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  1. You should have 4A. Consult your window sticker. You should also have "cards" above climate control that display recently used apps. I noticed on mine that the "about sync" screen just says Sync 4 but it is 4A functionality.
  2. That quote from Lombard Ford is much better. Always add the light option! I see too many nice cars on the road with LEDs out.
  3. Please clarify. Extended warranties normally start at the original warranty start date with zero miles. Is this a 5 year warranty (which would start in 2019) or 5 MORE years from today? I bought my extended warranty from Flood Ford online.
  4. Be thankful you don't have it. The motion sensor cannot differentiate an intended kick from other movements. It's easily triggered while loading and unloading or just cleaning off the rear window. It's a real annoyance.
  5. Perhaps enough people finally complained. My big feet are always activating mine unintentionally. It looks good on the brochure, but in practice it's a pain.
  6. You will love your car once they fix this. They have been de-contenting the Edge for a few years. Although they are basically identical, 2022 misses a few things from 2021, 2023 misses a few more, etc. (For instance, I don't have a glove box light.) The center of the button is spring loaded and goes in and comes back out flush with the silver ring.
  7. I think you need to take this in for warranty replacement. My buttons are pretty much flush all across. My volume is not recessed and my tune is not bulged out like that.
  8. Are you pushing on the ring of the volume button or the center? Pushing the center of the volume button will turn the sound system on and off.
  9. I didn't get a paper manual, but I prefer the PDF version on my computer. It's easy to search when I'm looking for something. The one on the car's display is worthless. It's worded like they are trying to save paper. They should go into more detail since it isn't on paper any more.
  10. Of all the posts I've read, I don't recall anyone citing an actual problem that it has caused. They just don't like it and/or just want to complain. It can be unnerving but not like my 2019 Escape. The stop and restart was more noticeable. In the Edge it's smoother and quieter. Mine only kicks in a few months out of the year. I keep windows up and climate control on. The engine is quiet anyway so I have to look at the dash to see if it's stopped.
  11. My Sync 4 Version is 23159_PRODUCT, Revision 915. My last OTA update was to Ford Power-Up 4.2.4 on Oct 5.
  12. I added insulation to mine. You just pop it into place. The engine cover was more trouble than it was worth IMHO.
  13. It is my understanding that many of the deep sleep messages were programming errors and you weren't actually going into deep sleep mode. I got the messages, too, but the car functioned fine. I read something about this recently but I don't recall where. Auto start / stop is very complex. There are posts in this forum that list the criteria. During the summer, mine seldom kicks in. But that's okay. If auto start / stop doesn't kick in, it doesn't necessarily indicate a bad battery. If the dealer has tested your battery and it shows good, I wouldn't fret it. Take the trip and enjoy the drive.
  14. Yeah, I got this yesterday. Looks nice but now I have to relearn where things are. I think the heated/cooled seats was an improvement. It's a tap, tap, tap instead of a slider. I haven't had a chance to really poke around and explore.
  15. I don't drink either. I have no problem with this. If a drunk tries to drive or steal my car, they won't get far.
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