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  1. Can you get someone to be inside the garage when you try to open it to see if the lights on the opener flash or you hear any clicking sounds to indicate the opener motor is actually getting a signal from your homelink from your Edge? I have a 22 ST and it opens and closes my Liftmaster just fine. I know it seems odd that other openers can open it, but is it possible that the upward force needs to be turned up or the springs need to be adjusted tighter to help pull the door up? Again, if the opener is receiving a signal there should be something you hear from inside or the light will flash. If that's happening, maybe something else like I mentioned needs to be adjusted. Just to verify, you are saying that any of the other physical remotes open the door 100% of the time?
  2. And pay a lot more for nothing better.
  3. What is the reason some want to disable the autostop feature. Why not just let it run as engineered?
  4. Davidoo

    Edge ST 2021 miles per gallon MPG

    I have a 22 ST with almost 4,000 miles. Around town I get 18 to 20 mpg. I just took a 900 mile round trip through some mountains from Phoenix through New Mexico and got about 21.5 mpg. The thing goes up mountain grades with ease when the turbo kicks in.
  5. OK, I see then. When I paddle shift (which isn't often because it seems silly) I can go through gears 1 to 7. So, I guess that 1 is really the old 1, then 2 through 7 were formerly 3 through 8? I thought that since I could paddle shift and get to 2nd, that it was the "hidden" 2nd gear, but they must have removed it from even being accessible at all, not even manually.
  6. Again, thanks to all for confirming the ST doesn't have this transmission in question. If that is the case then, the ST transmission IS NOT the one where they cut out 2nd gear in the automatic shift? From what I can tell from the paddle shifters, the one I have in my 22 ST has only 7 gears.
  7. Yes, I have the ST. I didn't see anywhere in the SSM where it said it wasn't for the ST, but I really appreciate you and Haz letting me know. That is a relief, but still bad for those who don't have the ST. Hard to believe this could be impacting vehicles for 4 years.
  8. I was out a lot in the heat today, nearly 110 her in PHX. I tried a harder acceleration from a dead stop and didn't notice it "slipping" so to speak, but more of a bump when it shifted out of 1st gear. I do know that for the 22 Edge's they blocked out 2nd gear from the normal automatic shift pattern. I have always chalked up that somewhat rough (although rough is really too extreme from what I'm feeling.....just not as smooth as the other shifts) shift to the fact it is shifting from 1st to 3rd. You can get into 2nd if you use the paddle shifters. I know there are other threads talking about whey they deleted the 2nd gear from the automatic shifts. So Haz, does this mean every vehicle has this problem? The message says the vehicles "may exhibit transmission slip." If the half pump seals are bad, then I would think ALL would exhibit that. If there is a recall, this would be a lot of vehicles from 2018 to 2022. I actually had to have the transmission replaced in my 2017 Fusion under warranty, and they had to remove the engine to do it.
  9. Wow, I just looked at my window sticker and guess what day mine was built on? March 16, 2022, of course. I swear I have noticed this on acceleration from a stop, and it is beastly hot here in Phoenix in the summer. Should I report this to the dealer? The last thing I want is the dealer screwing up my new vehicle by doing a major repair. They always mess up something. What does it mean "Less than 5,000 miles." Does that mean it will go away with more miles.
  10. My 22 ST does the same thing with the Ambient Lighting. After a couple of days it always turns itself off. I just got an update yesterday, so I'll see after a couple of days if that did anything.
  11. Davidoo

    Factory Trailer Hitch

    Yes, the gap near the hitch is the same as what you shared in your photo. Maybe they have to leave that area more open around the hitch because of the chains that hook up near there?
  12. Davidoo

    Factory Trailer Hitch

    The dealer finally got the rear deflector part and they installed it Friday. I paid $117 plus tax for the part and nothing for the install. At least that was something positive. Now I have the hood insulator and the rear bumper cover is secure and not flapping in the wind. What a shame they are cutting out parts. I can't imagine what they will leave off of the 23s.
  13. Yep, noticed that too. Already had the dealer put one on it. Really sad the things Ford left off of these. By the time we're into the 23's which is the Edge's final year, they will probably leave off the tires.
  14. My guess is the little damper or door that moves when you press that switch is stuck or the motor that moves it has quit. I've had that happen with other Fords before.....and it was a nightmare to fix....they had to take the whole dash out of my Taurus, but that was about 10 to 12 years ago.