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  1. You can also log into your Ford.com account and go to Vehicle Dashboard. It will let you know if your Sync is up-to-date (and confirm if auto updates is on). I can't get out to my car this evening due to being laid up with a strained back.
  2. Sync4 is just weird sometimes. I have issues that intermittently show up. (Fails to display the USB playlist or shows Sirius while USB is playing.) I never know what may pop up each time I start the car. But it's all little stuff - just annoying and totally intermittent. Next time you start the car it will be fine. I haven't taken it in about this. I've received some OTA updates since and it doesn't seem to act up as often. I've done a master reset on the 2022 and I did NOT lose my presets. I just had to repair the phone and the app. Your problem sounds almost like "seat memory" or MyKey. I don't think the audio system is set up for that, though.
  3. Will2U

    Lift gate sensor removal

    I have a 2022 model and hate this "feature" as well. One option that I use (without modifying the car) is to keep the keys out of my pockets when I am doing something in the back. When you have big feet, you can't help but trigger the darn thing inadvertently. When I'm at the car wash, I leave the keys on the console and that seems to keep the liftgate from opening at a bad time.
  4. Will2U

    Hi from Ontario 🇨🇦

    Ford has had some programming issues with Sync 4 but I think they are resolved now. I still need to take mine in for an update but my issues are extremely minor and involve music on USB. Ford support is always helpful but you really lucked out. You are going to love your car. I had Activex in my last car and it's great. In fact the 2023 Titanium uses it instead of leather.
  5. Will2U

    Hi from Ontario 🇨🇦

    You may need to do a master reset in Sync. Since you just got it, it probably needs it done anyway. If it still won't, in the app go to account > help > and call. The rep may be able to help you get connected. What color is your SEL?
  6. Will2U

    Hello from Tucson Az

    I migrated from an Escape to an Edge myself. The Edge will give you a much more comfortable ride on the highway. Welcome!
  7. Will2U

    2018 3.5 Considering battery replacement

    I believe that the same sequence is used on the Edge.
  8. Welcome! You are going to love your car. It seems like there is either a fix or a software update for your Apple car play issue. Have you used the search box on this site?
  9. Nope, they deleted the lighted door sills a few years back - it's solid metal now. The glove box light was deleted in 2022. The cubby in the console is not even lighted. No telling what will be left in the 2023's.
  10. They've continued to nibble away at little things, too. My 2022 only has ambient in door handles, foot wells, and cup holders. Door sill is no longer illuminated and no glove box light. I would have gladly paid more if given the option, but it is what it is.
  11. I got the update you mention, too. I tested my navigation this morning and it works fine so the update didn't affect it.
  12. Will2U

    Edge Lift Gate

    Yes, I believe they are for drainage. To my knowledge, the plastic or rubber covers are supposed to be removed during vehicle make-ready when it is initially sold. You find similar drains on the bottom of the doors.
  13. Will2U

    Reminder to all ....

    I have a DeWalt 20v inflator as well. So much better than those 12v things (I've had two). With the weather beginning to change, this is the time to keep an eye on the tire pressure.
  14. This may vary based on year. Seems like a couple of guys have used the method below with success. Ignition on (engine off), headlight flashers 5 times, then brake pedal 3 times. Battery indicator lamp will flash meaning success.
  15. As I recall, sitting for 8 hours does not replace the actual reset of the BMS. There is a YouTube video somewhere in this forum that (as I recall) does not involve fog lights. I'll look around. If you google 'reset ford bms' you may find a video.