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  1. You might want to go ahead and contact your dealer. This was a big update and, from the way it sounds, a bad update won't correct itself. It's a warranty fix so you are just out the inconvenience. Depending on your dealer, it may be a while before you can even get in. My dealer has ONE tech qualified to do software updates. I had to schedule a week in advance and leave the car overnight.
  2. Have you taken it to the dealership to have the update checked and reloaded? It has been reported that Ford experienced a server problem with OTA updates recently. One of your modules may need to be reloaded. It is an all-day job to update all modules but the dealership can fix it. I had them do mine rather than wait for OTA.
  3. If you haven't done so already, you might want to check in www.fordsyncforum.com. It is all about Sync. Perhaps someone there can give you a lead.
  4. Will2U

    Tailgate foot switch-turn it off!

    Same problem here. My big feet trigger it while I'm cleaning or unloading. If I'm cleaning, it's a serious hazard for my fingers. I have identified a place where I visibly hang my keys while I'm in the cargo area. Ford really needs to create a setting to disable it on demand.
  5. Some good news for you. After a recent update, I had to do a master reset. Having learned in my 2019 Escape, I went out and wrote down all my presets beforehand. When I did the reset in Sync 4A, I did NOT lose my presets! Most everything was there. I think there were a few little settings that I had to make. Ford has made significant strides in my opinion.
  6. I can expand on this a bit. The up/down arrows, as bobyellow states, are sending and receiving data. The triangle icon is GPS. I had my Sync updated due to recall 22S14 and the triangle went away. I only had two arrows. The Fordpass app wouldn't show the location of the car because "location is disabled." I reset Sync, yada, yada, yada, and started fresh. The pointer icon is back and Fordpass knows where my car is.
  7. Yes, there is no paper manual. It really sucks. What is even WORSE, is that the digital manual on the screen is written like they are trying to save paper. It's digital so they really COULD have been more verbose. I did find online a pdf version to download. I normally use the manual in the house anyway. https://carmanuals2.com/ford/edge-2022-owner-s-manual-119602
  8. Will2U

    2019 Edge SEL purchase in progress

    I love that color. Looks like you live out of town. I'd probably keep the deflector in that case. It looks fine with the dark blue. The front plate holder may not come off as cleanly as you'd like.
  9. Did you reset your BMS after changing the battery? Most likely, that is the culprit.
  10. Will2U

    Radio Reception Issue

    I would be really surprised if the antenna weren't powered. The last time I messed with replacing a radio was in my 2008 Fusion. In the wiring harness, one of the wires was for "antenna turn on." This caused the antenna to be powered only when the radio was on.
  11. I'm reading this as playing from the car and listening through the phone. Not sure why you would do that (or vice versa). I'm having no problem with mine really. The Sync acts weird occasionally though. If I have mp3 playing, it switches to Sirius when I first start the car or it cuts in and out as it connects to the drive. Once it gets its bearings, it works fine. The Sync 3 in my last car (2019 Escape) was flaky at first, but it worked fine after a few months. They may have a bug to work out in the Sync 4A.
  12. Will2U

    2014 Edge Electrical problems

    Not sure about 2014 Edge. There is a You Tube that shows an Escape. Not sure if the steps are the same for all Fords though.
  13. Will2U

    2014 Edge Electrical problems

    Did you reset the BMS after replacing the battery? That's the first thing to rule out.
  14. Will2U

    2019 or 2020 Nautilus vs Edge

    My last car was a 2019 Escape. I was really disappointed that it had no CD player. But once I loaded a tiny jump drive with tons of music, I realized that it was far superior to keeping a bunch of CDs in the console that had to be swapped out. Sync manages songs by album and artist. You'd be surprised.
  15. I would rather spend money up front and not need it than kick myself later. It appears to have been well maintained. I like that color, too.