?
  5. Thanks for the useful and detailed response. I don't know if it is just luck or not, and still concerned about why it failed yesterday, but this afternoon when I went out to start the Edge, the temperature was back on the display. Hopefully this will stay on forever, because if it is intermittent it is always hard to diagnose. If it does occur again, I will try the settings on the right hand side message center to see if it will change from metric to english, although I don't recall seeing that level of being able to change those settings from the steering wheel. If it is indeed a loose connection, that also isn't real good as they probably have to take the whole dash off or something drastic to get to it. I'll report back here if it occurs again.
  6. Thanks for the response. I live in suburban Phoenix, so no lack of cell reception. I can also hook up to my wifi and there were no updates.
  7. I've had the car about 2 weeks and around 400 miles on it. All of a sudden today the temperature display is missing from the upper right corner of the large display screen. It just shows a dash there. The temperature still displays on the right dash panel behind the steering wheel like it always does. I have restarted the car multiple times and it won't come back. I went into the settings and noticed that they show Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, and KM instead of miles. I figured this must have something to do with the missing temperature, so I changed them both back to Fahrenheit and miles, but every time I change them, the settings, within about 2 seconds switch back to the metric settings. No matter how many times I change them, they change back. I think somehow the 2 are related. Any ideas on what to do? I dread taking it to the dealer already, and they will probably say they are backlogged and it could take weeks to get to it.
  8. I just got my 22 ST a few days ago. I didn't want to pay the extra $75 to the dealer for the locking lugs, so I bought them from Ford accessories site for $48. My manual says to tighten to 162 ft/lbs? I've never had a car call for that. My previous 2017 Fusion had upgraded wheels and I think they only went to 110 or 120. I didn't get the performance wheels and brake package, but the ST comes standard with 20 inch bright machined aluminum painted. That just seems like a lot of force for aluminum wheels. I suppose I should trust the manual? Thanks!
  9. I played around a bit with the settings today. If I turn off "vehicle connectivity" the icon goes away, so I guess that is what it is. It would be nice if this icon was shown in the list of icons in the manual.
  10. I just got my 22 ST a few days ago and have one icon in the upper right of the Sync 4a touch screen that I can't figure out what it is. It doesn't show up in the icon list in the owner manual, and an internet search doesn't mention it, although other people have it as well as shown in screenshots some have shared. It is next to the cell phone and wifi indicators and has an up arrow, a down arrow and a pointer similar to something you would see on a map or navigation screen. I can try to post a screenshot when I get in the car next time. Something with Fordpass?
  11. I get that they are free online. I can't tell you how many times over the years I was glad I had a paper manual for fuse locations, lug nut torque and many other things. Maybe I need to buy something and need the specs of the car and I don't have access to search the internet? Just sad that this was stopped. I'll probably buy one.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. Yes, I'm going to insist they find the keyless entry code card and give it to me, although if someone had malicious intent, they could have copied it. It used to come sealed in the owner's manual holder.
  13. So I picked up my 22 Edge ST yesterday that I had ordered in September. Everything went well until I wanted to go through the owner's manual to learn how to do everything on the large touch screen. There wasn't one in the glove box. The only thing in there was a plastic wrapped group of documents such as the Sirius flyer, Tire warranty and very small supplementary owner's manual. I realize they are online, but I can't tell you how many times I've been out somewhere with a bad fuse or even changing a tire and used the paper manual. What if the battery is dead? Also, the keyless entry code always comes in a card inside the manual. It was nowhere to be found. I went back to the dealer today and they at first said someone will find it for me, then said there isn't one, but there should have been a keyless entry card, but they can't find that either. I did look and found a way to get the keyless code through inserting both key fobs in a slot in the console. They said because you can access the manual through the touch screen, which you can, they don't give you one anymore. I'm not sure I believe them as they also didn't tell me the truth about the Ford ESP extended warranty either. They told me there was no such thing anymore and would sell me a 3rd party warranty through someone called MPP. I looked on Ford's website and they do still have the ESP and said I could get it directly from them. So, does anyone know if that's true that there are no manuals in the 22s now? Thanks!
  14. Thanks. I did go to the dealer and they had a couple of STs on the lot, which surprised me because I ordered mine last September, so how did they get those before me? Anyway, the STs on the lot all had the 2 inch receiver, which I was happy to see. I'm surprised they did this because with that receiver, some idiot will probably think they can pull a large travel trailer with it because it fits, and then sue Ford when it comes off.
  15. Davidoo

    confused new 2022 Edge ST owner

    I have an ST on order right now and had the same question on the hitch. I went to the dealership and they had a couple in stock. They are definitely 2 inch receivers which are class II or III.