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  1. Bilstein or bust…..
  2. Yeah, you don’t want those going off when you work on them…
  3. SC_ST

    How to solve the Ukrainian crisis

    Thank you for sharing, not everyone would share this as you did. Going through it and looking at it from the outside is different for sure. I, for one, believe in talking it out, but I highly doubt Puddin will have any of that. Prayers to all this ends soon in peace, no more lost lives, and on more civilized terms.
  4. SC_ST

    How to solve the Ukrainian crisis

    Sad to see what is going on…. US and other NATO Counties need to tread lightly. Being of Prussian Decent, recent/country not existing anymore and frowned upon by Adolf, it does make my heart hurt.
  5. What year and still under warranty? Dealer I say
  6. I recommend servicing it every 20,000 miles and hope it doesn’t shite the bed again.
  7. Locking butt plug, errr I mean fuel plug came in, will pick it up Tuesday.
  8. SC_ST

    2022 Edge timetable

    I can tell you the build date for my 2021 ST was October 2021 - I think was one of the last Edges built as there were already 2022’s on the lot when looking in November 2021.
  9. Considering the car had 180,000 miles on it before it shite the bed isn’t that bad.
  10. SC_ST

    Splash guards installed on 2019 ST

    Haven’t installed yet as waiting until it warms up a bit, few more weeks. They are sitting in the garage.
  11. Thinking your rear differential is dry toast How many miles/kilometers?
  12. SC_ST

    New Member - 2019 SEL Edge here!!

    Welcome! Where ya sailing?
  13. SC_ST

    Bad Gas Odor

    Was thinking the same thing. Here is info on Gates Barricade Fuel Hose https://www.gates.com/us/en/fluid-power/engine-hose/fuel-line-hose.p.4219-000000-000000.v.4219-05652.html
  14. SC_ST

    Bad Gas Odor

    Really need to look at my kit this weekend….. as long as the white stuff stays away and I don’t end up using this
  15. SC_ST

    Single Horn on the 2020

    Good question. If it is louder we need to upgrade the upgrade.