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  1. Was it warmer last night or colder? When is the last time you checked the battery?
  2. What Ariens Snow Blower do ya have?
  3. SC_ST

    Edge vibrating

    Ok. Thank you for the info - will pay lookout for this down the road.
  4. Why would the thread need to be locked. I was asking valid questions: 1. your username is Zamboni 2. I don’t know if you were referring to your new to you Edge as an Zamboni or are you really a Zamboni Driver - hence me making a statement you may be able to change your username 3. the only posts you have on the site is in this thread - I was hoping you would stay and contribute more in other threads
  5. SC_ST

    Edge vibrating

    How many miles did you have? What year?
  6. SC_ST

    Edge ST 2021 miles per gallon MPG

    Averaging about 23 mpg with 1200 miles on the engine…. 30 degrees outside
  7. So are you a mechanic that works on Zamboni’s or work maintenance at an ice arena? If not, may need to change your user name now. I am glad the problem is fixed and hoping you can move forward on the forum in a positive manner
  8. SC_ST

    Edge vibrating

    Did you go OEM or aftermarket?
  9. I will say this, the fog lights on the 2021 ST make a huge difference
  10. What is the cost of this setup?
  11. SC_ST

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    9 speed ZT trans in Honda did not only have a software update, but other internal updates. The fluid change for that trans is very expensive. There is a reason why I bought a 2019 Pilot EXL with the 6 speed.
  12. SC_ST

    20" Chrome Clad rims for sale

    Oh if I could move this to the classified section
  13. Yeah I wonder what the outcome is/was….
  14. SC_ST

    Need to repair scratches in plastic apron

    Need pictures… may be able to apply a heat gun