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  1. boostededge

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    I wonder how many more years will go by before people stop using the tranny is new excuse.
  2. boostededge

    2.7 Ecoboost Dyno Record

    Nice to see a Dynojet too! You cant fudge a Dynojet like you can a Mustang.
  3. boostededge

    Ultimate performance Intercooler

    Someone get one and do a before/after on a Dynojet otherwise its all hearsay.
  4. boostededge

    No Ford Performance Parts for ST ?

    There is simply no aftermarket support for these vehicles. You can't even find an intake kit for it. AFE was going to make a cold air intake but they rather make diff covers for Raptors. About the only thing to do is a tune.
  5. boostededge

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Is it just the 1 TSB to rule them all as far as the shifting or is there multiple they need to apply? Mine does the thump from Park to Drive or Neutral to Drive but also basically sucks at all shifting. If I tell them to apply the 19-2313 is that all I need?
  6. boostededge

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    The new flash is released?
  7. The Racechip looks like it just raises the boost and thats it.
  8. boostededge


    My new Edge ST vibrates at idle, coming from dash area, usually only when cold. Could it be related to any of this?
  9. boostededge

    Oil consumption - 2016 Sport

    Have them do a leak down test. Does your coolant level go up a lot after you've been boosting hard? White smoke no bueno.
  10. boostededge

    Do You Like Your Edge?

    I didnt want my Edge to sound like garbage rattle box like every other vehicle I've seen with stop/start feature after some mileage on it, so disabled it with Forscan. The Edge ST to me is OK but could be a lot better. Transverse layout makes it difficult to work on. Plastic oil pan. If you get too Hoonigan and find a curb with your oil pan its destroyed. Plastic everything, intercooler pipes, intake manifold, this thing should cost $38 as its mostly made of plastic Small two piston brakes up front, single pistons in rear. For the price, weight, performance it should have two piston rear, 4 piston in front. No paddle shifting other than on steering wheel Needs another 50 ft/lb torque everywhere Needs some updates to the tranny shifting points Other than that its very quiet and luxurious so I can see why a normal Edge owner wouldn't care about anything I listed above
  11. boostededge

    Getting about time for ST stage II Tune

    Didn’t it take a bunch of posts on Facebook to get the v3 tune in the works for last years edge? Might help if we all hassle them 😀
  12. My owners manual says SP-542, but when I went to the dealer they tell me these plugs are superseded by the SP-578 plug & they dont have any information as far as heat range or material. A couple of googles also really didnt produce any factual data about this new plug. Does anyone know what the difference is and which one is optimal? Other than "tuners recommend 542" once all those plugs are gone we will be stuck with the 578's good or bad.
  13. boostededge

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    Installed FORScan. disabled stupid auto stop start filled up on 100/92 mix for 93 octane Looked at evo thought I was fast
  14. boostededge

    Ford Edge factory repair manual

    Someone buy this man a beer. Changing the spark plugs doesnt look so bad now
  15. boostededge

    Forscan 100% compatible adapter

    Lol you know what I mean One shouldn’t have to press the buttons each ignition cycle.