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  1. Davidoo

    Sync 4 diagnostic mode?

    Thanks again Haz. The walk test for my 22ST with the B&O goes through them in no particular order that I can detect, and has them numbered from 1 through 12. I get speaker 1 is the front center and 7 is the subwoofer. I'm assuming since 2 is the right front door speaker that the one that pops up for 8 is the left door? It doesn't really matter as they all work.
  2. Davidoo

    Sync 4 diagnostic mode?

    It worked! Thanks! I did notice they changed the speaker walk test from when I had my 17 Fusion. Back then, the speakers went in order, from front left tweeter, center, right tweeter, etc.... Now, it just says speaker 7, speaker 12, speaker 11, and I have no idea which ones they are. Some speakers emitted a high and low pitched sound while others just one sound. Still, you can tell if all of them work, so I guess that's ok.
  3. Davidoo

    Performance brake and tire package

    I agree. The only reason I didn't get it on my 22 ST was the lack of a spare tire. I have read that you possibly can get one and it will fit, but that was not the case with the 2017 Fusion plug in hybrid. Even if you could find one that worked, it wouldn't fit in the trunk.
  4. Davidoo

    Sync 4 diagnostic mode?

    Thanks Haz, I'll try this one. Will be a few days before I am able to see my car again.
  5. Davidoo

    Sync 4 diagnostic mode?

    Hope you get an answer. I've tried every suggestion and can't get my 22 ST into that mode or the speaker walk test.
  6. Davidoo

    Thinking about a 2024 ST

    I have a 22 ST and love it. It is the quietest riding car, but definitely has the power to pass or go up steep mountain passes when you need it.
  7. Davidoo

    Owners Manual 2021 Titanium

    I don't think they have put a paper copy in the cars for a few years. My 22 Edge ST didn't have one. I can login to my Ford website or see it on the car's display, but I still think it is a cheap move. There may be times when you need to look up something and may not have access to the electronics.
  8. Davidoo

    Bluetooth audio issue

    I thought this was normal behavior. I've had the Sync 3 and 4 systems in my last 3 Fords, two Fusions and now the Edge (a 22 ST). When you connect your phone to Sync Bluetooth, all you are connecting is the phone call side, such as making calls and receiving texts. The sound input is an entirely different setting if you want to hear music from your phone. For all the vehicles I've ever owned to get music from my phone I've had to select the phone as the source. Otherwise the sound output stays on AM, FM, or SiriusXM.
  9. Davidoo

    2024 Titanium - Under hood questions

    I have a 22 ST, and I believe it was the first year they cut out the hood insulation. I ordered one and installed myself in less than 2 minutes. I didn't try to get the engine cover as I agree with others that it is not worth it and not a big deal.
  10. Thanks Haz! Well, the photo I attached to my last message shows the label that is on the left hand side of the valve cover (standing in front of the vehicle). Could that be the label for the engine even though it doesn't look to be the same color as the example label in your post? It appears that is from a 2014, and possibly the label is black with white letters now. If that isn't the label, I have no idea where in the heck the vaccuum pump is located. If this is the correct label, then I'm in luck because that engine was built on March 17, 2022, well after the October 2021 date when they changed the type of metal in the valve. Thanks! One odd thing is my label also shows FWD as the "drive type" even though all the STs were AWD in 2022. I suppose that engine works in either type of drive, so maybe they simply specify it as compatible for FWD.
  11. So the big question for me is how can I find the engine build date for my 2022 ST with this engine? The assembly date was in early April of 22 and I didn't get the car until late April 22, and it says they changed the way the parts were made to eliminate the problem in engines during October 21. Would be nice to see if mine was made before or after that date. Don't know if the engines are made just shortly before assembly, or if they're stored for months prior to going in a vehicle. I can't find anything on the engine except this large sticker near the oil filler. Could 229 mean 2022 February 9th?
  12. Davidoo

    Spare tire

    They are probably correct, yet it is odd that both Ford (via the fact you can't order an ST with upgraded brakes with a spare) and the dealer telling me they won't work. I had a similar situation with my prior vehicle, a 2017 plug in hybrid fusion. It did not come with a spare, I thought due to not enough storage space in the trunk due to the batteries, but it turned out the spares would not fit over the regenerative braking on the hybrid and plug-in hybrid models. I tried several spares that said they would fit, but they didn't. I do a lot of road trips, so what I did is got another rim and put one of my old tires on it when I bought new tires. Wrapped it up and put it in the back seat when we drove it to nowhere Wyoming one year. I just won't drive a car with no spare anymore. When I ordered my Edge to replace the Fusion I was very careful to get one that had a spare come with it. Good luck to Gunner in finding one that works.
  13. Davidoo

    Spare tire

    I have a 22 ST (not Line). I purposely did NOT order the performance brake package because they don't come with a spare. Just not doing that. My 22 ST comes with a T155/70R18 as well. As luck would have it, I was on a road trip in May and hit an object on the interstate and blew out the sidewall on the Hankooks that came on the car. It was in a fairly isolated area, and so happy I had the spare. If your ST LINE didn't come with a spare, I assume you have the performance brake package? If so, most spares won't fit on it because of the size of the brakes. You might have to get some specialty rim for the spare. I've seen posts from others that have eventually found one that worked.
  14. Yes, they should go well beyond 65k miles. My son drives pretty easy on his car. He has a 2007 Ford Focus with 130,000 miles and the original brakes.
  15. I get it, but probably most of the parts on cars assembled in the USA are initially made in China. Doesn't really make much difference.