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  1. Dang, I never got a notification and thought nobody ever responded to this thread, sorry for my delay in response. Which part should I already have? The factory PCM part #? Or the strategy code/name for the tune? Or both? Thanks very much
  2. Hey Everybody, I just bought a dongle and downloaded Forscan onto my laptop. I followed all the instructions for setup, but when I hooked up to the car I got the message in the photo and couldn't do anything at all. Does anyone know if I need to return to the stock tune in order to use Forscan? If so, will the changes hold after I re-load the tune? Or do I need to contact my tuner and get the information its asking for? OR should I already have that information somewhere? Any help/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks guys.
  3. Got mine delivered and installed this past Thursday. Looks amazing, fits great, had it on in 5 minutes. Coupled with my afe airbox/filters, I swear I feel some power gains on the buttometer.... Thanks so much to @Xtra You're one awesome human.
  4. RidinDrty

    Edge ST-Line

    WTF!! That is the coolest sh*t I have ever seen.. Why cant we get some manuals here in the good ol US of A !?!?
  5. I ordered the ST airbox from AFE and installed it in my 2017 Sport today. The cover they make is actually only pre-order and won't be Available til October. They are actually out of this intake completely and said orders are 10-12 weeks out. Alas, there are still websites that have some, and some available on Amazon. I went to home depot and bought some heat resistant plexiglass type stuff (was $5), cut it to size with a tool they sold (was also $5), and made a little gasket out of 30lb gorilla double-sided tape to hold it in place. Then I went around it w a couple layers of electrical tape to ensure its seal and security. Pretty happy with it so far, not loud at all (especially compared to the KN CAI i had in my 14 edge sport). Ill be happier when they send my blue (oiled) filters that have a couple hundred cfm better flow. Anyways, it fits great. You'd be nuts not to have a lid of some sort w how hot these bays get..
  6. Thank you so much for all of your hard work man.. They look awesome sitting there, can't wait to see how good it looks under my hood!
  7. Dude... That is the most in-depth, thought out, just awesome reply I could have ever asked for. Thank you so much for taking the time. I am no mechanic, but I do electrical/hvac work for a living and I can't wait to start testing those outputs tomorrow. Although, I suspect this will end with me buying a new taillight at $350.. Thanks again
  8. Had a coworker notify me yesterday that my driver side brake light was not working. Upon investigation, I found that when I press the brake, the driver side Brake LEDs flash but wont stay lit as I hold the brake (passenger side and top brake light working fine). Obviously it cant be a bulb, so I figured must be a fuse, right? But I do not see any fuse listed as being for our brake lights.... Anybody got any suggestions on what it might be??
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