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  1. Will2U

    Auto Stop Start

    Of all the posts I've read, I don't recall anyone citing an actual problem that it has caused. They just don't like it and/or just want to complain. It can be unnerving but not like my 2019 Escape. The stop and restart was more noticeable. In the Edge it's smoother and quieter. Mine only kicks in a few months out of the year. I keep windows up and climate control on. The engine is quiet anyway so I have to look at the dash to see if it's stopped.
  2. My Sync 4 Version is 23159_PRODUCT, Revision 915. My last OTA update was to Ford Power-Up 4.2.4 on Oct 5.
  3. Will2U

    2024 Titanium - Under hood questions

    I added insulation to mine. You just pop it into place. The engine cover was more trouble than it was worth IMHO.
  4. It is my understanding that many of the deep sleep messages were programming errors and you weren't actually going into deep sleep mode. I got the messages, too, but the car functioned fine. I read something about this recently but I don't recall where. Auto start / stop is very complex. There are posts in this forum that list the criteria. During the summer, mine seldom kicks in. But that's okay. If auto start / stop doesn't kick in, it doesn't necessarily indicate a bad battery. If the dealer has tested your battery and it shows good, I wouldn't fret it. Take the trip and enjoy the drive.
  5. Yeah, I got this yesterday. Looks nice but now I have to relearn where things are. I think the heated/cooled seats was an improvement. It's a tap, tap, tap instead of a slider. I haven't had a chance to really poke around and explore.
  6. I don't drink either. I have no problem with this. If a drunk tries to drive or steal my car, they won't get far.
  7. I've had an Escape and it was cramped and noisy. The Explorer is too big for my taste. I am not ready to buy an EV. I have an extended warranty on my 2022 for 60 months/60,000 and it's paid for. I intend to drive it for a while yet, but I still like to look around for my next purchase. I have driven Ford/Mercury since 1985 but this is my last. Currently, Ford/Lincoln does not offer what I want and the Ecoboost fiasco has left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm leaning toward Mercedes-Benz (German made, not Alabama).
  8. I'd use protectant on it to minimize the effect. This is the type of scratch that WILL look worse if I try to "fix" it.
  9. I have a 2022 model and I recently noticed that my taillights have holes drilled right in the middle of each unit on the outside. The holes are about the size in enigma-2's video but they aren't hidden away like he did. You don't notice them unless you look and they don't let water in (that I can tell). I've never had condensation in my lights.
  10. Will2U

    steering sensor

    Doesn't the steering angle sensor need to be re-calibrated after a front end alignment?
  11. You can also log into your Ford.com account and go to Vehicle Dashboard. It will let you know if your Sync is up-to-date (and confirm if auto updates is on). I can't get out to my car this evening due to being laid up with a strained back.
  12. Sync4 is just weird sometimes. I have issues that intermittently show up. (Fails to display the USB playlist or shows Sirius while USB is playing.) I never know what may pop up each time I start the car. But it's all little stuff - just annoying and totally intermittent. Next time you start the car it will be fine. I haven't taken it in about this. I've received some OTA updates since and it doesn't seem to act up as often. I've done a master reset on the 2022 and I did NOT lose my presets. I just had to repair the phone and the app. Your problem sounds almost like "seat memory" or MyKey. I don't think the audio system is set up for that, though.
  13. Will2U

    Lift gate sensor removal

    I have a 2022 model and hate this "feature" as well. One option that I use (without modifying the car) is to keep the keys out of my pockets when I am doing something in the back. When you have big feet, you can't help but trigger the darn thing inadvertently. When I'm at the car wash, I leave the keys on the console and that seems to keep the liftgate from opening at a bad time.
  14. Will2U

    Hi from Ontario 🇨🇦

    Ford has had some programming issues with Sync 4 but I think they are resolved now. I still need to take mine in for an update but my issues are extremely minor and involve music on USB. Ford support is always helpful but you really lucked out. You are going to love your car. I had Activex in my last car and it's great. In fact the 2023 Titanium uses it instead of leather.
  15. Will2U

    Hi from Ontario 🇨🇦

    You may need to do a master reset in Sync. Since you just got it, it probably needs it done anyway. If it still won't, in the app go to account > help > and call. The rep may be able to help you get connected. What color is your SEL?