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  1. Thanks again @Haz Will do that but I doubt they gonna cover it 😅
  2. Hi All, Few days back I opened the rear driver door for dampening and saw that the tweeter wasn't connected. I never sat in the rear seats so never noticed this but found this very disappointing as you can tell that something is not right when you hear song in the back seat. I am not sure how this is even possible but does anyone have any suggestions for this? Thanks!
  3. Thank you @Haz My bad, I meant to say there is no wiring coming for the Rear Driver Side Tweeter. I checked, all plugs were connected so no unconnected wiring there. Not sure why there is no wiring coming to the tweeter. Apologies for the confusion.
  4. Thank you @omar302 and @1004ron for all the input. Much appreciated! I did come across someone on youtube comments who removed the fasteners. I tried reaching out for his feedback about how well that worked out but he didn't respond
  5. @1004ron Thank you for the idea!! Correct me on mine, I was thinking of removing the plastic clips and using the self-tapping screw to tighten them up against the body? I feel that would be a more permanent solution
  6. @1004ron Thank you for the idea and I did try your fix but eventually, it has returned again. However, it generally happens when driving around 80mph but the thing is if I paid for a costly car I don't expect it to rattle due to such a bad design. What would be your advice if I remove the center plastic clips and let them hang on the 10mm retainers?
  7. Hi All, Firstly, I am new to these forums so apologize if I made any mistakes posting this. So, talking about the concern I have is. I have a highway rattle that occurs due to splash guard or underbody shields that are on both sides of the driver and passenger. I did fix it temporarily applying the idea from the post as mentioned. https://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/24176-solved-noise-or-rattle-above-40mph/ However, I am looking for a permanent fix. After some talks and Reddit, people suggested taking those splash guards off but I am not sure if I should do it since it kinda protects the metal frame. But few suggest to take the clips off and leave if rested there by 10mm nuts which I think can work but can anyone suggest if it would be a good idea and if it will not harm anyway in the later run or saying driving at highway speeds. Thanks!
  8. Hi All, I know I am responding to a quite old thread. But I had a few questions. So as per the post, I applied some similar fixes. But after some talks and especially Reddit, some people suggested to simply just take it off which I am not quite in favor of. The other is people simply removed the clips just resting the guard on the 10mm nuts, which I think might work but then I am concerned if that will have adverse, especially when driving at highway speeds. Can anyone give their opinions? Thanks!