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  1. Thanks Jkoeller, i wander if they fixed the screen problems i guess time will tell ....
  2. What is the difference between 2011 and 2012? We have 09 LTD fully loaded and I have been eying the 2011 for while. But the on going problems with the MFT is making me stay with the 09.
  3. Sparky

    Burning Smell?

    2011 don't have this problem? It's miner fix anyway .....
  4. Sparky

    One to look out for!!!

    Pictures would be good ...Mine 09 has nothing
  5. Sparky

    Edge Lemon and Ford Customer Service

    We have our 09 LTD AWD since July 09 and had only one problem. The PTU seals were replaced and since than the car is running great. I think Ford makes really good product and stands behind it as well. If you google car problems with any imports or domestic manufacturers you will find people having problems as well. I think Volvo has the most problems fallowed by Audi and Toyota. The Internet is a great tool to find all these things. I would never buy imports because all the parts are very expensive. I read about the problems with Sync/MFT on the 2011 models. It's new system which will have some bugs. Ford is working on it and I'm sure they will come with the solution.
  6. Sparky

    6 Speed?

    The PTU probles is not a problem any more.. Just take it to the dealer and they will fix it for free. It's part of the extended power train waranty. The new seals seem to work.
  7. Never had any problems with my 09 LTD. If you search this forum you will find do it yourself solution.
  8. Sparky

    PTU covered by power train warranty?: (YES)

    It's a minor repair nowadays. The seals they using now seem to be working .....
  9. Sparky

    Edge - not impressed

    you being picky ...best ride i owed ..(09 awd ltd), all the things you mentioned are normal, you could program sync to your voice to solve that one ......
  10. Sparky

    Cruise control cuts out.

    I have 09 ldt awd and it never happened to me . You might have touch the gas. But it is not making sense that you cannot go back to the original speed ... I would take it to the dealer.
  11. Sparky

    Burning Smell?

    I would call the head office and let them hear it. That's crazy, like I said, I had mine done year ago and problem solved.
  12. Sparky

    PTU (Power Take Off Unit)

    just get the seals changed no problem ....
  13. Sparky

    Burning Smell?

    I don't understand ....Is the PTU the same on 07 - 10 models? Why some folks need this thing fixed so many times and some , like myself had it done once and that's it...
  14. Sparky

    And the Problems continue

    I cannot believe someone would praise Toyota after so many recalls and safety issues. I find designs of Japanese and European cars very outdated except few like Audi's and Volvo's. I've mine 09 LTD AWD for 2 years now and had no problem except PTU seals repaired under warranty. My Brother in low has Toyota Camry and had to replace the whole engine from bolt falling in, while changing oil at Mr. Lube. My uncle has 09 Corolla and just 2 weeks ago the car accelerates at stop lights while waiting for green. He had to step on the breaks very hard to avoid accident. After that the dealer sad they've never heard of that happening. He had to wright detailed letter to Toyota head office here in Ontario and explain how it happened. I truly believe the Japanese car makers had it good for too long now and they are cutting corners in production.
  15. Sparky

    A question to those who had PTU problem

    I never heard 2010 PTU problems , I think since mid 09 the PTUs are OK....