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  1. Hey all. So I've got a 2007 SEL+ (limited) with the upgraded stereo (sub 6 disc changer) and having problems with the CD changer. Specifically, I cannot eject the one disc that's in there. When I press eject, the stereo says "moving to disc 1" makes some noise like it's trying to move the magazine to the right slot then stops. It makes this noise about 4 times with a pause inbetween each and finally says "CD read error". Has anyone else had this problem? Is my CD changer pooched? Can anyone point me to a write up of how to remove the stereo? Thanks in advance. Edgely.
  2. Hi all. I just wanted to share with you all that I recently installed two HID kits that I got from a local shop (Toronto) on my truck. The kits were both 35w digital ballasts with 6k H11 bulbs and I have to admit.....they look awesome! What makes my install a little different than others I've seen here is that I've switched the DRL function from using the low beams, to use the fogs instead. This mod was actually quite simple with the use of a H11 relay harness. The why: I really wanted HIDs for the truck but didn't want to have the ghetto riced out look of HID DRL headlights during the day. What I did: LOW BEAM HEADLIGHTS - I wired one relay harness to get power from the battery and ground from the body, connected the ballasts/lights for my low beams and connected the "trigger" contacts to the stock light socket for my FOG LIGHTS. FOG LIGHTS - I then wired the second harness to get power from the battery and ground from the body, connected the ballasts/lights for my fog lights and connected the "trigger" contacts to the stock light socket for my LOW BEAM lights. I also added a capacitor to the relay to "bypass" the DRL function supplied by the low beam light sockets. IF YOU DON'T DO THIS, YOU WILL GET LIGHT FLICKER. Because I upgraded my LBs and FLs, I needed two kits, two relay harnesses and a capacitor. The harnesses bypass Fords "Smart Junction Box" so that it gets clean power from the battery. The relay built into the harness uses power from the stock light socket to close the relay and give power straight from the battery to the ballasts/lights. The result: Fog lights are now the DRLs and stay on all the time instead of the low beams. The only "bad" thing about this setup is that the fog light setting on your headlight switch now controls the low beams. I just keep it in "Auto ON" with the fogs pulled and it's like nothing ever changed. :yup:
  3. Edgely

    Floor Mats....Lets See Them

    Little pricey but ohhhhh what a fit!! You won't regret it. I got mine about 2 months ago and I'm glad I got 'em. I got the set of all 4 and even though the ones for the rear are a generic, they're STILL the best fit with the highest coverage without curling up and shifting.
  4. Lex. My bad for not searching but it's first I've heard of a this non-ford product fitment. Thanks for the link!
  5. Edgely

    Weathertech Vent Visors

    LOVE these! I was so happy about mine on my edge that I flogged the crap outta them and got a set for a buddy of mine (Saturn Vue) and my brother (Sante Fe). They're both SUPER happy with Weather Tech's visors as well. Strong recommendation.
  6. Great to hear you got your remote starter installed and working flawlessly. On a bit of a side bar.....I apologize if you were taken back by the "help" you received earlier in the thread but please note that baum's opinion was prefaced with "No offense...." so what he said was NOT intended with malice. With that being said, keep in mind that this forum is for everyone with an interest in the look, care and function of their vehicle and have abilities ranging from highly experienced to "not a clue". So in the future, if you would like to avoid opinions, please note your experience or understanding of what you're doing. I don't think anyone (with the exception of "BlazedUp") is out for sabotage or insult so just be mindful that we're all here to help and trade experiences. No need to take things to heart.
  7. I'm with "fordaholic". The Scion Xb bumper cover looks like a real good fit.....or did you have to mod it a little? Did you get a good deal on it some where or did you get it from a dealer?
  8. Take it from ThinLine.....don't mess with your trucks ignition system. For as cheap as the remote start is, don't chince on the install. Sorry but I HAD to quote this. Truer words could not be spoken in the case of your install. G'luck!
  9. Edgely

    Headrest Flip Completed

    IMHO....I think there is a consensus here that the head rests are cantered forward. I don't think anybody is questioning this. Having said this, those of you who'd head does NOT touch the headrest have obviously reclined their seats back far enough to HAVE to hold your head up or you'll be looking out your vista roof should you rest your head. I'm about average size at 5'10" 180lbs and personally felt the same "headrest forward" problem but it's gone away by reclining the seat just enough and adjusting the height of the headrest to find my "comfy spot". Unlike most of you, I like having my head rested while I drive.
  10. Pics would be awesome. I think I understand what you're saying but some pics will be a huge help. Thanks again!!
  11. Edgely

    35W or 55W

    Absolutely agree. 55w - Not needed/necessary but +$6, why not? Slim balasts - Not needed/necessary but @ par price, why not? After hearing from Dymes that a simple switch of FL and LB plugs will let me run my fogs as DRLs, I'm really going to buy this kit. Getting kind of excited really. :hyper: I'm just waiting to hear back what 's involved.
  12. Edgely

    35W or 55W

    Hey Lex. I'm not sure when the last time you check the member pricing for retro's kits but they're only a $6 diff. The slims are even the same price so, to have a brighter light would be worth it I think. Taken from the group buy post: PRICING: Open to all members and any of their friends or family. Members use EDGE coupon code at checkout -35 watt kits only $145 SHIPPED! -55 watt higher output kits only $151 SHIPPED! -55 watt SLIM kits only $151 SHIPPED! My only concern would be if the 55w burning hotter than the 35w. But I read somewhere that that's a non-issue because the 55w kit has 55w ballasts powering 55w bulbs. The heat issue would be when you're running 35w bulbs with 55w ballasts. Is that right?
  13. Tanjima, I've learned this through my investigation and I would actually prefer my fogs or parking lights to be used as DRLs instead of my HLs. What I did find out while digging around was that you CAN use your HIDs as DRLs but the side effect would be that they would be running full strength all the time. NOT what I'm looking for. This is done by adding a capacitor in-line to "smooth" out the pulsing current to the lights. On a side note, if I was worried about what was legal and not, I wouldn't be entertaining the idea of HIDs.