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  1. I got the update you mention, too. I tested my navigation this morning and it works fine so the update didn't affect it.
  2. Will2U

    Edge Lift Gate

    Yes, I believe they are for drainage. To my knowledge, the plastic or rubber covers are supposed to be removed during vehicle make-ready when it is initially sold. You find similar drains on the bottom of the doors.
  3. Will2U

    Reminder to all ....

    I have a DeWalt 20v inflator as well. So much better than those 12v things (I've had two). With the weather beginning to change, this is the time to keep an eye on the tire pressure.
  4. This may vary based on year. Seems like a couple of guys have used the method below with success. Ignition on (engine off), headlight flashers 5 times, then brake pedal 3 times. Battery indicator lamp will flash meaning success.
  5. As I recall, sitting for 8 hours does not replace the actual reset of the BMS. There is a YouTube video somewhere in this forum that (as I recall) does not involve fog lights. I'll look around. If you google 'reset ford bms' you may find a video.
  6. Did you reset the BMS after installing the new battery? Failing to do so will cause all sorts of electrical weirdness.
  7. I've noticed the same thing with Alexa. I don't think it's supposed to do that. In your Amazon account, you will see the original registration date when you set it up in Sync. But the car doesn't retain it. I keep QR Droid on my phone's home screen. If I take a lengthy trip where I might want Alexa, I can re-enable it quickly. It's annoying but I've gotten used to it. QR Droid is your friend if you want to use Alexa. 😁 I'm not a nighttime driver so the Ambient Lighting isn't such an annoyance. Seems like @Haz posted some info about Ambient Lighting in another thread. My last two Fords have had Sync (3 and 4A). It's buggy as hell sometimes and I've conditioned myself to not let it stress me out. 😐
  8. I did buy the hood insulation but I don't think I will do the deflector at the rear bumper. (I'm not limber and young enough to handle the installation.) I do think the insulation made a difference in the sound from the engine compartment and it's simple to install.
  9. Will2U

    Brake lights always on no cruise

    I think the blow box is an ignition interlock device to see if you've been drinking. (I had to Google it.) Can't start if it detects alcohol.
  10. Will2U

    Factory Trailer Hitch

    Wasn't there a previous problem with the foot sensor that Ford finally resolved? I wonder if leaving this deflector off is how they resolved it. 🙄 I hope everyone posts their final outcome. I would be interested in knowing.
  11. Will2U

    Factory Trailer Hitch

    I have 2022 Titanium with tow package. I had noticed that the bumper cover was just hanging but I've not experienced any problems related to it.
  12. I've noticed that myself. I don't drive much after dark so it hasn't bothered me. So, you aren't alone. One thing that does annoy me is that heated and cooled seats DON'T reset themselves.
  13. Will2U

    What would be a reasonable price??

    @akirby is correct. The way they pack electronic modules into vehicles nowadays, there's no telling what was hidden in that wheel well area. I'd be really careful.
  14. Have you been taking it in to the dealer each time? What have they told you was wrong?
  15. I don't understand this. The '21 and '22 models are basically identical, aren't they? Same Sync 4A and I'm not aware of any significant differences except for optional equipment. Why are only the '21 models reporting this problem? I just drove mine down the street for a test drive to make sure and it seems to work fine. Forward camera shuts off at 7 mph and works each time I use it. This only thing that might be at play is the computer chip shortage. Perhaps they swapped out chips that weren't as functionally similar as they thought. ?? This completely sucks.